69658 Even and odd days in numerology

Even and odd days in numerology

Even and odd days in numerology

Visiting a hairdresser, beautician, gym or fitness club, each of us, of course, would like to get the maximum effect. What do I advise numerologists about this? Now we will try to understand this question.

According to experts, to do sports better on odd days, but to attend a beauty salon on even. But what is the reason for this opinion? Specialists say that numerology and feng shui are closely related. For example, even numbers have female yin energy, while odd numbers have male yang. If you combine two opposite (even and odd) numbers, the answer is odd, that is, there will always be a yang in the sum. That is why the Jan figures, which are characterized by dynamism and physical activity, are considered the most productive, in comparison with the passive Yin. It is very important to take into account the peculiarities of the “characters” of even and odd numbers in planning cases on this or that day.

Odd Numbers of the Month

As we already mentioned, it is better to practice sports on odd days. After all, at this time you will be able to achieve maximum results and succeed in training. As a girl, and the guys when planning a similar schedule of sports, it is possible to bring your body in an excellent shape.

If moving, repairing, working in the garden take up other laborious occupations takes away all your energy from you, then plan these cases on odd days. Then the work will be easy for you, and you will not notice how to do everything you need.

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You will also be expected to get a good result if you sign a contract, an agreement, make major deals, or make serious negotiations on that day. Men’s energy Yan helps you and promotes success in any serious decisions, deeds and so on.

On odd days, it is very good to arrange trips to nature or any other type of outdoor activities. On hurray on odd days, and all the “male classes”. The knife, sharpened, say, on the 15th, will retain its sharpness longer than the one sharpened the day before or later. The nail, hammered into the wall of the 23rd, will hold the picture for many years, and the sophisticated technique, bought by an odd number, will serve faithfully and truthfully for many years.

Even numbers of the month

Days that are charged with Yin energy should be spent quietly and in harmony with themselves and others. Do not take serious decisions on even days, otherwise you will come to a dead end. Active activities are also better to postpone for tomorrow. Arrange this day for warm gatherings at home with family or close friends. Or start learning something. Also very productive will be classes of embroidery, knitting, cooking. If you want to please your relatives with new baked goods, but are afraid that it will not work out, then prepare it on an even day, and you can be sure of your success.

Successful will be the cosmetic procedures, haircuts and so on. Therefore, you can safely plan a trip to the beauty salon. This can also include shopping. On such days you will buy only the things you need.

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If you like activity and conduct on the move every day, then on this day choose not aggressive sport. For example, dancing, pilates, swimming pool or water park. Also, yoga classes will also give excellent results.

Even or odd day for the wedding

On the day of the marriage for the future spouses it is important that everything goes perfectly. However, the most important thing is that after the wedding, family life is impeccable. Numerologists have their own tricks to make marriage perfect.

For example, if it happened that your date of birth and elected one is even, then experts advise you to create a family on odd days. This is due to the fact that your relationship will be filled with Yin energy. On the one hand, it brings stability, calmness and the ability to compromise. However, on the other hand, such relations can become boring and uninteresting. Therefore, try to assign all events that are significant for you to odd dates.

In the case when beloved were born on odd dates, their relationship can be called a real war for authority in the family. In such pairs often quarrel and conflict. To avoid this, lovers need to create a balance of yin and yang energies. To do this, assign all important events for you on even days.

A more harmonious marriage, according to numerologists, is one where one has an odd and another has an even date. Then the yin and yang energy is in balance and such couples can decide for themselves what they want more – a bright and cheerful family life full of impressions, or live peacefully, measuredly, enjoying each day and enjoying stability in the relationship. If you like the first option, then marry on odd days, if the second, then choose even dates.

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Particularly noteworthy figure 7. It is believed that this mystical number, symbolizing the departure from the world, parallel reality, has great power, as well as numbers that are multiples of it (14, 21, 28, etc.). If the date of birth of one of the partners falls on the days marked by the seven, then it will be the leader in the relationship, and no tricks of the second partner will be able to reverse the situation. If both young people were born on the day of the sevens, their union will be very creative and ambitious. Together they can take any heights.

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