Ferrari 458 Becomes Crime-Fighting Cop Car
99972 Ferrari 458 Becomes Crime-Fighting Cop Car

Ferrari 458 Becomes Crime-Fighting Cop Car

The Czech police department recently confiscated a Ferrari 458 that was procured using somewhat nefarious means and instead of crushing it like so many other countries do when they get their hands on Gangster paraphernalia, they decided to transform it into a crime-fighting super weapon. The newly added crime-fighting tool will be used by the Czech Republic’s Special Surveillance Department, and will be exclusively driven by members of the department’s highly trained task force.

According to the department, the car will be used “against the most aggressive drivers on Czech highways, when chasing stolen vehicles, or during surveillance at the locations of reported tuning events.” The police department had to fork out CZK 340,000, or about $14,000 to convert the car for police duty, excluding a $5,000 service fee, as the car had been standing for over 10 years.

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