Horoscope for 2019 for the Cat (Rabbit)
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Horoscope for 2019 for the Cat (Rabbit)

Horoscope for 2019 for the Cat (Rabbit)

The fur seals rumble, and they gaze affectionately at the competing dogs, and the Rabbits bravely rush to the boa constrictors-in the year of the Yellow Pig everything will be the same, you just need to get rid of modesty. And further on the plan – to conquer the business world, and appoint yourself as Deputy Earth Boar, to charm the partners and tell them about the grandiose plans. There will be a warm stove, a fresh milk and a new coat. And tie the socks so that the corns do not rub – you’ll have to run a lot, then for negotiations, then for corporate gatherings. When tired of racing around the world, Cat-Rabbits can sit down in the mansions, and do creativity – dreams must come true.

Running is expected in the sphere of love relations – Kotiki-Rabbits master flirting, and genius of seduction. Only here is the problem – some fans have jealous halves, dreaming of clinging to your silky fur. Mumps advises to forget about unfree acquaintances, and go in search of the chosen one. The intuition of the fuzzy scales, and cat and rabbit hearts always smell the right man. 2019 is rich in weddings – family life is much more interesting than free existence. The storks are scattered on the clouds, and the cute little muzzle of the cats, and the charming tails of little rabbits, stick out from the bundles.

And bank cards gaily shine in the sun, and they report that the Rabbit Cats have won the main prize – there are not many millionaires’ badges this year, but they will be enough for the fluffy creatures. If money does not pour from heaven, and your soft paws do not stumble on gold bars, then you misconduct yourself. Money loves courageous, cheerful and frivolous guys – at least in 2019, that’s it. Yellow Pig advises to forget about saving – arrange a rich man’s bath, bathe in fresh milk, put a necklace of favorite fish cutlets on your neck, and the financial situation will improve immediately.

Horoscope for 2019 for Fire Rabbit Cats

Years of birth 1927 and 1987

Fiery children will give heat – in the year of Pig, you and with the role of superiors consult, and in the suits of businessmen look good. Kabanchik zahryukaet with emotion, and the residual effects from last year’s battles with competitors will be observed only at the beginning of the year. In the spring, the Catteries-Rabbits will open their business, and forget about the intrigues and intrigues of rivals. When you fill up the business partners’ shoulder blades, do not forget to purred the demands – the wishes will be executed immediately. You can right now order a culinary book for the rich, and cook cakes – to you on the ball will appear and ministers and kings.

Influential acquaintances of the Cat-Rabbit can also invite to family holidays. And your dreams of successors will certainly come true. True, storks do not grow nests, and friends in the garden do not grow, if you believe the song, but for babies, 2019 will be fruitful. From the sturdy cabbage peeps look charming Fire muzzles – choose the most lovely baby, and learn a lullaby. If the first thing the career, well, love then, then Murliks ​​can get a couple of suitors at work – fans and businesses will do, and romantic surprises arrange in breaks.

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By the way, about romance – bills are tender creatures, and they love when they are cherished. The purse of the Kotofeyevs is new, and there are so many branches in it that you can not understand without a navigator – put the money face to yourself, and wait for the enrichment (so the Pig-witch said). The financial shock awaits the Rabbits in the fall of 2019, but you will not get a mental and material trauma – from a flood of money, and no one has been harmed by the golden avalanche. At the rate of the Yellow lighthouse – there works the Boar, he will lay down on the silk sheets, and dinner will bungle (the owner of the year has studied the taste preferences of the oligarchs, and will not let you down).

Horoscope for 2019 for Water Rabbit Cats

Year of birth 1963

Uma you typed, the image changed – everything is right, and the career ladder for some reason broke down. Do not hammer water heads with nonsense, and do what you love – in the year of the Pig the Chefs and the Rabbits and Seamstresses can do their best. By the way, the owner of the year 2019 has gotten involved, and Kotikov was invited to the reception – the mayor himself wants to have dinner in your company. Good manners and a suit with a needle are great, but the main thing is naturalness. You can even tell a favorite anecdote with a beard – an important uncle has already rolled under the bed with laughter (wait for suggestions on cooperation).

Business is business, and family comes first. Many water creatures have already grown up and granddaughters have sunk into school – it’s time to live for yourself. Half dreaming of a circumnavigation – grab your chosen armpit, and rush to the station. Behind the house and neighbors will look – they are just darlings, even the flowers are poured, and the carpet is vacuumed. Cupid in 2019 a little bit crazy – this, of course, annoyingly, but not fatal. Love all Water Cats-Rabbits are submissive – make novels, fly in the clouds and sometimes get down to prevent the fried potatoes for dinner (the chosen one likes when crusted).

And a potato with a crust, and Water Cats-Rabbits with crusts – hurry to the delivery of diplomas. You are true billionaires, and your documents are in order – gold seals, silver signatures, and diamond coats of arms. Just do not burn skins from the past life in the oven – and let them leak out and wear out. Pick up old business suits in the closet, and sometimes look at your little things – rich sentimental beings, and like to cry, remembering the distant and happy times of lack of money. And you can give away your belongings to competitors – yes they will kiss your paws for such generosity.

