Great white shark breaches diver’s cage in terrifying encounter


Dramatic video caught a great white shark breaching a safety cage and thrashing around violently with a diver inside while his colleagues helplessly watched.

The video, posted on the “Gabe and Garrett” YouTube channel, was shot near Guadalupe Island, off the coast of Baja California, during a five-day shark cruise.

Huge chunks of tuna were left outside the cage as bait for sharks, with a diver supposed to be safely protected by the bars to observe.

But after one great white swooped in for a bite, the feeding is so frenzied that the surging shark breaks the cage bars and ends up inside.

For a few harrowing moments, no one can see what’s happening inside the cage under the churning water.

Another diver opens the top hatch of the cage.

Suddenly the shark violently bursts out the top and swims away.

Miraculously, a few moments later the diver emerges from the bottom of the cage, shaken but unscathed, as others on the boat cheer with relief.

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