80457 ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Clocking $55M-$57M; ‘Lion King’ Crossing $400M Today – Midday Update

‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Clocking $55M-$57M; ‘Lion King’ Crossing $400M Today – Midday Update

UPDATE Friday Midday: Hobbs & Shaw is currently seeing $22M-$22.5M for the day, including last night’s money, and an opening between $55M-$57M. Two things here to consider: West coast business last night pushed the Universal pic past its earlier day expectations and the same thing could occur here by dusk. Also, Cineplex Odeon’s B.O. gross system is down which is throwing off Canadian estimates.

Lion King is seeing $35M-$37M in weekend 3, for a running total of $429.6M at the high-end by Sunday.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is looking at fantastic hold between $20M-$23M, which is bests the second weekend of Inglourious Basterds ($19.3M). Cume on the high end by Sunday should be at $81.8M. Adult counter-programming power. Way to go, Sony.

‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Review: The Rock And Jason Statham Sport Comic Quips And Ginormous Muscles In Summer Stunt Show

UPDATED, Friday AM after Thursday night exclusive: Hobbs & Shaw grossed $5.8 million on Thursday per Universal at 3,400 locations. Showtimes began at 7 PM, and the David Leitch-directed title moves to 4,253 theaters in U.S. and Canada today. It was looking low there for Hobbs & Shaw for a second, but the West Coast came out. PostTrak exits are solid out of the gate with 4 stars, and 4 1/2 stars with parents and kids under 12.

As we spotted yesterday, it’s the best preview night for Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham outside the Fast and Furious franchise, respectively beating San Andreas’ $3.1M and The Meg‘s $4M. Last night’s cash is $200,000 shy of what Mission: Impossible – Fallout earned about a year ago with $6M in previews. That movie turned out to be the best opening in the Tom Cruise franchise with a $61.2M opening. Fallout cost $180M before P&A and went on to gross $220.1M stateside and $791.1M worldwide.

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Can Hobbs & Shaw, with a price tag of $200M before distribution and marketing spend, emulate or better those figures ultimately? It will take a lot from foreign should Hobbs & Shaw meet its domestic tracking this weekend with a $60M+ start.

‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Clocking $55M-$57M; ‘Lion King’ Crossing $400M Today – Midday Update

Disney’s The Lion King ended its second week with an estimated $117.4M, taking its running total to $392.7M. The pic will climb to $400M+ today as it gathers $37M-$40M in weekend 3. The pic is $104M from overtaking Beauty and the Beast, which is Disney’s highest-grossing animation remake stateside.

Sony’s Quentin Tarantino movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood had a fantastic week with solid weekdays, taking in an estimated $58.8M. That figure is 9% ahead of the first week of Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, which ended its domestic run at $120.5M. The second weekend for Hollywood is projected between $18M-$22M.

PREVIOUSLY, Thursday 6:28 PM EXCLUSIVE: Universal’s Fast and Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham is currently seeing a Thursday night that’s between $4.5M-$5M. East coast shows are already in full swing with west coast starting at 7PM PST. This is a bid by Uni to take their $5 billion-plus Fast & Furious series to another level, spinning it off potentially into another franchise. We will see. Pic’s Rotten Tomatoes score is settling at 71% Fresh, which isn’t awful, it’s just that movie execs like to see better.

‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Clocking $55M-$57M; ‘Lion King’ Crossing $400M Today – Midday Update

While tonight’s numbers, as expected, are well below some of the most recent Furious films, i.e. Furious 7 ($15.8M) and Fate of the Furious ($10.4M), that was to be expected because the Dominic Toretto gang isn’t all here.

Outside of the Furious series, Hobbs & Shaw will likely be Johnson’shighest preview for a live-action pic besting the Thursdays of San Andreas ($3.1M), Rampage ($2.4M) and Skyscraper ($1.95M). It’s also bound to be Statham’s best, besting The Meg from last August which made $4M in previews, and higher than Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation ($4M Thursday, $20.3M Friday, $55.5M opening). At this point in time, Hobbs & Shaw is under Mission: Impossible-Fallout‘s $6M preview which translated into a $22.8M Friday, $61.2M opening.

Typically, Fast & Furious movies overindex on the West Coast and deliver a huge Hispanic turnout. The night isn’t over for Hobbs & Shaw, so we’ll see what comes.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. has dropped their trailer to Christopher Nolan’s next international espionage movie Tenet on prints of Hobbs & Shaw. This is exclusively theatrical as Nolan believes in the moviegoing experience, with no word as to when the trailer will drop online. Word is that the teaser doesn’t show a lot of action, just star John David Washington, along with the tagline “It’s time for a new protagonist.”

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