99037 Good Luck Getting Your Hands On A BMW M4 CSL

Good Luck Getting Your Hands On A BMW M4 CSL

Obviously, BMW USA will carefully select dealers worthy of receiving an M4 CSL but, as reported, all M Certified Dealers will receive one example. The remaining units will then be distributed to other BMW dealers; most likely retailers with strong sales figures and excellent reputations.

Priced at $139,990, the M4 CSL is hugely expensive – that’s even more than the recently revealed BMW 760i xDrive. We don’t expect many to be put off by the six-figure price tag, though, but we really hope the desirable 911 GT3 rival isn’t subjected to the so-called market adjustments we’ve seen of late.

Low supply and high demand has seen some dealerships jack up the prices on highly desirable vehicles. We’ve already found examples of the F-150 Lightning selling for over $140,000. Hopefully, BMW USA has something up its sleeve to prevent this.

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