Horoscope for 2019 for the Dog
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Horoscope for 2019 for the Dog

Horoscope for 2019 for the Dog

Generous and disinterested Dogs can count on the support of the Pig. Puppies will find a kind owner, and the queen of 2019 will present both a freshly chopped box, and a fashionable collar, and even a sugar bone that can be gulped for a year. And, dogs do not have to dance on their hind legs, begging for a tasty morsel. Dogs will literally bathe in bonuses for past merits, because you will never pass by the offended people, and find a way to help the needy even to the detriment of one’s own interests. Yellow Pig will throw a couple of new sub-jobs, and the Dog’s life will be bright, fabulous and extremely saturated.

The doors to a magical personal life have long been opened, the entrance has to be smelled. Dogs do not get lost in the labyrinths of happiness, because the Yellow Pig has already prepared a miracle navigators. In addition, the Puppies will wake up the talent of the clairvoyants, and you do not miss half, even if she wraps herself in a veil, and covers herself with tobacco to knock you off the trail. It is advisable to transfer the dog revels at the end of the year – after all, you need to prepare yourself for a grand celebration, to which many distinguished guests are invited. Family Dogs will become favorites of storks – birds put the puppies in booths, and they are just about to roll the heirs to your house.

Weddings, heirs – this is a lot of money, whining Dogs. There are no reasons for panic, it is important to declare Earth Pig and advises you to remember about the success in financial matters. Dogs per kilometer feel good deals – it remains to bite competitors, and run after a suitcase (or trunk). Just do not spend millions on any nonsense, and then buy platinum collars and gilded chains, as in the past year. It is better to shake off the sand in which you fell out on the azure coast, and count the bills. When you count a billion, run to buy ingots of gold – the yellow color is now in vogue.

Horoscope for 2019 for Fire Dogs

Years of birth 1946 and 2006

Fire Dogs will decorate any society, and even among the kings, you feel at ease – yes, yes, in the same silver cup with a golden hem. But the Pig has prepared some more pleasant surprises, after all the yellow mistress of 2019 adores a flame color, and it is ready to iron your fur all 12 months. And the pension dogs, and the puppies-schoolboys will be able to flash talents, and in a completely new sphere. Someone will submit to artists, someone will be able to prove himself among fashionable science fiction writers, and some will become famous as original bloggers.

To shine in the profession is one thing, and it’s quite different to sparkle in the sphere of personal relations. But here Fire Dogs will not disappoint, and will please Pig with resourcefulness. Family doggies will understand the family from a half-word, and only to read the thoughts of the chosen one for you in general nonsense. Do not play into psychics, because a loved one is waiting for care, and guessing desires is the tenth thing. By the way, near the booth, long-time fans cut into circles – free or divorced Dogs straight road to the registry office, but married and married it is necessary to tie a band of fidelity (just in case, too, you are amorous).

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Do not worry – this is advice from the Pig in 2019. Why count the tens in a piggy bank, if you can go to your private office from the bank, and admire the nine-figure account. And you can order cash, and jerk to the islands – Fire animals love to travel, and you can afford to live on a broad paw. The main thing is not to be trampled – there are too many people around you, then suddenly bankrupt classmates, sharply impoverished friends who you have not seen for more than ten years. Leave a couple of millions in the account – the interest is small by your standards, but you can live.

Horoscope for 2019 for the Water Dogs

Years of birth 1922 and 1982

Get out of the pool – you have couriers from Pig. But Water Dogs should remember that the pig’s muzzle on the visitors’ cap does not mean that they can be trusted – do not sign papers without consulting with lawyers. And do not think about the impression that you are making – the right people know about your incomprehensibilities, because all ingenious personalities behave strangely. Water Pesiki will rotate in such circles, in which eccentricity is considered the norm. If you like to write poetry on the walls, and do tattoos on your forehead, for God’s sake – you will also be paid money, and the name of the profession will come up.

Cupids from Cupid’s team stuck the target on future fans, and just about to begin a real love exchange. Wedding dresses for your Water figures are sewn, storks are invited to the ceremony – it remains to find suitable housing. The family nest should be large and cozy – the household members’ requests will increase, and each relative dreams of his room (and some want to get a flat into the property). If the life of the Water Dogs has long been established, it’s time to renew the relationship – move to the sea, next to your element you will be even more comfortable and more fun.

All Water Dogs feel paper with watermarks – and with such a sense you are not yet oligarchs ?! Disorder, you need to change the situation urgently. The Swine has several beneficial proposals for enrichment, here the main thing is not to strain your Water backs, and work hard with your head. Brilliant ideas go hand in hand with the risk – all adventurous enterprises will insure the Yellow Boar, so you do not have to squeeze the tail and run away from rivals. When you celebrate another successful transaction, look through the window – in honor of the Water Dogs salute from colorful bills.

