72688 Horoscope for 2019 Aquarius

Horoscope for 2019 Aquarius

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Horoscope for 2019 Aquarius

Love horoscope for Uranium pets for 2019

Mumps hastens to remind that under a recumbent pebble and water does not flow – Aquarians should become more active, because Cupid sometimes hesitates, and is afraid to make the first shot.

Aquarius 1 decade (January 21-January 30). Hang on the windows of dark curtains – fans all year in your honor salutes, and it is simply impossible to sleep. And the walls have polystyrene foam, and, in the whole house – neighbors are already stuttering from love serenades, and just about to catch your boyfriends. You can do easier – go outside, choose the cutest half, and take her to the registry office.

Aquarius 2 decades (January 31-February 9). If in 2019 a strange person appears in your environment wearing a sweater with a pig image, do not try to escape. This is not a fan of three pigs, and not a fan of roasted meat – Yellow Pig has tied the outfit for the chosen one so that you are not mistaken with the choice. If you have not yet walked up, you can grab a magical sweater – fans will immediately jump on the bride.

Aquarius 3 decades (February 10-February 19). If you like to flirt, then you love to meet storks – this is the motto of the Yellow Earthen Boar, and you will have to listen to the opinion of the owner of 2019. In general, there are no meaningless and easy relations – either the palace of marriages, and then the maternity home, or lonely evenings by the fireplace, in extreme cases, romantic correspondence in contact.

Business Forecast for Aquarius for 2019

Debts are given out, loans are paid – it remains to come up with a new business plan, and show it to the Yellow Pig. It’s up to the competitors themselves – Aquarians can work peacefully.

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Aquarius 1 decade (January 21-January 30). You managed to achieve the location of the Yellow Boar, and in 2019, Uranus’ pets have a chance to enter the oligarchs. Silk tie and a gold badge for joining the ranks of millionaires is not required – you just need to be smart, stubborn, and strong. All these qualities in Aquarius in abundance – the personal map of the rich man is already ready, it will be brought to you in the beginning of summer.

Aquarius 2 decades (January 31-February 9). Well, Aquarius, tell me, what is it like to be a billionaire? Psychologists say that great wealth leads to a nervous breakdown. And there is no one around – poor relatives, poor friends, and ruined first love. Hire a computer technician, let it pierce all those in need, and find out – who needs your help, and who dreams of a freebie.

Aquarius 3 decades (February 10-February 19). The pig ordered a table in the restaurant – call the partners for a banquet, because you managed to conclude the Deal of the Year. Only Piggy has one warning – among the companions there are envious persons. They are easy to recognize – when everyone comes out to breathe, they pour the champagne into a three-liter jar. Buy them a box of expensive wine – let them roll the sausage away from you.

Family forecast for air signs for 2019

The ideal life of Aquarius can be broken by evil neighbors – eternal repairs in comparison with other dirty tricks are just flowers. There is a way out – the Pig bought the land for construction, it remains to hire a brigade.

Aquarius 1 decade (January 21-January 30). The signs of air are not superstitious, but relatives talk about the evil eye. Then the kettle will break, then the cat will tear all curtains. Watering the floor and walls with holy water is not necessary, for a start, appease the brownie – maybe he does not like serials that Grandma is spinning endlessly. If this method does not help, move out of town – a cozy cottage needs owners.

Aquarius 2 decades (January 31-February 9). In the year of the Pig in your family is expected to add, and it’s not just about arrivals of storks. New relatives can appear, where they did not expect – then the nephew will marry, then the aunt will marry. To gather all crowd under one roof of a star do not advise – a life in a hostel this for a long time passed stage, therefore get a nest egg, and buy all apartments.

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Aquarius 3 decades (February 10-February 19). Like in life Aquarius is all wonderful, but relatives have something strange. Then the grandfather locked himself in the closet, and reads by candlelight, the chosen one runs to his friends, and stays there overnight. The pig guesses, what’s the matter – stop criticizing the household, and arrange a festive truce. And there the storks will arrive in time – they fly to where love and mutual understanding.

Horoscope of health for Aquarius for 2019

Healthy and healthy food sometimes harms health. Yes, it happens, therefore, Aquarians should remember about the measure, and do not torture themselves with rigid diets.

Aquarius 1 decade (January 21-January 30). Include music, but not your favorite rock, and Beethoven, or Mozart – in the year of Pig you need to be able to relax. And finish with your magic weight loss – soup from one water, and porridge from two grains of rice are good only for Thumbelina. You do not look model looks – believe the well-fed Pig, and run to the stadium to burn a single extra calorie.

Aquarius 2 decades (January 31-February 9). Pig with all the urine runs to you on its yellow paws, and holds out heavy objects – take it, otherwise you will be blown away by the wind, because you are so thin from the newfangled diet. Eat bread at least for a holiday, and on vegetables and fruits you will not be carried (fat in them a cat wept). And buy, finally, a scarf – winter in 2019 is cold, and you need to take care of the neck.

Aquarius 3 decades (February 10-February 19). While others go to hospitals, Aquarians jump on sites, and they are looking for a miracle remedy for a cold. Yes, there will be such an attack in 2019, and who forced to be tempered in forty-degree frost ?! Pig advises to smell garlic – and spout cure, and protect from vampires. This is not about bloodsuckers, but about pests, which sometimes pump other people’s energy.

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Horoscope for air tomboy for 2019 year

Child psychologists in the year Pigs are bred with their hands – they have not yet devised funds for genius. And whether it is necessary – Aquarians are born with diplomas, and are shut up for the belt of anyone who decides to argue with them.

Poprygunchi Aquarius 1 decade (January 21-January 30). If the Aquarius draws something right, then with his left hand, do not swear – young geniuses develop both hemispheres, and believe that they will succeed in this. And do not ask the children what they will become, when they grow up, it’s elementary. Be more polite with future presidents, and instead of panties with flowers or typewriters, buy them a children’s business suit, let them get used to it.

Neposedy Aquarius 2 decades (January 31-February 9). The air of children will wake up the talents of the clairvoyants. Do not hide dainties and toys – it’s useless. By the way, the tangerines, tidied up for the new year, was stolen not by a cunning cat (in vain you scolded him, and drove to the vet). Do not worry, this is not a manifestation of the criminal abilities of Aquarius. Caring kids hide the goodies under your mattress – now it’s clear where the smell comes from.

Sorceress Aquarius 3 decades (February 10-February 19). Airy babies in the year of the Pig will spend the whole day sitting at the computer. Do not try to pick up the password – the naivety of the children do not differ, and to enter the year of birth is meaningless. If people are coming to you wearing sunglasses, consider that the young hackers were discovered, and they still broke into the FSB server – there is no threat of punishment, Aquarians will also be paid, and cooperation will be offered.