73750 Floating logs/Cameo/depicting the future

Floating logs/Cameo/depicting the future

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Category: The world through the mirror
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Floating logs/Cameo/depicting the future

I was at a haunted house owned by a female. This girl was skinny and had long, brown hair in a pony tail.
Her parents did not believe that the house was haunted, and so they left the girl home by herself.
“When they come home I am going to stare at them because this house is haunted,” she said.

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The house was haunted by Satan. Satan began to throw glass plates at the girl. She used another plate to hit the plates away from her.
The plates that Satan was throwing were patterned ones. He was just about to throw a white one but the girl told him not to throw the white ones, so Satan continued to throw the patterned ones instead.
I did not feel scared in the house, despite what was going on.
Satan threw my purse at me but I caught it. That’s when I got a really good idea.
“Hey Satan,” I said.” Can you allow Camio to talk to me and become my best friend?” If you aggree, give me a sign.”
Satan then threw two feathers at me.
The dream suddenly changed. The micro-organisms in my micro-aquarium were tiny people. These tiny people were sick of having to swim up to the floating logs to eat, so they decided to tie them down.

When I woke up that morning, the two floating logs in my micro-aquarium had sunk!!

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