Donald Trump Begs The Nation To Accept Him As President: ‘Don’t Be Afraid’

Donald Trump is pleading with the nation not to fear him. In his first TV interview, Nov. 13, since being elected president, he addressed the people who are against him in anti-Trump protests. He vowed to unite our nation, and gave his thoughts on protests breaking out if Hillary Clinton won the election. Watch his interview here.

Donald Trump, 70, sat down for his first TV interview, Nov. 13, since being elected our nation’s 45th president. He got extremely candid when he spoke with CBS’s Lesley Stahl, 74, for a 60 Minutes interview. After targeting many issues and discussing his plans on abortion, same-sex marriage, jobs, defeating ISIS and much more, he addressed the nation, to plea not to fear him. When asked about what he would say to the people who are against him, he admitted, “Don’t be afraid.” Donald continued: “We are going to bring our country back. But certainly, don’t be afraid. You know, we just had an election and sort of like you have to be given a little time.”

Since Donald became President-Elect, angry and peaceful protests have caused chaos throughout different cities like New York, Boston and many more. He addressed the extreme anti-Trump protests against him. “I mean, people are protesting. If Hillary had won and if my people went out and protested, everybody would say, ‘Oh, that’s a terrible thing.’ And it would have been a much different attitude. There is a different attitude. You know, there is a double standard here.”

Donald Trump Post-Election Protests — PICS

Donald has also taken to his Twitter account to let his thoughts roar as the protests continue to rock the nation. He said, Nov. 10, that the protests were “very unfair,” and the switched his tune the very next day. On Nov. 11, he then tweeted that the people against him were “professional.” Since he “flip-flopped,” as some would say, he has taken a lot of heat for his remarks.

Although Donald has been more calm, and vowing to unite our nation, it still seems to be divided. Protests keep breaking out in multiple cities across the country including Los Angeles. Hopefully our nation can come together for the greater good.

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