East horoscope for the year 2018 for the Rat
48912 East horoscope for the year 2018 for the Rat

East horoscope for the year 2018 for the Rat

East horoscope for the year 2018 for the Rat

Horoscope for 2018 for the Fireball

Years of birth 1936 and 1996

Rats are active and energetic creatures themselves, and the element of fire makes you indefatigable. The Earthly Dog is on your side, and do not look at the fact that the earth and the fire are not very compatible. After all, the color of the mistress of the year is yellow, like your flame. Fire Rats can achieve success without exerting special efforts – you can just look business partners in the eye, and they will immediately bring their savings on gold trays. But why spend a hypnotic gift – after all you are professionals, so just do the work, and take a deserved applause.

The Yellow Dog will not leave unattended the love sphere of the Fire Rats. Dream, love and run for a romantic date – no opponent and does not come close (if you risk, then immediately fall in love with the ears, and make you an offer). But if the Rats are fortunate enough to find a pair, then do not get carried away by adultery – the Yellow Earthen Dog does not like it very much. Flirt slowly, and do not allow yourself anything superfluous – light coquetry excites blood no worse than a bright and sparkling novel. And most importantly, believe in kind storks – cute little birds are crazy about Fire Rats, and already sent messengers for exploration.

Here, the Rats are useful financial success, because for new family members require astronomical amounts. Some Rats will endlessly win the lottery (maybe it’s time to issue tickets yourself?), And many Fire creatures will find a sphere in which only your talents were not enough. And the most important thing to remember about all Fire Rats is, of course, your vaunted intuition – in the Year of the Earth Dog the flair will be on top. All deposits are profitable, all transactions are successful, and any contract under which the signature of the Fire Rats is signed will prove very promising.

Horoscope for 2018 for the Water Rat

Year of birth 1972

Water Rats guys are creative and original – you will not miss a chance that the mistress of 2018 will throw. All your ideas are good – it’s time to put them into practice, that’s all. But beware of sly competitors – scammers are everywhere, and can pretend to be nice and charming people (they are even among business partners). But Water Rats are difficult to lure in a trap – in 2018 you will become amazingly resourceful and inventive, because not for nothing all the familiar bosses, every now and then invite you to tea, and write out a bonus for a beautiful smile.

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Prankster Cupid in the Year of the Yellow Dog is somewhere nearby – Water Rats can preen, and go to the most important hunt in your life: for the chosen one! The main thing is to hold the tail with a pistol, and do not lose heart in case of failure – some representatives of the opposite sex are simply embarrassed, and that’s why they do not give instant consent to the marriage. The stars whisper in secret that the registry office has long bought champagne for the Water Rats – the drink is brought from abroad, so hurry up, while other newlyweds did not learn about this topic and did not drink the divine wedding nectar.

In the financial sphere is all, but for the Water Rats fate has prepared only pleasant surprises. The banknotes are counted, the jewels are tidied up, and the securities are waiting for your arrival. Before you take the riches, run into the store for a solid suit – let everyone gasp with envy (and the trunk of the limousine free from any nonsense, so there was where to put oligarchic attributes). And do not forget to thank everyone who participated in your take-off – relatives in the apartment, friends in the car, and fans in a box of candy (the stars think that this will be enough).

Horoscope for 2018 for the Wooden Rat

Years of birth 1924 and 1984

Wooden Rats will become Dogs’ favorites if they try a little. Well, and that, mutual understanding with the mistress of the year is almost perfect. The main thing is to less talk and act more – the Yellow Dog appreciates perseverance and perseverance (even in achieving an insignificant goal). The bosses respect the Wooden Rats, and are even afraid – probably the boss saw how you communicated with competitors, and still shudders at the memories. In general, the new post is just around the corner – Wooden creatures can read the horoscope and call friends to mark the increase.

