Dovado Updates Firmware for All Its Wireless Router – Download Now

Dovado has rolled out new firmware packages developed for all its wireless routers, namely version 9.0.6 suitable for Tiny and Pro AC models, build 8.4.8 for the PRO unit, as well as the 7.3.20 update compatible with Tiny, Go, and DOMA devices.

In terms of changes, the 9.0.6 firmware resolves an issue with the disconnect button on VPN page and adds support for Huawei E8231 and E5577 (Telia) 4G USB modems, while the 7.3.20 release fixes problems regarding traffic counter and WEP encryption.

As for the 8.4.8 update package, Dovado’s Pro router can now be used along with Huawei E5577, Huawei E8231, and D-Link DWM-222 USB modems, and also gets compatibility improvements for the Netgear 810S modem.

When it comes to installation, save and unzip the downloadable archive for your router model, log into the dashboard, and go to Upgrade > HTTP Upgrade. Now, click the Browse, select the newly extracted .bin file, hit Start HTTP Upgrade, and allow the router to do its job.

Bear in mind that you mustn’t power off, use any of the router’s buttons, or interrupt the installation process in any way, as this will cause an update failure that can lead to serious device malfunctions and can even render the device unusable.

With this in mind, download the appropriate firmware from the links below, take into account all the aspects mentioned above, and apply the latest version to your router. Also, check back with us as often as possible to stay “updated one minute ago.”

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Download Dovado PRO AC Router Firmware 9.0.6

Download Dovado Tiny AC Router Firmware 9.0.6

Download Dovado PRO Router Firmware 8.4.8

Download Dovado Tiny Router Firmware 7.3.20

Download Dovado GO Router Firmware 7.3.20

Download Dovado DOMA Router Firmware 7.3.20

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