Hollywood’s Brilliant Solution to End Ageism in the Entertainment Business: Erase Stuff on the Internet

Hollywood’s Brilliant Solution to End Ageism in the Entertainment Business: Erase Stuff on the Internet

The geniuses at the California state legislature, lobbied by the brilliant minds at the Screen Actors Guild, have devised a genius law to stop ageism in Hollywood.

Just remove ages upon request from IMDb and other subscription services used by casting directors, and older actors and actresses will continue to get work well into their twilight years. Hell, septuagenarians will be playing teens for all we know in this new paradigm.

Oh wait, doesn’t Google still exist? Can’t we just, like, Google someone’s age? And does this mean that the actor’s lobby forced through a legislation that censors the internet for absolutely no reason?

Yep, Google is still up and running.

cage age

Sure the law is intended to protect lesser-known actors and actresses whose info is not as readily available. But in this age of social media it is very easy to find personal information about someone. All the law did was force a small group of websites to offer a poorer service in the name of fighting ‘ageism.’

And is this law even constitutional? Can the state of California police a company’s online speech? This law represents a slippery slope of states making demands of internet companies to regulate what kind of information they are allowed to share.

Yeah, it sucks actresses get denied jobs when they hit their 40s, but we are still living in the information age. Facts are free flowing and can’t be censored for long. Even though California was able to regulate subscription services, it won’t be hard to make something similar with an free, ad-based model.

It won’t be surprising if this law creates a kind of Streisand Effect with celebs’ ages. Anytime someone or the government tries to censor information on the Internet, said information only becomes more widespread.

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