In the Year of the Dog, Wooden Rats will attract fans like a magnet – did you really recognize the composition of the magic spirits? Or is it all about your wit and a cheerful smile? What’s the difference – while numerous suitors crowd in queues to make an appointment with you on a date, watch them from the side, maybe you’ll recognize your soulmate right away. And do not overstress, storks do not like to wait. The dog already and with realtors has agreed – for you have found a dozen pretty three-room mink with a view of the park and the sea. But at the first time you can live with relatives – your chosen one will charm even a captious granny.

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Finance will not be in the first place in the life of Wooden Rats – there is enough money, so what about them to think about. The capitals will work without you, just manage to transfer the money to the bank. You can use some magic, try it, you will not regret it. Buy a beautiful red purse (he is said to draw bills for the owner), toss coins at the doorstep, or hang a horseshoe over the door. Ways to the sea, most importantly, to believe in the efficacy of witchcraft. To whom the stars say this, because the wooden rats almost all have diplomas of sorcerers and wizards.

Horoscope for 2018 for Earth Rats

Years of birth 1948 and 2008

You already know that in 2018 at the helm will stand the Earth Dog? So what are you worried about, because the guys from their element will not leave, and will help the whole year. Earthy Rats are known for their stubbornness, but in the Year of the Yellow Dog this quality will help in all endeavors. A special success awaits the Rats in creativity – it’s time to remember the children’s hobbies, dig out your drawings in the closet for fairy tales, and take them to the right people. There is nothing to be shy – you are talents, and that’s it! For reliability, you can create a couple of new masterpieces, because the ideas in your smart heads are born every minute.

With love in the life of Earth Rats, the situation is as follows: you finally took out a lucky ticket from the pack of Cupid himself. Just do not forget to inform numerous fans about your soon wedding, and then the haughty boyfriends will run after you all year, and frighten half of the night serenades. In addition, your apartment will have more pleasant and vociferous singers – the stars predict the appearance of heirs. Finally, Earth Rats will become parents, and will understand that this is a real miracle. You can live for yourself when the children grow up, but for now, try on the role of educator – it’s very entertaining and fun.

Little babies – huge expenses, but how would you like? But, nothing, the Yellow Dog and with the finances will help. In 2018, you guard a thoroughbred dog, and she understands the respectable and influential patrons. Just do not spend money on unnecessary items of luxury – well, why do you need a trendy leather armchair, if you like to sit in an ancient, shabby but so cozy grandfather’s sofa? In adventures Earthy Rats, too, it is better not to get involved, if it is to risk, buy a lottery – there really are winning tickets (believe astrologers)!

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Horoscope for 2018 for the Metal Rat

Year of birth 1960

Metal Rats are known for their honesty. And, of course, people are delighted with your perseverance. Who does the boss call for in case of problems? Well, of course, Metal Rats, and the same situation will happen in the year of the Earth Dog. Be close to the boss, and he will appreciate your loyalty. But remember that the new position will bring not only a high salary and a crowd of subordinates – there will be almost no time for personal life. Yes, and competitors are drawn, whether they are unhealthy. Add metal to your voice when you deal with rivals – yes they will give you all the contracts, only they will understand that you are unhappy. Metal Rats need love more than others.

The dog will not disappoint you – it already runs around the world in search of suitable chosen ones. Yes, yes, half will not be alone, and you’ll have to listen to your heart so as not to be mistaken. Fans will grieve, but you can not please everyone – call the suitors for the wedding. In family rats, personal life is full of miracles and adventures – the chosen one will understand the reasons for the disagreements, and he will fill you with gentle compliments and romantic surprises. Sometimes get down from the pedestal to peel potatoes, or run to the store for dumplings – even with great love, dinner should be on schedule.

With the financial situation, everything is simple and understandable – Metal Rats are the favorites of Money Luck. Without work, you can not sit, and any of your activities cause admiration and admiration of others. Wait for profitable transactions, just immediately negotiate the terms of payment – scammers will not be transferred never, and even Yellow Earth Dog to these cunning guys is not terrible. Or maybe you should study for lawyers? You will see, your agency will be opened – and nobody will deceive you, and you will use money with a silver shovel with a gold-plated handle.

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