Folk shortcomings about knives
61047 Folk shortcomings about knives

Folk shortcomings about knives

Folk shortcomings about knives

Knife is rightfully considered the most dangerous element of kitchen utensils. This product is capable of causing harm not only on the physical, but also on the energy level. That’s why people’s signs about knives are so common, they are called to warn a person about the threatening risk and help to avoid trouble.

Why is the knife so unusual?

To understand the key people’s signs, you need to understand what the knife itself is like. It is a tool of labor (in the kitchen), weapons (on the hunt), a witch tool (during the conduct of magical rites).

Obviously, the knife is popular. And the main role here is played by the shape of the product and the material of manufacture:

  1. The handle contacts the human body, absorbing its thoughts, emotions, intentions. The formed energy message goes into the blade, which, due to its sharpness, enhances the potential of any action. Grind vegetables, kill the beast, draw a protective circle – all this is achievable without a knife, but the effect will be noticeably worse.
  2. Natural material has its own biofield. If the handle at the knife is wooden or bone, and the blade is metallic, then the product has its own aura.
  3. Plastic in this sense is weak and “empty.”

Such properties of the knife and explains its active “participation” in the people’s signs. The product takes energy from a person, develops its personality and acquires the ability to prevent or harm depending on the situation.

Find a knife – what do people say?

Knowledgeable people always advised to avoid accidental findings. It’s not a secret for anyone that with some things you can choose a negative. And people’s signs speak unequivocally:

  • Take a knife, lying on the road with a point to meet the one who is going to death;
  • Raise an unknown knife from the ground – be slaughtered by evil people;
  • find a rusty knife – to part with your loved one.

Reputation in the “found” is unenviable. Nevertheless, it is well-deserved: a knife is often used in rituals, during which spells, illnesses, and curses are shifted to it. In the same subject, you can conclude a trait or demon. Sometimes the knife is deliberately spoken of for causing harm to a particular person – in this case, the weapons are thrown into the house, under the threshold, into personal belongings. Find someone else’s knife in his home – a clear sign of a negative magical effect. It is recommended to immediately throw out the product, after which to carry out energy cleaning (yourself and premises).

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Sometimes a knife found on the street is very like. But one should not succumb to his “charm”: some conspiracies act in such a way as to attract casual victims, not to allow them to pass by. At a minimum, instead of a raised knife, you need to leave an odd number of coins, a valuable thing, a good treat – to pay off the trouble. Although it is better not to take risks, if the knife is found lying at a crossroads, in a ravine, in a cave or stuck in a stump, into a wall, into the ground – such weapons were left for good reason.

People’s signs about the knife as a gift

Traditionally, a knife is not given. It is believed that such a present:

  • Will attract to the new owner all sorts of troubles and conflicts;
  • “Will cut” the bonds of friendship between the recipient and the donor.

From the point of view of magic, such folk features are more than justified. Why? The main reasons are two, and each can play a role in a specific situation:

From gifts to refuse it is not accepted, so, it is possible to start a knife on a negative and in a literal sense to hand it in hands to the gifted. “In the makeweight” to the presentation of the person will receive something bad – trouble in love, financial difficulties, illness.
The owner of the knife is the one who bought it. And the product may not like the sudden change of the owner. At best, the donated item will be lost (“go find the real owner”), at worst – will begin to mess (it will be constantly dull, cut hands, attract negative).

Instead of receiving a knife as a gift, folk wisdom recommends giving at least a small coin. This will contribute to the conclusion of a kind of contract of sale, which will remove the potential negative to the maximum. But if the role of the giver is an enemy or an unpleasant person, it is better to ignore the norms of decency and by any means abandon the knife. Explicit magic “background” is leveled more difficult, that is, a coin can weaken the influence of spoilage, but it is not able to completely eliminate its impact.

In any case, the donated knife is recommended to be cleaned before using. It is necessary to hold the product in salt, warm it over fire, bury it in the ground or rinse under running water. All this will remove at least part of the extra energy programs.

