Ford Develops Smart Truck Bed Cargo System
99792 Ford Develops Smart Truck Bed Cargo System

Ford Develops Smart Truck Bed Cargo System

This is probably the most high-tech patent for keeping stuff in your truck yet. The filing indicates that sensors will determine the distance an item extends beyond the vehicle’s sheet metal. Using that data, the system can then deduce whether or not you’re in violation of any local (or worse) federal regulations. Boom. No more tickets for hanging 2x4s off your bed on the way home from Home Depot.

Based on a sample of the diagrams above and below, it looks like the system is capable of monitoring your stuff constantly. So, if that 2×4 shifts, or God forbid, decides to go for a stroll, you’d be notified of its absence. If the vehicle becomes non-compliant in some regard, you’ll be notified as well.

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