100405 Here's Why Two-Tone Paint On New BMW 7 Series Costs $12,000

Here's Why Two-Tone Paint On New BMW 7 Series Costs $12,000

Customers won’t be able to feel a tactile separation between the two paint colors because a final clear coat is applied, essentially creating a perfectly smooth transition from one color to the next. Repeating the manual masking process with accuracy was one of the major challenges for the two-tone 7 Series. Gress pointed to the limited and insanely expensive 8 Series by Jeff Koons as another vehicle where integrating the body sections painted by machine and those by hand required a special effort.

Evidently, the two-tone 7 Series requires far more effort to produce than one painted in a single shade, and that’s why you’ll need to spend $12,000 on one of these paint finishes in the USA. Those choices include two-tone Black Sapphire Metallic and two-tone Oxide Grey Metallic.

Despite the extravagant cost of the two-tone paint, we’re not convinced it improves the appearance of the car. A darker shade like the no-cost Carbon Black Metallic seems to do the best job of toning down the otherwise in-your-face 7 Series.

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