48912 East horoscope for the year 2018 for the Rat

Eastern horoscope for the year 2018 for the Monkey

Eastern horoscope for the year 2018 for the Monkey

Horoscope for 2018 for Fire Monkeys

Years of birth 1956 and 2016

Fiery Monkeys are the general favorites, and the Yellow Earthen Dog agrees with this statement. The hostess of 2018 will fill you with all sorts of surprises, just have time to choose the most profitable deals, and interesting offers. You can engage in business at any age, and it’s never too late to open your business – Fire Monkeys will unfold so that even famous oligarchs faint with envy, and they will ask you to go to the state. Well, let them work as secretaries, not all billions roll, and roll on the ocean.

In the year of the Yellow Dog, the charm of Fire creatures will go off scale – fans everywhere: at work, and among neighbors (admirers even flats in your house started to be bought, just to be closer). Cupid joyfully rubs his hands and is getting ready to receive an award for excellent work. But the elected representatives of the Fiery Monkeys are unhappy – they have personally become acquainted with jealousy, and are ready to move to the far end of the earth, just not to see your arrogant suitors. Well, and that, the move is good – and family life is different, and the picture before your eyes will change (and the second honeymoon Fire guys will not hurt).

Where can you get such a lot of money, because with empty pockets and skinny purse will not go far? The monkeys ask indignantly and sadly shake their fiery heads. But the Yellow Earth Dog is optimistic and advises starting with buying a lottery ticket. And then everything, like clockwork – and the golden slides, and platinum mounds, and diamond plains. And why trifle – Fiery Monkeys love a beautiful and comfortable life, and why not start pampering yourself right now? Just get rid of arrogance as quickly as possible, and do not be conceited – money loves modest children.

Horoscope for 2018 for the Water Monkeys

Years of birth 1932 and 1992

The character of the Water Monkeys is just perfect – that’s what the Yellow Dog thinks and hurries to your aid. There will also be useful links and promising acquaintances, the main thing is to learn diplomacy and more often to seek a compromise. Business partners are also people, they have weaknesses, and bad habits – the right approach and it’s already in the hat (which is worn by the Water Monkeys). And if the Water guys get rid of laziness, then the year will pass gorgeously – dig out your talents, the stars and Earth Dog are aware that Monkeys have many abilities that can be useful in any sphere of life.

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Water Monkeys are extremely demanding creatures, and your fans are already and so trying to please you. Slow down and look at the environment from a different angle – annoying suitors are actually in love with the Monkeys to the ears, and boring admirers just love that everything was in order. Monkeys who rush on the boat on the family sea, can relax – soon the land, and the household will arrange everything in its best form. And a cozy house with three bathrooms, and a view from the balcony directly to the rock where the storks settled (that’s the way the year of the Yellow Dog is rich for the birth of children).

The dreams and plans of the Water Monkeys are quite real, but in 2018 the most fantastic ideas will come to life. Want a million? Why not go on TV to participate in some kind of intellectual quiz. The main thing is to believe in yourself, and with this case the Water Children have complete order. Every day the Water Monkeys will look like a holiday – today is the day of gold coins, tomorrow is the evening of silver pendants, and so on. The Yellow Dog has already dug up a couple of treasures, it remains to come and take the jewels. But, chur, do not be greedy – the monetary luck of the reins does not welcome.

Horoscope for 2018 for Wooden Monkeys

Years of birth 1944 and 2004

Wooden Monkeys a year Dogs are even taken aback by the abundance of surprises – keep yourself in your paws, you deserve these joys of life. About your restraint and concentration are legendary – it’s time to relax and come off in full. Even billionaires know how to eat and play – and you are worse? There are plenty of talented guys in your environment, but you will surpass everyone, just decide on the activities that you like most. Maybe in you the great writer is asleep, and maybe the doomed artist is dozing – try, and do not be afraid of anything.

