Horoscope for 2019 for Goats
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Horoscope for 2019 for Goats

Horoscope for 2019 for Goats

If all the last year, Goats and Sheep have trained and hammered with competitors, honing their skills, then with the arrival of the Yellow Earth Pig the situation changed dramatically. The goats cut down the horns, the sheep changed their skins and a period of tranquility and stability arose in your world. But Piglet advises not to give up – increase your speed, expand your boundaries, and look for new connections. When you get tired of bleating to subordinates, and chasing staff at the office, go somewhere to the sea – you deserve and free Internet, and three meals a day, and even pretty servants who can read minds and fulfill any desires.

Hot and temperamental Goat Sheep in 2019 will turn into tireless conquerors of hearts – any person will be at your hooves, only wink, and gently wedge the tail. And do not analyze your actions – love is the thing, the more you think, the less is the sense. Give yourself to feelings, and the Pig will bring down both new fans and half, and some will finally get courage and look in the registry office. The receptionist for a long time does not wear a mask of a gray wolf, and you will be painted without prejudice to the psyche. And then the good storks will fly in, kids-babies will bring – in the year of the Yellow Cabana in the heirs there will be no shortage.

In money, too, there is no shortage: bargains are profitable, long-term contracts, and each step brings Koz-Ovechok closer to the gold vein. Piglet at the Wild boar is magical, and for you the owner of 2019 smells a peshcher with treasures, and a hole with ancient coins – remember the magic phrase, and open the doors to the world of oligarchs. But being owners of meadows, fields and rivers is very troublesome – look for reliable companions, and do not be greedy for salary. And while your managers are solving financial problems and are wondering where to invest the next billion, you will finish building a five-star barn – the Pig has already dressed up for a housewarming, so, move your hoofs.

Horoscope for 2019 for Fire Goat Sheep

Year of birth 1967

Stamina you do not hold, diligence is also enough – Fire Goats-Sheep an example to follow. But the Pig is unhappy with your current posts – you have long grown out of your worn leather armchairs, and deserve more. Some fiery businessmen lather the hooves in their creative activities, and some of the Goat-Sheep will go to conquer the stage. Incinerate glance competitors, and the case in the hat, which will magically jump out good partners, and offer an eternal and beneficial cooperation. But it is better not to put politics into the politics of horns – intrigues, gossip, in general, longing for the green.

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On the love front greens also meet – a magic traffic light illuminates the way to the Goat-Sheep and advises to hurry. Fiery hearts need new fans – yes with the boyfriends everything is all right, but only the chosen ones are not enthusiastic about your bucking, and the search for the ideal. Relations with households and spouses can easily be made bright – in the morning gentle bleating, in the afternoon fresh grass on a new recipe, in the evening Goat gatherings, and dreams of Fiery happiness. You can also regale the cabbage-the ungearish kids-grandchildren stick out their faces, and dream to get acquainted with grandmothers and grandfathers.

Fiery guys and grandchildren have time to babysit, and money is rowed with a shovel, and part-time work is found every day. Up to retirement age, you still have to work and work, besides, the partners load you with chores, because they think that the Sheep Goats are less than thirty years old. Yellow Boar advises you to calm down, and rest – in your goat kingdom and so complete order, and the dream of all the money of the world, alas, is unrealizable. But the goat-sheep will stay with you – and there will be enough new skins for fire, and there will be silver claws (many oligarchs have already turned pale, and bitten their elbows with frustration).

Horoscope for 2019 for Water Goat Sheep

Years of birth 1943 and 2003

The old pond has long been overgrown with tin, the boring work causes yawning and heartburn, and Kozam-Sheep wanted to try themselves in something new and unusual. A kind relative of Water moved to a magical swamp, the frogs turned into reliable companions, and the caring Yellow Earth Boar opened all the doors – choose the case for the soul. Goat-goats are waiting in the administration buildings – the cabinets are prepared, the employees are warned, and in the management team there is a real panic (everyone knows that you will not go through the papers, but immediately arrange the Water Revolution).

And on the love horizon all year, rainfall – then the rain of tenderness, the rain of passion, and even this storm of romance. Throw out your umbrellas and raincoats – Water Lambs and Little Goats need a good love shower. But Piglet advises sometimes to go down from the pedestal, and to look around their possessions – there are many admirers, but there’s almost no use to them, only they know how to draw curved hearts, and fake serenades. It’s time to establish relationships with the family – older relatives dream of a separate shed with a bathroom, and the kids want a pirate-style game room.

Will have to move to the village, and buy three or four-story house. And if in early 2019 this idea will be equated to an impossible dream, then in June the Water Goats-Sheep will fulfill their desires. Dream more actively, the Yellow Pig is kind and generous, but do not put savings in one bank so as not to incur the wrath of tax inspectors. Write down the palace to your beloved one, give each car to your relative, and dress yourself up in a modest expensive suit (and hide the gold Swiss watch of the latest model under the sleeves of your new shirt).

