Get Ready For The Brazilian Grand Prix: Here’s What To Expect
96615 Get Ready For The Brazilian Grand Prix: Here's What To Expect

Get Ready For The Brazilian Grand Prix: Here’s What To Expect

Last week’s Mexican Grand Prix was a bit of a mixed bag. We enjoyed the emotional side very much, but as for the racing, it was pretty dull. Max Verstappen pulled an epic overtaking maneuver into the first corner, and that was pretty much the race. He ended his race 17 seconds ahead of Lewis Hamilton, followed by Mexican fan favorite Sergio Perez.

Perez received a hero’s welcome at his home Grand Prix, and that’s what made it special. Most of the controversy only followed after the race, which we covered in our post-race breakdown.

Looking ahead, Max Verstappen now has a 19 point lead over Lewis Hamilton with just four races to go this season. It’s still too close to call, however. The constructor’s standings are closer than ever before. Mercedes remains on top, but Red Bull Racing Honda is one point behind. Ferrari finally reached its goal of getting on the podium, opening up a big gap between it and McLaren Mercedes.

Here’s our list of stuff to look out for at the Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend.

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