Green Party’s Jill Stein campaigns in Los Angeles

Green Party’s Jill Stein campaigns in Los Angeles


Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein insists voters have a choice beyond Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Stein, who was in Los Angeles on Wednesday, said the establishment-party candidates are not automatically entitled to votes.

“I say since when is there a new form of entitlement for establishment politicians?” Stein said in an interview with ABC7. “They’re not entitled to our votes. They don’t own our votes.”

She argues her path to winning votes lies in appealing to people who are locked into student loan debt. She said some 43 million people are struggling with paying off student loans and one of her party’s platforms is to bail them out from that debt.

She said she is not worried about the possibility of taking votes away from the Democratic Party and tilting the election toward the GOP.

“I will feel terrible if Donald Trump gets elected, but I’m also going to feel terrible if Hillary Clinton gets elected,” Stein said. “So we’ve got two really bad choices. That’s not to say there are no differences but the differences are not enough to save your job, to save your life or to save the planet.”

Stein is holding a rally in Pershing Square Wednesday night along with Black Lives Matter activists.

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