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Horoscope for 2019 for Wooden Dogs

Years of birth 1934 and 1994

Re-read the story of Pinocchio – in the year of the Yellow Pig you will notice the hearth on the wall, which can easily be pierced with a wooden spout. And Karabas in 2019 wears the suit of an ordinary clerk – it’s okay, so with such a rival Wooden Dogs will cope in two counts. Take him as a security guard to his office – and flies-scammers do not fly, and rival competitors will not slip through. But do not throw your last year’s ideas – it’s time to put them into practice, and give the world a genius creation and inventions. And in the summer of 2019 you will be greeted with greenery – Wooden pockets will be full of dollars.

With career growth and entertainment moving to a new level, and where the steep fun there and the new romantic acquaintances – well, something, and this good in 2019 in the life of Wooden Dogs will be in bulk. But drive selfish fans at once – let them not hope that your wooden hearts can be flattered with flattering compliments. It is better to buy a house on the ground – what you have stuffy apartment walls, if the schedule requires daily walks with the kids. Yes, this is exactly what the Yellow Pig says – the harvest of cabbage has already been harvested, and there were found pretty Wooden heirs.

The houses are arranged, the names of the babies are invented, the career is up the hill – and all this needs to be met. The wooden brains work properly, and the Dogs know that genius is a genius, and the image is also very important – even famous oligarchs send people to spy on what kind of pajamas you sleep in, and in what clothes you wash the dishes. By the way, it’s time to buy a dishwasher. And a new purse at the same time you get – a month ago you again sowed a five thousandth note, and did not even notice. The purse no longer holds up so much money, and is about to burst.

Horoscope for 2019 for Earthen Dogs

Years of birth 1958 and 2018

Do not beg for a new position and do not demand a salary increase or a pension – Earth Pig took care of everything, because you are almost related to her. Earthen Dogs quite accidentally meet an old friend who managed to get rich. The friend and the team will call for him, and the cabinet will allocate, and even invite to the board of directors (or what kind of advice they have, from the oligarchs). Earthy Pesiki will quickly occupy a high position – your talents have been sleeping for a long time, and the awakening will be bright and stormy. And do not be afraid of competitors – at the Yellow Boar everything is seized, and everything is paid for, as they say.

Love Earthen Dogs will have to deal with themselves. Even Cupid in a panic breaks arrows, looking at your pranks – pity fans, and do not break the heart of a thousand boyfriend. Pig advises not to toil and not to run from one appointment to another – update the relationship with your beloved one, and start with the journey. Well, and let you together for dozens of years – the merrier. And prepare a gift for grandchildren – storks already ordered yellow bundles. Some Earth Dogs can visit the registry office – just do not forget the passport, because the receptionist might not believe that you are over eighteen.

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But in banks you have no documents at all will ask – Earth Dogs there are the best customers. You are sent to the cells without any questions, and you will get loans without red tape (which, incidentally, you do not need). With such a reserve of funds, Earth creatures in general might not work, but the trick is that Pig does not like loafers, and you yourself are not able to lie on the beach while the subordinates plow in the office from morning till night. Only when you will water the next money tree on the field of miracles, do not forget to take a receipt from the local scarecrow – let it not allow any rascals and hypocrites.

Horoscope for 2019 for Metal Dogs

Year of birth 1970

In the year of the Pig you are called both gold and diamond – in general, all precious metals are suitable for affectionate nicknames, and Metal Dogs bathe in the love and adoration of those around them. Particularly satisfied with business partners, because with you the business is moving forward, and competitors are timidly standing in the corners, and biting their elbows. Do not relax, because according to plan the embodiment of creative plans – you are such fellows that they took a chance, and managed to promote their brilliant ideas without any advertising there, and with minimal expenses. But that the Metal business is not withered, it is necessary to acquire influential patrons.

You can get to know useful people anywhere, and Metal Dogs will quickly understand this difficult question. In addition, in the year of the Yellow Pig your fans suddenly decided to go to the rich – do not miss the moment, let instead of plush hearts give villas and yachts. But still when choosing a partner in the first place should be feelings – Pig coaxed Cupid, and he prepared several applicants for your heart. The wedding will be noisy – Metal Dogs will want to surprise the whole world. But the meeting with the storks is kept secret – all of a sudden the heirs will not want to advertise their birth.

So, when you go to the children’s world, catch dark glasses and hats, and better send for the goods a governess and a chauffeur. Fortunately, the money at the Metal Dogs is not strained, and the bills not only ring, but rustle and crunch. You, most importantly, do not brag about the income, sitting next to the tax inspector – in the year of the Pig, these guys from the reviewing authorities are completely foolish, and they try to pay tribute even to illegally working techs. Of course, Metal Dogs are used to acting honestly, but you will not hurt a bit of cunning – believe the Yellow Boar, he is a master in these matters.

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