People’s signs of a worn-out knife

Since the knife is an uncommon object, its breakdown is also considered not the most common occurrence. People’s superstitions say:

  • A knife breaks when its owner is overly negatively affected;
  • the knife rusts quickly if the one who uses it has health problems;
  • the knife is constantly dull in cases of blocking the possibilities of the person on the witch level (someone does rituals to close the paths);
  • knife accidentally breaks down before a major quarrel or parting with your loved ones.
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Since the “death” of the knife indicates a certain proportion of the negative, it is recommended to clean. It is also unacceptable to simply throw out the product: it must be buried under a tree (preferably with an oak), after saying a few farewell words. Such a “funeral” will not cause offense to the knife and will not provoke additional trouble for the person.

Signs about the knife in everyday life – in the kitchen and on the table

Since basically people “communicate” with knives during cooking or eating food, the most actual people’s perceptions remain superstitions concerning this sphere. Among them the most common:

There is a knife – to become angry (sharp on the tongue).
Play with a knife – to conflicts in the house.
The knife fell off the table-a man would soon be in the house. If the sound at the fall was sonorous and well discernable, then the guest is someone familiar.
The knife not only fell, but also thrust its edge into the floor – to a serious quarrel. If this happened in the process of slicing bread, then be a dead person.
The knife fell with a blade in the direction of the dropped – to an unpleasant conversation.
To direct the knife with a point to someone – to provoke a person’s disease.
Cut bread not by one but with two different knives – to misunderstanding in the family.
Leave on the table a knife stuck in bread – to financial problems and hunger.
Do not remove the knife at night from the table – to get yourself into trouble. Basically they say that the house-cook will cut, be offended and begin to harm the negligent masters. But also there is a version, as if the forgotten knife will play evil spirits, and the devil can kill the owner of the house.
Put knives on the table crossed – to trouble. Cross the knife with a fork or spoon – to death.
Pregnant sharpen the knife – to harm the future child.
Hold the knife in his hand and scold him – offend the product and incur his wrath. Do not be surprised by sudden cuts – this is a kind of revenge.

The knife should be taken seriously, as it easily clings and transfers the negative. But if the product is “friendly”, then it, on the contrary, will help the owner and save him from trouble.

Signs of knives as amulets

Until now, some simple rituals have come up, based on folk signs of a knife as a defender:

To stick into the jamb of the front door or into the wall a knife – to protect oneself from evil spirit and evil people. In addition, it is recommended to read the plot: “The knife is sharp, my tongue is cunning, weaves and braids, the vrazhin diverts and drives away, their paths are confused, they loop their paths, so they do not go to me, so they do not harm me.”
Put the knife under the pillow – protect yourself from any trouble. Such an amulet is placed in the cradle of an unbaptized baby, in a bed of pregnant or newlyweds. Be sure to make the reservation: “From misfortunes and misfortunes, from blasphemy and sums, from sorcerers of black and witches unclean.” Especially advised to keep the knife under the pillow during funeral rites, so that the deceased did not stick to the person.
Cross parents cross the knife, leaving the house for christenings – to protect the child from evil spirits.
To outline a circle with a knife around you – to close from werewolves, ghosts, witches and other evil forces.
Cross all the windows and doors of the house with a knife, and then stick it into the threshold – to protect the home from the machinations of evil spirits and black magicians.
To stick a knife in the ground – to protect yourself from a thunderstorm and storm. And if you throw a weapon in a tornado at a crossroads, you can wound the devil.
To stick a knife into the wall of an empty stable – to make a guard for livestock from wild animals. At the same time they said: “Bear with a knife is not fresh meat, do not tear our cow, do not offend the cattle.” Only then animals were brought into the shed.
Strain the milk through a knife – protect the cow from the witch that spoils it. The witch, in order to harm the animal, plunges the knife into a pillar, a tree or a plow.
To insert a knife from the bottom of the table during a feast – to “save” food from overly hungry guests (they will eat less food than usual).

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The most powerful ritual was the stabbing of a knife into the ground. This method was used in any incomprehensible situations. For example, if a person suddenly met mermaids in the forest, he drew a circle around himself, inserted a knife into the ground – and did not notice the evil spirits. In a similar way, they escaped from wolves, woodpeckers, hailstones, storms, witches, etc.

Ideally, every person should have his own knife. Then any national signs will be more accurate for him, and the defense will be as complete as possible. No wonder the Russian proverb says: “The knife is a companion on the way.” This weapon is suitable for work not only in the material world, but also in the subtle world.

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