Emergency Food, Lights And Generators To Have For Winter Power Outages

Emergency Food, Lights And Generators To Have For Winter Power Outages

Last February, snow and ice storms ravaged the state of Texas, causing at least 111 deaths and some of the worst power outages in history. That same month, the Pacific Northwest endured its own blast of ice storms that cost nearly $4.6 million in infrastructure repair costs and left thousands without power for extended periods time.

It’s not possible to control the temperamental ways of winter, but you can prepare yourself and loved ones for potential inclement weather by having a few essentials on hand.

According to state officials, the majority of deaths that occurred in Texas were caused by hypothermia, while in Oregon, four deaths were caused by carbon monoxide poisoning from heating sources meant for outdoor spaces. Gas-fueled heating sources specifically designed for indoor use can be great investments, as well as simple items like long-burning emergency candles and backup stashes of drinkable water.

Get some peace of mind this winter and shop this list of smart and potentially lifesaving items to help you brace storm-induced power outages and subfreezing temperatures.

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