48912 East horoscope for the year 2018 for the Rat

Eastern horoscope for the year 2018 for the Tiger

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Eastern horoscope for the year 2018 for the Tiger

Horoscope for 2018 for the Fire Tigers

Years of birth 1926 and 1986

Fire Tiger cubs in the year Dogs are overwhelmed with deeds – with such efficiency you can achieve success in a month. And what to do on the top of the career ladder? The answer is obvious – Fiery guys need to change their activities, and try themselves in something new. Said, done – the ideas you have the sea, just have time to embody. Some of the fiery creatures will succeed in social work – whistle, and you will be followed by a crowd of enthusiastic people. You can not hide a basic vein – you can organize tens of thousands of subordinates who are happy to work under the guidance of just Tigers.

On the love horizon only a couple of clouds – so that the lovely Fiery Tigers do not relax. Fans at you the sea, and with a choice of problems will not be – Cupid in a year Good, it is not going to be harmful, and will shoot only once. But no one drives the Tigers to the wedding palace – half of you will get smart, and will not insist on urgent registration. True, the storks have a different opinion on this – vigorous birdies have already established nests, and will try to bring the babies exactly in the year of the Yellow Dog (from reliable sources it is known that the kids born in 2018 will be at least geniuses).

The Yellow Dog favors the Fiery Tigers and in the financial sphere. To the mistress of the year is like having different elements – Tigers in principle can not live in poverty, and only in 2018 Fire children will be constantly transported. But huge incomes lead to big spending – keep yourself in your paws, and learn to save money. So on the new hut accumulate – in three floors, with a balcony, and a swimming pool in the courtyard. Periodically you can pamper yourself with shopping, and buy expensive clothes – luck will be attracted to a new image, like a magnet, and will no longer fall apart from the Fire Tigers ever.

Horoscope for 2018 for the Water Tigers

Year of birth 1962

Water Tigryata rarely use strong teeth, and in the year of the Dog you will not need it – everything will turn out smartly. The list of successful people in 2018 has already been published, and the Water Tigers are in the first place. Famous politicians and businessmen are ready to consult with you, even if your ideas are one more ingenious than the other. It’s time to be photographed – you will be allowed to enter the deputy seat without waiting. But the Yellow Dog warns – in a thought it is boring, but you can sleep in another place, more cozy. Try not to lose old friends – new comrades, of course, also nice people, but who knows what they have in mind.

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In the sphere of the love-personal relations of the Water Tigers, surprises await. Fans were sick of walking around the bush, and they decided to put a condition: either in the registry office, or bye-bye. So, dear Tigryata, undermine claws, wash the skin and get ready: you must be the most beautiful bridegrooms (brides). Family Tigers are full of optimism – in the Year of the Yellow Dog your family members parted with all the shortcomings, and turned into obedient, kind and complaisant angels. Especially your children are trying – the kids are about to put on suits with bow ties, and they will sit down with the clever books in their hands.

The money situation in the year of the Earth Dog is not just wonderful – it’s gorgeous. You can stick on your striped skin a sign: Luckies and go on a visit to local oligarchs. There Tigryat already waited, and the reception will be at the highest level. Yes what to say, the rich get in the queue, just to touch you and get infected with incredible luck. It’s time to fulfill your old dream and go on a trip. Afraid to fly? No problem – jump into a personal train, and roll wherever you want (the conductor’s role will be performed by your favorite cook).

Horoscope for 2018 for Wooden Tigers

Year of birth 1974 year of the Dog

Tigers will be in chocolate. Your element Tree, and the stars compare you to the apple tree – you bloom and smell. All the dreams and desires of the Tigryans will come true in quite a short time – you can even not wag the Wooden Tails, Doggy will arrange everything in the best way. You are able to impress anyone – Tigers admire and influential personalities, and the boss, and colleagues, and even harmful neighbors. 2018 is rich in useful acquaintances and connections – business partners are already arguing who will hand the first hand to the Tigryats, and will say some original compliment.