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Horoscope for 2019 for Wooden Goat Sheep

Years of birth 1955 and 2015

Throw away the trash, get rid of rags – in the year of the Yellow Pig, the Wooden Goat Sheep should look all the way. Suits with needles will be appreciated by both new business partners and competitors, but shine brightly so that your Wooden persons are not jinxed. By the way, in the summer of 2019 you can safely become parasites. You just need to look into the office sometimes to put a dashing Wooden signature, and strictly look at the secretary. A favorite thing you can do at home – Wooden talents, finally, wake up, and all the children’s dreams Goat-Lambs will slowly begin to incarnate.

In the love sphere there are changes – the army of fans increases in geometric progression, but rivals do not doze, and put up posts near your entrances. Weddings can be arranged at any age, and even falling in love even more so – Wooden guys will feel a strange excitement, and awe (which is what it is – Cupid!). Yellow Pig advises to slow down, so as not to upset elected ones. Home affairs – that’s what will save the Wooden creatures from quarrels. Plant pears, water apples – together with relatives and compotes to cook more fun, and jam to cook more interesting.

Money to build a garden garden will be found, and the surplus yields of Wooden Goats-Sheep can be profitable to sell. Although, with your income to think about such nonsense even indecent. But the rich should have quirks – manage your finances at your own discretion. Pig warns – swindlers are completely insolent, and they think that millionaires are obliged to share with them. And then they learned about the winnings – even in heaven they discuss your incredible luck (fortune found its lucky ones, and the Wooden guys pulled out the necessary ticket – remember, in July at the lottery kiosk at the bus stop).

Horoscope for 2019 for Earthen Goats Sheep

Year of birth 1979

To begin with, Pig congratulates you on the anniversary – Earth children are not superstitious, and will celebrate their fortieth anniversary in a new armchair, in a solid suit, and in the company of thousands of subordinates. As they say, the second youth – many Goat Sheep will want to start their Earth life from a clean leaf. It is about this Yellow Boar and hinted – enough to cling to the annoying work, it’s time and for yourself to live. You will succeed in anything – you can bake pies, and advertise advertisements on the Internet, or you can become famous poets, and make verses to order, sitting by the fireplace with a glass of elite cognac.

But the medal of Fame also has the reverse side – you will be recognized on the street, and behind the charming Earth children will start a real hunt. Fan-fans will go crazy, and will hang out on your balconies, roll around at the door, and hide under benches, scaring old women, and stealing sunflower seeds from them. When you decide to change the appearance, do not forget about the household – a relative of the Earthen Boar already drove a car with dark glasses, and agreed with the Piglet guard. Where are you going, dear Earth Goat Sheep, do you really think that you can hide from the stupid boyfriends?

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With the kids in their hands, you can not escape – were not you warned that you liked the storks, and the Earth family is expected to replenish. State support is fine, but goat-sheep do not feel bad without paying. On interest from deposits, you can buy a house, buy new things for the heirs, and hire a nanny with ten higher educations. But in mid-2019 you need to stop wasting money – business partners are unhappy with your squandering. They are waiting that one day Goat Sheep will come to the office on the usual BMW, and not on a tram bought from the city authorities.

Horoscope for 2019 for Metal Goat Sheep

Years of birth 1931 and 1991

The tail of the Yellow Earthen Boar turns without stopping – the owner of 2019 is delighted when he sees your sparkling and polished Metal backs. Sheep goats can not sit idly for a minute, you are always somewhere to strive – then to meet new business partners, then to a holiday dedicated to the opening of the next branch. Well done, what can I say, but at least occasionally take breaks, and communicate with friends-businessmen (not far from your mansion just opened a club for advanced and ingenious Metal guys).

But in love you can not be called genius, alas, you can not call it – in the year of the Yellow Earth Pig, the fans and strive to lure Goats and Sheep on a date, or even in the registry office. Well, why, it’s high time to taste the charms of family life. Do not hide in a cozy Metal shell, because living under one roof and a half is not so terrible, on the contrary – there are many positive moments in this. And the soup is always delicious, and cutlets with a crust, and the apartment is filled with the laughter of little tomboy. Moreover, they say that communication with children or grandchildren gives a second youth – information can be trusted, because it is from storks.

Metal is a magnet for money. This is a long-known fact, and Metal Goats-Sheep are familiar with financial success since birth. But in order not to bore you with tales of monetary magic, Earthy Boar will immediately get down to business – get rid of junk in your office, hang brand-new Yellow curtains, and in the most prominent place pile up a large piggy-piggy. Magic will begin right after these manipulations – Metal children in 2019 will fall into the list of famous rich people. And those who do not believe will have to be satisfied with the modest role of underground oligarchs.

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