Donald Trump Won’t Commit To Conceding If He Loses Election: I’ll Decide At The Time

Donald Trump Won’t Commit To Conceding If He Loses Election: I’ll Decide At The Time

Donald Trump’s at it again. In a new interview, Oct. 27, he stood by his controversial opinion to make up his mind about the election outcome, when the winner is announced. See his ruthless response when asked if he will accept a Hillary Clinton victory in the 2016 race to The White House.

Donald Trump, 70, sat down for a candid and strong opinionated interview with Good Morning America, Oct. 27. When George Stephanopoulos, 55, asked, “If she [Hillary Clinton, 69] wins… Will you accept that as a clear result?”, Donald maintained his stubborn take on the matter. “I’ve said it many times… Don’t worry about it, I’ll make the decision at the right time,” he abruptly replied. [You can watch the intense moment at the 8:20 mark in the video below].

Donald was right about one thing, he has said that reply “many times,” before. The GOP presidential candidate has refused to accept the results of the election, should Hillary win, on multiple occasions. His most recent refusal? — The final presidential debate, Oct. 19. When asked the same question, he replied, “I will look at it at the time.” At least he’s consistent, right?

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After he refused to commit to conceding to the election outcome if Hillary wins, Donald went on to claim “we have a rigged system,” due to the unfair and biased nature of people. He seemed to use this as a defense to why he wouldn’t accept a certain outcome. However, he didn’t exactly say that was the reason. It could just be another outrageous opinion of his.

During the rest of his candid interview, he went on to slam Hillary clinton, and even spoke about his accusers — Natasha Stoynoff to be exact. He said, “Give me a break,” when he was told she was “afraid” to come clean with her sexual harassment accusations 12 years ago [2005]. Donald also said the stories were “made up,” maybe “to help” his opponent, Hillary. He went on to bash his other eleven accusers as well, claiming their stories were “made up” as well. Ugh.

Donald has said he will sue all his accusers as soon as his presidential campaign is complete. But, when asked about it in the GMA interview, he said, “We’ll find out,” to George. “Let’s see what happens with the election.” Hmm… he just can’t make up his mind these days.

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