Is it any wonder that the Wooden Tigers literally bathe in love, and, of course, do not drown – there will certainly be some fan who will save and deliver on his boat to the registry office. Family Wooden creatures will repeat the honeymoon – you will scoop honey with spoons, and do not even get bored with such a sweet and ideal life. On cabbage fields, the situation is as follows: in almost every head, babies are sitting, waiting for the Tigers to get ready to become parents. Do not delay with this pleasant affair – heirs born in the year of the Dog, will be surprisingly healthy and sturdy children.

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Raising children is a troublesome business, and extraordinarily expensive. But do the rich people worry about money? A Wooden Tigers are not some kind of oligarchs, you are with money on You, and this friendship will not destroy even the sneaky crooks. With such self-control as the Wooden Tigers only play cards – no one will ever guess where your trump ace is. But all the same, it’s better not to get involved in adventures-excitement, passion, and capital like a thoughtful approach. Several times in 2018 you can take a glimpse of it – the Dog will gladly come to visit, and give a couple of booths in reserve.

Horoscope for 2018 for Earth Tigers

Years of birth 1938 and 1998

Earth Tigryat friends with the Dog from the first moment – still, with the same elements in another way could not be. But do not abuse friendships with Earth Dog – remember your principles, and do not give up on plans. And your dreams are grandiose (the stars accidentally heard the conversation of Earth Creatures). All your business people know about your patience and stubbornness, besides, Earth Tigers can be trusted with any secret. Wait for surprises – profitable offers will start to arrive on a daily basis, and, most importantly, do not make a mistake in your choice.

On the loving horizon at Earth Tigers everything is fine – the moon shines round the clock, the sun too does not lag behind, and Venus decided to patronize you. But, breaking hearts, look around – you can even miss half, and Cupid is now lazy, and the second time will not shoot. Family Tigryata will enjoy the solution of household issues – yes, and so it also happens, and even from repair it is possible to receive incomparable pleasure. After all, next to Earthy guys are always faithful relatives, ready and wallpaper to paste, and replace the pipe, and even cover the roof. Hurry up, because storks already fly with joyful news, and future heirs should not stumble on bags of cement.

Earthy Tigers belong to those rare lucky ones who are satisfied with what they have. But after all, as you know, there is not much money – take it while you give it, the Yellow Dog is now kind and generous. In addition, you have not rested for a long time – there are enough rustling papers for a trip to the sanatorium, and for a trip to the sea (you can take all your relatives to the resort, capturing their two grandmothers and aunts). The main thing is that relatives should not relax, or they will taste the delights of a rich life, and they will demand a five-storey villa on the beach.

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Horoscope for 2018 for Metal Tigers

Years of birth 1950 and 2010

That’s who the real favorites are Fortune and lucky in life. Yes Metal Tigers are not familiar with the problems at all, and the Yellow Dog is always there, and will stretch the paw in case of danger. You guys are impenetrable, and scammers with competitors are well aware of this – Metallic Tigers will not be touched. Include fantasy, and shine with talents in any field – you can become famous in journalism, in agriculture, and even in show business. Just do not throw yourself too far – even to geniuses like you, it’s hard to get into a dozen places at the same time.

In the sphere of love relations, good news – Doggie will control the situation, and will not tolerate the Metal Tigers of any Alfonso, and unpleasant children. In you, literally, all the representatives of the opposite sex are in love – there is no need to beat husbands and wives, but flirting is welcome, you can build eye sights at least round the clock (if only some jealous man did not notice). Tiger cubs, dreaming of a common life, can escape to beauty salons – the wedding is just around the corner. Remember that life in a family differs from an idle existence – in a bathhouse with friends, or in a bar with girl-friends you will go less and less often.

In matters of finance, the Metal Tigers have no equal! Monetary luck runs after your Metal tails all day long – some Tigryats even get tired of such care, and want to give up everything, give away wealth and go into the wilderness. Go where you want, but do not leave the money – let them lie in the bank. The stars are sure that Metal creatures will not be able to live without communication and will soon return to a vibrant life, because in a remote village you will not have balls, and you will not dance in a beautiful outfit, except with local old women, or with hens that you will take to plant.

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