Horoscope for 2019 Cancer
72674 Horoscope for 2019 Cancer

Horoscope for 2019 Cancer

Horoscope for 2019 Cancer

Love Horoscope for Cancers for 2019

The pig will reward Cancers with new fans, but the lunar animals should be remembered: sincerity in relationships in 2019 is above all. So, it’s better to leave love intrigues in the past.

Cancers 1 decade (June 22-July 1). In the year of the Yellow Pig, Cancers will pull on the adventures, but the one-day novels are not for you. Offended fans will not leave the lunar animals alone, and will devise sophisticated ways of revenge. Then the rose petals in the entrance, then serenades at three o’clock in the morning – pity the neighbors, and think about serious relationships. And it’s better to flirt in the dark – no one will see, and do not become jealous.

Cancers 2 decades (July 2-July 11). Look in the window, you’ll see the fans a little – this is in early 2019, and in the summer of the boyfriends will be added, and you will finally have to make a choice. Pig has known your soulmate for a long time, and it sure grunts when you are near. Do not be afraid of a woman registrar – it’s she’s so important and serious, but in the shower just a sweetheart (you can invite her to the wedding).

Cancers 3 decades (July 12-July 23). Fashionable clothes, elegant hairstyle – yes Rakov simply does not recognize, and the pig knows the reason for the changes. The lunar animals fell in love, and this time seriously and for all. Only before going to the registry office, deal with their admirers – invite to remain friends, and if it does not help, invite a team of builders. Let them demolish your balcony, and there will be nowhere to sing serenades.

Business forecast for the Moon’s wards for 2019

In the year of the Yellow Pig, Cancers will change into fashionable business suits, and they will sit down in service wolves – a new appointment is not bad and to note, and there are money for the restaurant, beauty, and only.

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Cancers 1 decade (June 22-July 1). The pig grins approvingly, and advises Cancers not to stop – you have already passed all levels, and you will find untold wealth. Where the oligarchs, there are competitors – hide money, call friends from the distant nineties, and solve the problem. Turn into criminal authorities do not have to – the rivals will scatter, only see skinheads with powerful beats.

Cancers 2 decades (July 2-July 11). Expand the business, acquire patrons, conclude deals with foreign firms – Yellow Kabanchik gives good. A brilliant result may not like your long-time partners – never mind, this is banal envy. But guard just in case hire – someone in fact should carry a suitcase with money, and loaders on a call for this role do not suit.

Cancers 3 decades (July 12-July 23). Bankruptcy does not threaten you, competitors also do not smell, although they were terribly frightened when you voiced their brilliant ideas. But be afraid of flattery of business partners, and do not rush to part with your money – not all deposits are profitable, not all transactions are reliable. Keep the money in the bank, but not in the glass from the brine, but in where the percentages are dripping.

Family horoscope for water children for 2019

Go into the problems of relatives, and they will answer you the same – in the year of Pig, it is very important to keep a warm relationship with the household, and spend more time next to your favorite family.

Cancers 1 decade (June 22-July 1). In the year of the Pig, the family comes first. The home of the crayfish needs to be repaired – it’s time to get rid of the trash, and show designer talents. And the main task is the arrangement of the children’s room. Storks are rushing about like crazy, and babies are running around the apartment, and the bells of child laughter will sound – but do not hire nurses, you should personally supervise the educational process.

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Cancers 2 decades (July 2-July 11). In the pigs of the moon in the year of Pig, the head goes around – then moving, then meeting with relatives, then visiting the maternity home. Even the chosen one is capricious, and dreams of a honeymoon – by the way, in matters of romance, Cancers can rely on the opinion of older household members. Grandparents will gladly shake the old days, and share the secrets of a happy marriage.

Cancers 3 decades (July 12-July 23). Do you still enjoy a bachelor life? Then Piggy rushes to you – in a backpack at the Yellow Princess in 2019, a wedding dress, ringlets, and diapers for heirs. So, from going to the registry office you can not get away – buy a house and sow carrots. And do not forget about the hammock – your chosen one likes to sleep after a hearty family dinner in the fresh air.

Horoscope of health for Cancers for 2019

Learn from Pig – Yellow mistress of 2019 always in great shape. The secret is simple: meditation, self-training, healthy eating and exercise.

Cancers 1 decade (June 22-July 1). Trainers and athletes dream to get acquainted with the wards of the Moon – stubborn Cancers beat all world records. And in order for these words to turn out to be true, start with the morning run-reel the circles until the neighbors sleep, and the enemies enjoy the fried potatoes for breakfast. Yes, and quit smoking – Pig already picked up sunflower seeds, and bought lollipops for replacement.

Cancers 2 decades (July 2-July 11). Do not watch the transfer of health during breakfast – only spoil your mood. It is better to brew oatmeal, chop the apple and carrot, and throw a handful of nuts into the porridge – and lose weight, and there will be energy, even more than enough. Pig respects this dish – there is what is positive and active. And buy a hat – your ears are tired of folding into a tube during the cold.

Cancers 3 decades (July 12-July 23). Labor and perseverance, of course, all peretrut, but in 2019 Cancers should learn to relax – sleep for 8 hours, and not by day, but by night. And take care of your beautiful figure – charging, diet and now you are already perfect (only without fanaticism). And remember that health begins from within – Pig has already agreed with Aibolit, and you can go for a physical examination right now.

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Horoscope for the little wards of the Moon for 2019

Baby Crayfish in a year Pigs will become extraordinarily nice – well, just goodies, otherwise you will not say. However, parents need to keep their ears open. Geniuses of genius have learned to pretend.

Shalunishki Cancers 1 decade (June 22-July 1). Your capricious in the year of the Pig will master the technique of hypnosis – then the neighbor-old woman will be bewitched, and she will start buying Cancers chips, then the educator in the garden will be convinced that a quiet hour harms health. It is not necessary to take the kids to a psychologist – perhaps this is a transitional age. Buy a young barmaleam turtle – let them teach her how to run, at the same time and in themselves will understand.

Neposedy Raki 2 decades (July 2-July 11). The wreckage of Raki in 2019 is uncontrollable – they do not want to sleep, they do not want to eat, they refuse to walk. And the method of a carrot and a stick with cunning birds does not work. Mumps will tell about a small secret of Cancers – young ladies’ lovers and coquette fell in love. It’s not for nothing that they learn poems, and cut out florets of paper – invite the chosen one of their kids to visit, and the Crayfish will immediately become silk.

Capricorns Cancers 3 decades (July 12-July 23). Little crayfish can not be lured out of the house – look in the nursery, maybe under the crib of water children is a toy dog ​​that needs care? Children have grown up – buy water children of a furry pet, Cancers and walk will be more often, and they will learn how to cook. And there they will run to the grandmother with pies, and they will meet you from work to carry the bags.

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