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Horoscope for 2019 for Wooden Rabbit Cats

Year of birth 1975

Prior to retirement, the Wooden Rabbit Cats are still far away, and they will have to work hard. In the year of the Pig, from the word “work”, your fur gets up on end, and the paws tremble – calm down, dear Wooden creatures, because it’s nice and useful to do your thing. Yes, yes, the Yellow Boar read your thoughts, and found an interesting lesson. Influential uncles sympathize with you, evil competitors changed their anger to mercy and decided to sing the praises – get a wooden crown from the trunk, and settle on the oak throne. Here it is, sweet life – rule rightly, and do not forget to pamper the servants (that is, the employees). Home affairs-worries strain Kotikov, but in the year of the Earth Boar the situation will change.

You and the dishes like to wash and sweep the floor, and even cook dinner for the whole family – what happened to you? The answer to the surface – the chosen one has found an approach to you, and the relationship has played and sparkled, as in a honeymoon, and even brighter. Do not purr loudly, so as not to irritate envious neighbors. It is better to include your Wooden fantasy and please all the household members – granny send to the cruise to the places of youth, and the children buy the same heaped phone, the cost of an apartment.

And take the money for all these fun in a new bed of mahogany – there, in the lower right corner, a plump pack of bucks and a column of royal coins sat down. Wooden Fur Seals are far from naive, but in the year of Pig you have to believe in a fairy tale. Dollar rivers and crystal banks, of course, will not appear, but your wooden spouts will feel profitable deals per mile. And do not push off competitors – they are harmful creatures, but life in eternal struggle hardens, and you become more and more enduring (this is the best quality of the rich).

Horoscope for 2019 for Earth-Rabbit Cats

Years of birth 1939 and 1999

Earthy Cat-rabbits do not know what blat – in 2019 you do not even remember your powerful relative. However, the Earth Pig will help to stealthily – then the deal will throw, then with the right little man will reduce. Here you also have mathematical skills – you do not have to memorize phone numbers of the rich’s acquaintances, but counting incomes in your mind is cool (not everyone will be able to multiply ten-digit numbers). And the competitors sing romances in your honor – take them to the post of secretaries, they are great at making coffee, and every day they run to the farm for fresh cream.

All the cream will go to Cats and in the sphere of personal relationships – you just look, what kind of fans got the caring Yellow Pig. Here and princes, and ministers, and queens, and even models (hudyshki and pyshechki). However, for a family life, a beautiful appearance is not the main thing – look for an economic boyfriend, so that the compote can cook, and stove the stove, and wallpaper glue. And on the love horizon everything is overcast, but do not hide your Earth heads under the mattress – it’s not clouds, but a flock of stork. Roll out the wheelchairs, a pair of meowing convolutions in them will fall down exactly.

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Earthy smoothies in 2019 will conquer not only the new admirers, but also the financial world – the doors to luxury life have opened, it remains to squeeze through, and push rivals. Do not shove so violently, all will suffice, the main thing, keep spouts in the wind, ears on the vertex, and tails with a pistol. And at the next meeting of the oligarchs, share your ideas: do not offend the poor, help the disadvantaged, and do not build houses more than three stories high. The last point is required – a small house and it is easier to heat, and the comfort in it is easier to create, and in a huge bog, boring and dreary.

Horoscope for 2019 for Metal Rabbit Cats

Years of birth 1951 and 2011

Property issues are resolved, money problems in the past, and Metal Catkins-Rabbits sadly rub their mustache, sadly twitch their tails, and remember a carefree life with a beggarly salary. Leave your opponents nostalgic, and move your paws in the direction of the sparkling palace of the Yellow Pig – documents are ready, it remains to put a sweeping signature. In 2019 you can stay impudent – in the world of business this quality is in price. But do not criticize your patrons – they, of course, respect your Metallic brilliant ideas, but they may be offended.

Metal Cato-Rabbits per year Pigs will be divided into retirees and pupils. Adult Kotyary will enjoy family travel, and easy flirting with conductors and stewardesses, and rabbit schoolboys will start school romances, and arrange virtual weddings. Seals will never get lost in the crowd, and you can easily calculate – on one shoulder sit Cupid, and on the other shoulders nesting storks. When the family life gets bored, arrange a get-together with bachelor friends – they are such a cat’s hen party (bachelorette party) organize that you jumble.

And then you can go to the bank – you’ve emptied the cards, and it’s time to refill the account. And what else to do in the year of the Yellow Boar ?! Interest is not dripping, but flowing in a stream, in all fashion boutiques Kotov-Rabbits know in person, and in magazines about rich people only your names flash. Stars are advised to give the skin to dry cleaning, and hide from a beautiful life on some personal uninhabited island. Where there are no sycophants where you will not meet zaevshihsya acquaintances of rich people … On the sand there are traces of Metallic slender legs, and under the palm tree sit happy family members, and smack their lips, drinking coconut milk.

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