Ford’s Mammoth ‘Godzilla’ V8 Isn’t Coming To The Mustang
90512 Ford's Mammoth 'Godzilla' V8 Isn't Coming To The Mustang

Ford’s Mammoth ‘Godzilla’ V8 Isn’t Coming To The Mustang

Nonetheless, Ford’s Godzilla V8 was built with just a singular purpose in mind: to work. It’s a unique design, not based on any other V8 in the Ford production V8 lineup, available in the 2020-model-year Ford F-Series Super Duty and Ford E-Series vans. Peak output is a stout 430 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque.

Granted, it’s already been proven that the Godzilla V8 has plenty of overhead for tuners; just this month, Brian Wolfe, Ford Racing’s former director, managed to squeeze nearly 800 horsepower out of the mill while keeping it naturally aspirated. The engine will eventually power a Fox-body Mustang drag racer.

With a retail price of just $8,150, we imagine the engine will land in plenty more drag racer projects before production is through.

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