44472 Dream Manicure, Manure, March ............

Dream Manicure, Manure, March …………

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Dream Manicure, Manure, March …………


To dream that you are getting a manicure represents glamour and beauty. You are seeking attention for the work you have done. You may also be expressing something beautiful and positive through your work.


To see or eat manna in you dream suggests that you need some spiritual nourishment.


To see a mannequin in your dream represents an extension of your own self that you are projecting. You may feel that you are not playing an active enough role in some situation. Consider how the mannequin is dressed for clues as to what you may wish to act out, but have not done so.


To dream that you have good manners indicates restraint. You need to model this behavior in your waking life.

To dream that you have bad manners symbolizes your lack of respect for someone or some matter in your waking life.


To see a mansion in your dream symbolizes your greatest potential and growth. You may feel that your current situation or relationship is in a rut.

Dreaming of a mansion in the sky signifies your lofty goals. The dream may also mean that you feel you are above everyone else to the point where you want to isolate yourself.


*Please See Murder.

Manta Ray

To see a manta ray in your dream signifies emotional freedom. You are navigating through your emotions with ease.

To dream that you or someone is attacked by a school of manta rays indicates that emotions that have been suppressed into your subconscious are becoming too overwhelming to keep inside any longer.


*Please see Praying Mantis.


To see or wear a mantilla veil in your dream represents an expression of your femininity. Alternatively, the dream suggests that there is something that you are hiding.


To see a mantle in your dream symbolizes warmth, family and togetherness. It represents the things and aspects of yourself that you share and display to others. Consider what is on the mantle and its significance.


To see manure in your dream suggests that you are learning from past experiences. You are drawing from those experiences and putting it to use in your current situation. Alternatively, the dream may symbolize fertility.


To dream that you are writing a manuscript represents your hopes, dreams, goals and desires. You may be harboring some fear that you are not able to accomplish your goals.

To dream that your manuscript is rejected by a publisher refers to some temporary setbacks.

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To see or study a map in your dream suggests that your current life path will lead to fulfillment of your needs and realization of your goals. It also indicates that you are set on the path to self knowledge and self discovery. If you have difficulties understanding or reading the map, then it means that you are feeling lost. You are literally still trying to find yourself and figure out where you want to go in life.


To see a maple in your dream symbolizes humility, warmth, and openness. It also indicates positive gains, happiness and fullness of life.

To see a falling maple tree in your dream indicates family disharmony and broken ties.

To see a maple leaf in your dream represents each of the five senses and what it has to offer. Perhaps you need to perk up one of your five senses. It also symbolizes a helping or protective hand.


To dream that you are running in a marathon represents life’s journey and how you are performing or feeling. It is symbolic of your endurance and willpower. Consider how you feel about the marathon and how you are approaching it.


To see or play with marbles in your dream symbolize your perceptiveness, insightfulness and observation. If you are polishing a marble, then it represents your enduring efforts and perseverance.

To see something made of marble in your dream refers to your solid stance on an argument. Alternatively, maybe represents opulence and luxury.


To dream of the month of March signifies disappointments. It also heralds the coming of spring and thus indicates new beginnings. The dream may also be a metaphor to “march” on, especially during difficult times.


To dream that you are marching to the beat of music signifies teamwork, conformity, and structure. Perhaps the dream serves as a calling as a soldier or as a public officer.

To see people marching in your dream denotes your desires in wanting to associate with people in public positions.

Marching Band

To see or be in a marching band indicates that you are a team player and able to work in harmony for a common cause. You show great discipline.

Mardi Gras

To dream of Mardi Gras indicates your need to release your inhibitions and let yourself go.


To see a mare in your dream represents your intuition. Alternatively, it signifies sexual fulfillment. If the mare is white, then it symbolizes spirit and creativity.


To see marigolds in your dream denote health and longevity.


To dream that you are using marijuana implies that you are trying to escape reality. Perhaps you are trying to numb some emotional or psychological pain. If someone else is using marijuana or trying to get your to use it, then it indicates a negative influence in your life. You are on the verge of losing control. Perhaps you feel that your identity and sense of self is being compromised or disrespected. The dream may also be a reflection of waking drug use.

