Entire Police Force Quits in Protest on ‘Immoral Things’

Entire Police Force Quits in Protest on ‘Immoral Things’

Bunker Hill, Indiana has been left without a police department after the town marshal and four reserve deputies resigned over complaints about mismanagement and unethical requests from the town council, NBC News reported.

Town Marshal Michael Thomison, in his resignation letter, accused that the town board engaging in illegal, immoral and unethical actions, including requests to conduct criminal background checks on other board members and retaliation against deputies who pulled over council members or their spouses.

In addition, deputies were rankled by a lack of adequate supplies and skimpy funding for the force, which has volunteer members who do not receive benefits. Thomison was the only paid full-time member.

In a statement Wednesday night, officials disputed the deputies’ assertions that something nefarious was being done by the government, and chalked it up to “disagreements” in policy making.

Photo Credit: Michael Thominson

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