Former DirecTV Spokesman Rob Lowe Calls Out DirecTV for Being Shitty

Rob Lowe, the former pitchman for DirecTV, has a message for the company that he used to promote: You suck!

The actor tweeted his annoyance with the satellite TV service this afternoon after he found himself unable to watch the NFL games he so richly deserves.

Both tweets are still up but we’ve embedded the screenshots above just in case he has second thoughts. That doesn’t seem likely considering the fact that he keeps retweeting people who are praising his criticism of the company.

The Big Lead suggests that Lowe is being affected by a DirecTV contract dispute:

Presently, DirecTV is embroiled in a carriage dispute with News-Press & Gazette Company, a Missouri-based media conglomerate that owns local channel affiliates in ten different markets, including the Fox affiliates in Palm Springs, Ca,, Santa Barbara, Ca., Idaho Falls, Id., Columbia, Mo., St. Joseph, Mo., Bend, Or., and Yuma, Az.

It’s also possible that the actor is a DirecTV Now customer and is experiencing an outage. The internet streaming service went down for hours yesterday and the company has experienced a flood of complaints about the service.

Lowe famously starred in a series of commercials in which he played “Rob Lowe,” a suave man with all of his shit together who likes DirecTV. This was contrasted with alter-egos like “Peaked in high school Rob Lowe” who hangs on to his football glory days and has cable.

Does this mean that Lowe will be switching teams and suddenly promoting cable? Considering Comcast is officially America’s most hated company, he might want to check what providers are in his area.


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