To see or smell marijuana in your dream suggests that you are experiencing an expanded sense of awareness and consciousness. You need to take advantage and draw insight from this new consciousness. The dream may also mean that you need to look on your inner strength for stimulation instead of relying on outside forces.

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Marilyn Monroe

To see Marilyn Monroe in your dream indicates that you need to be more open and expressive with your sexuality. In particular, if you are wearing Marilyn Monroe’s clothes, then it means that you need to be more in touch with your femininity.


To dream that you are in a marina means emotional stability and calmness. You are finally at peace in a relationship that had been strained or giving you stress.


To dream that you are a mariner signifies a long and pleasant journey.


To see a marionette in your dream suggests that you are allowing others to control you. You are easily swayed by others and have difficulties standing up for yourself.


To see or use markers in you dream represent your creativity. Perhaps you need to introduce some liveliness in your life. Consider the significance of the marker color. Alternatively, the dream may be telling you that there is something you need to “mark” down or remember.


To dream that you are in a market represents some emotional or physical need that you are currently lacking in your life. You may be in need of nurturance and some fulfillment. Consider the specific items that you are shopping for. Alternatively, the market signifies frugality.

To see an barren market in your dream signifies depression and gloominess. There is a void in your life. If the market is large or well-stocked, then it means possibilities and choices.

*Please Also See Store


To see or catch a marlin in your dream means that you need to be more decisive and forge forward with your plans. Alternatively, seeing a marlin in your dream suggests that you need to be more direct about your feelings.


To make or eat marmalade in your dream indicates that you need to incorporate some zest in your life


To see a marmot in your dream suggests deceit and falsehood. You are being mislead in some aspect of your relationship.


To dream of a marriage signifies commitment, harmony or transitions. You are undergoing an important developmental phase in your life. The dream may also represent the unification of formerly separate or opposite aspects of yourself. In particular, it is the union of feminine or masculine aspects of yourself. Consider the qualities and characteristics of the person that you are marrying. These are the qualities that you need to look at incorporating within yourself.

To dream of a proposal of marriage suggests that some situation will take a turn for the worse.

To dream that you are getting married to your ex suggests that you have accepted aspects of that relationship and learned from those past mistakes. Alternatively, it means that a current relationship shares some commonality with your previous relationship with your ex. However, since you are aware of the similarities, you know not make those same mistakes.

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To dream that you are in an arranged marriage suggests that you are feeling forced to do something you do not want to do. You are reluctantly moving into a new stage in your life. You feel that you have no voice or no choice in a situation. Consider how a waking situation may be making you feel voiceless.

To dream that you marry someone in order save their soul refers to the sacrifices you are making in that situation or relationship. You always play the role of the protector in the relationship and try to shield others from being hurt.

*Please see also Wedding.


To see Mars in your dream symbolizes energy, drive, passion, fearlessness and ambition. It also represents war, violence and masculine power.


To see or dream that you are at a marsh suggests instability in your emotional realm. You are feeling bogged down, insecure or unsure about the future or how to go about with achieving your goals.

To dream that a marsh is being drained indicates that you are feeling weary and emotionally drained. Alternatively, you feel lost.

*Please see also Swamp.


To see or eat marshmallows in your dream represent timidity and lack of self-confidence. You need to learn to be more assertive and stand up for yourself.

To dream that you are roasting marshmallows indicate growth and motivation.


To see marsupials in your dream signify the importance of a maternal bond and connection. Perhaps it is a reminder for you to reconnect with your mother. Alternatively, dreaming of marsupials represents warmth and your need for a better sense of security. You want to feel protected.

Martial Arts

To dream that you are practicing martial arts suggest that you need to better focus your energies and direct them on your goals.


To dream that you are a martyr forewarns that you are focusing too much attention on the needs of others at the risk of neglecting your own needs. The dream also indicates a lack of self-love. You are unable to forgive yourself for some past sin or decision.


To dream that you are wearing mascara suggests that you need to open your eyes and be more attentive to a situation or relationship.

To dream that your mascara is smeared indicates that your reputation is being called into question by rumors.


To see a mascot in your dream refers to an aspect of your personality that you want to work. If the mascot is a bird, then it implies that you desire to be more open minded and/or free. If the mascot is a dog, then you want to work on your social skills.

To dream that you are dressed as a mascot means that you are hiding behind some persona. You are afraid to be your true self.

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