Happy 50th, Los Angeles Zoo

Happy 50th, Los Angeles Zoo

The LA Zoo marks its first half century on Monday, Nov. 28.

True story: You’re as likely nowadays to see photographs from a koala’s birthday party as you are to see online snaps from a friend’s splashy celebration.

Thank social media’s you-are-there-ness for making us all guests at everyone’s birthdays, including those denizens who prefer their cakes to be made of vegetables or ice or some yummy, not-really-a-human-treat dessert that’s shaped like a cake.

But how does a big birthday go down for the actual place where all of those koalas and orangutans and lizards live? It happens like this: The LA Zoo is welcoming guests on Monday, Nov. 28 with a special birthday-nice half-off deal in honor of its 50th anniversary.

That “50” bit means you’ll only need to pay 50% of the usual admission on Nov. 28 to slip in and join the soiree. It’s a soiree that includes cakey sweets for the people paying a visit and the aforementioned animal-style goodies for the furry, scaly, and feathery residents of the Griffith Park preserve.

Another bonus? Snack and sip (sans alcohol) for 50% off, too.

And if a birthday isn’t complete without some card-signing action, well, take heart, for there shall be a card to sign. (If you want to wish the LA Zoo “Happy 50th” in koala- or tortoise-speak, well, go for it, though a human-type language is a-okay, as well.)

Other “ZooLAbration” happenings, like presentations, are on the day’s calendar.

If you can’t make the actual day, you can peruse 50 important milestones on the founded-in-1966 zoo’s special 50th birthday web site.

Happy 50th, LA Zoo. Here’s to several more decades of cooing and chirping and roaring and wonder and Zoo Lights and ice cream cones and learning about the beasties who also call this marvel of a planet home.

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