84365 Honda Readying Massive Fuel Cell Vehicle Education Campaign

Honda Readying Massive Fuel Cell Vehicle Education Campaign

Honda has put more stock in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles than most major automakers, although so far, those efforts have culminated in just a single vehicle in the US market: the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, available only in California. What’s more, where the Clarity nameplate was originally reserved exclusively for a fuel cell vehicle, the Japanese car manufacturer has spread its bets, tacking the Clarity name onto a plug-in hybrid and a battery-electric, as well.

Moreover, an all-new Toyota Mirai will also expand the breadth of appealing and good looking hydrogen fuel cell vehicles when it launches this year.

But a lot of Honda’s hesitance can likely be chalked up to uncertainty with how ready the US market is to accept fuel cell vehicles as a viable alternative, and given how volatile their fuel-of-choice is, that’s perhaps understandable. Remember the Hindenburg? A new informational site aimed at dispelling common misconceptions and educating the public on the potential upsides could liberate Honda to lean more fully into fuel cell propulsion.

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