On the love front, shyness is also not needed – you are the very charm, so why be embarrassed? Rather in stores – new outfits are waiting for only the Wooden Monkeys. The taste is amazing – yes the fans will fall at their feet, and they will not want to get up until you give consent to the marriage. Already married? – it’s not scary, you can just flirt and screw the romance (just do not give out the stars, because the jealous man will get to the skies). Communication with the households in the year of the Yellow Dog will be ideal – imagine, on your Wooden necks, no one thinks about climbing, and all the problems of relatives decide on their own.

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Trusting Monkeys is the dream of any fraudster, but not in the year of the Yellow Dog. The Wooden Monkeys will feel the support of the Earthly Dog all year long. In the financial sphere, there are enough surprises, but your Wooden Paws should not drag on to what lies badly – it’s a trap. It is better to act honestly – the chests are ready, it remains to pick up the golden key. And in order to swim in money, you can use magic ritual as well. Pour a coin into the tub and lie with them for a couple of minutes, then spend money on a trifle, not forgetting to whisper: money flows the river, and they are always with me (try, really works).

Horoscope for 2018 for Earthy Monkeys

Year of birth 1968

The stars illuminate the path, the Dog frightens off the troubles – that’s such a cheerful life awaits the Earth Monkeys in 2018. A lot of opportunities are provided for you, but this threatens with new responsibilities – a solid position is serious, you need to work hard. Stunning success is a good thing, but at the top of the career ladder there are enough difficulties, the main thing is to hold on and not fall down. Learn to play in a team – among colleagues there are friends and rivals, but before your professionalism no one will stand. And the main stellar advice – run to the store until all the expensive suits are dismantled.

Earth Monkeys are not only clever, but also extraordinarily wise creatures – your intuition often gives the right hints. But Cupid will throw a lot of intricate situations, so be sure. Learn to see the beautiful wrapper content – the fans are good, there are no words, but even the most handsome suitor can be a scoundrel. It’s fun to romance novels, but you can go to a party and get-together with a chosen one – go to the mirror, because you are a miracle couple, everyone has a longing for it. Travel is also welcomed – the household in the sanatorium, the kids to the grandmother in the village, and the lover in an armful and with them to the resort.

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In terms of finance, the year of the Yellow Earth Dog will not be easy – no matter how many proposals, even the head will spin. So, hold your head, and be vigilant – today is a deal, tomorrow a contract, the day after tomorrow negotiations with foreign partners. And if you dream of great wealth, start changing your thoughts – imagine that you are already millionaires. In a minute, dollars will be poured onto your Earth Head, and in an hour you will trip over a suitcase with gold bars. Capricious fortune knows who to help – Earth Monkeys are the first contenders for the role of winners.

Horoscope for 2018 for the Metal Monkeys

Years of birth 1920 and 1980

Include creative energy – the year of the Dog is full of chances and opportunities in those areas where you need to show your talents. Metal Monkeys in the soul and writers, and poets, and artists, and musicians – left to release all the abilities to freedom. But observe the order and do not scatter – remember the measure. 2018 is rich and useful for acquaintances – influential people gathered under a balcony, and just about will start to fight, figuring out who will give you his hand first. Call all the solid uncles in the restaurant – in an informal setting and the business is solved, and the problems run up.

Metal guys are just tough and cold-blooded – true fans know about your weaknesses, and they constantly pamper you with jewelry trinkets and sweet presents. In the Year of the Yellow Dog, the reception of sweets will have to be limited – storks bear heirs, and the delicacies will have to be given to new members of the family. Fate will indulge both bachelors and family Metal Monkeys – chew bananas, jump on palm trees, and arrange meetings with friends. And do not forget about the cultural program for relatives – Auntie is crazy about contemporary artists, and the second-great granny sleeps and sees when you bring her to the theater for a new-fangled play.

Metal Monkeys can not stand in the shade when others shovel money. It’s time to get out of the wings – the year of the Yellow Dog for that and it came that the Metal guys turned into the rich and famous. But the stars beg Monkeys not to get involved in adventures – risk with the mind, and do not fall for fishing rods and manipulators. By the way, roll up your metal sleeves – the dog is already dragging plump crisp bundles, tied with yellow ribbons, and it will take money for a long time.

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