48912 East horoscope for the year 2018 for the Rat

Eastern horoscope for the year 2018 for the Horse

Eastern horoscope for the year 2018 for the Horse

Horoscope for 2018 for Fire Horses

Year of birth 1966

Fiery horses like to be the first, and leadership qualities you have developed since childhood. Is it any wonder that in the Year of the Earth Dog you climb to the top of glory, and no competitor will venture to compete with you? The mistress of 2018 gently wags a yellow tail and reminds: in order to win a business, you need to learn a compromise (sign up for diplomats). Obshchitelnosti Horses also does not hurt – call your business partners in your new stable for coffee with cognac. Between the case and the contracts sign, and in the bathhouse with brooms, steam.

In the love sphere Fire guys can be considered as modest, and conquerors of hearts – it all depends on your mood. Today, fans buy up rings, and take the turn to the registry office, and tomorrow they are puzzled by the fact that the horses changed their phone number and home address. Family Fire Horse will become a homebody – the chosen one is happy, relatives are happy, and friends in a panic come up with new entertainment and activities just to get you out for a walk. Meeting with storks is possible, but most importantly, the desire of the Firehorses – infants in the year of the Yellow Earth Dog is enough for everyone.

Bold and active Fiery Horses in 2018 will be the favorites of money luck. Diamonds from the sky, alas, do not fall, but work-outs and profitable contracts fly to you in your hands. Intuition in the year of the Yellow Dog is almost not turned off – the oligarchs are ready to sign up for an appointment, just to learn the secret of your success in the financial sphere. With sellers from lottery kiosks you make friends – still, eternal Fire lucky ones will know in person. But to celebrate success is desirable only in the company of close friends – sneaky scammers and sleeping pills in champagne can be poured, so it’s better not to take chances.

Horoscope for 2018 for the Water Horses

Years of birth 1942 and 2002

Water Horses in 2018 at a jump can not be stopped – your pressure can only be envied. You cross the river and the mountains jump – it’s time to move towards success and conquer new horizons. You guys are objective and you know how to admit your mistakes – it will help you get out of any situation and make a new plan of action. The eloquence of the Water creatures goes off scale – even bureaucratic officials listen to you (usually these comrades themselves like to talk). Stamina at the Water Horses on the heights, however, without sleep and rest you will not earn much – learn to relax.

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In the Year of the Dog, Water Horses will do well in the love sphere. You even look at home all the time, what can you say about going out into the world – the fans are falling and are stacked at your lovely legs (do not trample, after all, the guys are soft and sensitive). From stubbornness in 2018 it is desirable to get rid, especially in family life – a compromise works wonders, soon you will be convinced of it. The dog will bring many surprises – you can also dream of a new stable (with a couple of extra rooms for guests). The households in 2018 will support the Water Horses in any business. Moving? So we pack our bags. Repairs? So, we take spatulas in our hands and rip the wallpaper off.
Money showers Water Horses are not needed – you know how to be content with small. But in the Year of the Dog, the financial sphere will noticeably improve – it’s time for you to feel like oligarchs, even at the local level. In your heads a thousand ideas are ripening – the Dog will help to realize a couple of grandiose plans, and will take you to the ball where millionaires have already gathered. Do not hasten to celebrate the money success – from nowhere, draw new friends and fans who dream of drinking and eating at your expense (they will also get into the Water backs and start commanding).

Horoscope for 2018 for Wooden Horses

Years of birth 1954 and 2014

The ability and talents of Wooden Horses are many, but on the way to success always got up Laziness. Only not in the year of the Yellow Earth Dog – you will, where to turn around, and show yourself in all its glory. Creativity will save the wooden guys and from boredom and from lack of money – The Earth Dog already drags the necessary literature: study, so do not forget about intuition, which will tell where to show yourself better in 2018. On your side, and partners, and competitors, and influential people – what to say, even some of the deputies are thinking about coming to visit you.

