George Lucas is apparently not involved in the planned ‘Indiana Jones 5’


It was revealed a short time ago that a fifth Indiana Jones movie is set to hit cinemas screens in 2019 with both Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg returning for one last adventure. Well, in news just delivered by Collider, it seems that one of the creative forces behind the original four movies will definitely NOT be back for number five. That person is George Lucas.

“He’s not (involved), to my knowledge. I’ve had no contact with him,” screenwriter David Koepp confirmed to the website as we out and about promoting his new film Inferno.

“I’m deeply immersed as we speak. All I can say is that there’s lots of aliens and Indy dies at the end (laughs)…” he joked.

Koepp did confirm that it is his hope for an October 2017 production start on the film.

It’s certainly OK for me and I’ll be ready, but my schedule isn’t the tough one. So I think October—I hope, I hope so. We’ll see. That’s a hard one to answer.”

The film is set to debut on July 19, 2019. More news as it comes in.

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