87007 Good News! Corvette Convertible Won't Skip 2020 After All

Good News! Corvette Convertible Won’t Skip 2020 After All

Of course, some difficulty still lies ahead. GM’s Bowling Green plant won’t begin reopening until May 26, at which point it will begin the slow, gradual process of ramping up production all over again, starting with a single shift before adding a second and maybe a third shift as warranted. As the health and safety of plant employees remains a key concern, measures such as maintaining extra space between workspaces and allowing extra time for sanitation will likely keep production further below capacity.

Still, that the Corvette Convertible will start production before the end of the 2020 model year is exciting news for the thousands of Chevy faithful who put in orders hoping to get their mid-engine sports cars sooner rather than later.

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