On the love horizon in 2018, the sun – it illuminates your wooden backs and tells you where the Year of the Dog is going to fans. From the flirtation of Wooden Horses can not even stop family life – be careful, the patience of the chosen one is not boundless. Relatives in 2018 decided to be kind and accommodating – and look, they will stand in a dance and begin to dance in your honor. Storks also do not sleep – for some Wooden Horses are already ready to roll with their grandchildren (and even with great-grandchildren). The stars almost forgot: The Yellow Dog loves to travel, and she will take you with her (the beloved toothbrush has already climbed into the suitcase).

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Wooden Horses like comfort, and do not represent their life without beautiful and expensive things. It’s time to treat yourself to spending – of course, daily shopping is of no use to you, and will get bored fast. But in the fact that you do not have to save, the Yellow Earthen Dog is sure. For breakfast, caviar, for dinner pineapple, and for dinner grouse with champagne – how do you like this menu? New horseshoes tapped – Wooden Horses rush to the reception to the king. And how do you like? Remember how the fork looks like a fish, and forward – you are happy at all social events.

Horoscope for 2018 for Earth Horses

Year of birth 1978

Yellow Earth Dog has been watching you for a long time, and in 2018 you will become her favorites. You guys are stubborn and patient, and it’s time to harvest – surprises are expected a lot. Well, and that – the age is quite suitable for new achievements – the experience is, wisdom is in bulk, and the ideas of Earthy Horses are simply brilliant. In addition, in the Year of the Dog, interesting guys (both respectable and influential) will start spinning around you, why not get acquainted with them, smoothly flowing into friendship? Your business is what you need, and no objections are accepted!

The main thing is not to forget about personal life, for which businessmen do not have time for some reason. Cupid, of course, will take the Earthen Horses under his care, and the halves will meet almost every day. Take the initiative – and you will have novels, and meetings, and walks under the starry sky, and even Mendelssohn’s march. Where there is love, there and storks – birds respect the Earth Horses, and have already compiled a route through which you can quickly reach you. Do not yawn, and prepare a cozy and spacious nest – new members of the family that appeared in the year of the Yellow Dog, will require a separate room with all amenities.

In the financial sphere in 2018, there will be no trouble. Although, as you can see, many Earthen Horses will have to look for a personal accountant, a fashionable tailor, and a bodyguard – with such money-dots in another way it is impossible. The Yellow Dog never yaps just like that, listen to her clues, and do not count the crows – scammers are already on their way, and only wait for you to go wrong. Earthen Horses are able to save, and this quality is useful to you – you for a year and store a new apartment, and you collect a solid car (if you want, you can change documents too – the rich children, as you know, have their whims and quirks).

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Horoscope for 2018 for Metal Horses

Years of birth 1930 and 1990

A special solution for rubbing Metal backs is already ready – in 2018 they should shine and pour. The motto of the Horses: everything complex must be done immediately – with such a slogan you will succeed, and become the pets of the Yellow Dog, and all the solid uncles in expensive suits. Metal creations are tough and uncompromising, but business partners do not take offense at you – whatever one may say, you are charming interlocutors. You can not stand the routine, and here the Dog will meet you, and provide an interesting activity for the whole year.

Metal Horses are an amorous creature, and in the year of the Yellow Earth Dog it’s almost impossible to keep from flirting – still, so many fans, even Cupid winks and playfully giggles. Before your Metal hooves, everyone is inclined, but be on your guard – fans have their own people in the registry offices. Also feathers fly everywhere – these are storks fighting, and find out who will hand over the long-awaited bundle. The dog is a family creature – try to start a civil marriage, suddenly like it, and you yourself will run to the wedding salon. Stars are recommended to go out more often – the family is a family, and communication with friends and admirers has not been canceled (most importantly, act carefully, and flirt in moderation).

Metal Horses are attracted and bills, and gold bars, and bonds – soon you can not jump under the weight of wealth. Look for a solid bank, and deal with the end. Luck, as everyone knows, loves risky kids, but you know how to slow down – you do not really need cards and casinos. Yes, and remember the saying about a hundred friends – money is good, but communications in our time is also useful. About competitors Metallic creatures will not remember once – in the year of the Yellow Earth Dog they fled to the far end of the earth, and took with them all the scammers.

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