Horoscope for 2019 for the Dragon
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Horoscope for 2019 for the Dragon

Horoscope for 2019 for the Dragon

For all winged and fire-breathing creatures in the year of the Pig, a green light will burn. So throw out sad and pessimistic thoughts from three heads at once, and embody the grandiose plans. Dragons will be able to excel in any business – career prom, and you will shine in both the white doctor’s dressing gown, and in the solid suit of a businessman, and in a bright outfit of the singer. But the Yellow Earthen piggy warns dear Gorynychi: do not be too gullible and do not boast of successes, because the competition in 2019 will not go anywhere, and all the bad envious guys will start flocking to your success, like flies for jam.

By the way, about jam – personal life in the year Zheltenkogo Kabanchik will be sweet (sometimes even cloying). Therefore, it’s time to drive out of your life sticky boyfriends, and pay attention to reliable fans with serious intentions. Free Dragons will tire of frivolous relationships, and in 2019 you will increasingly start looking at the registry office. Look for half among “their” – together and fly more fun. Well, family Dragons will finally build a house, plant a whole garden instead of one tree, and meet with good storks – there they are, flutter right above you, and guide the aim fire with bundles.

The artistic temperament of the Dragons is like the Pig – Pig opened a magic chest, from which money surprises are about to be sprinkled. Dragons should not rush to waste – you are creatures freakish, and do not deny yourself anything, but refrain from major purchases until the summer. And in June a fairy-tale life will begin – competitors will leave for vacations, and Dragons will take their favorite business, bringing in a good income. The main thing is to play by the rules (you can come up with them yourself), and be more serious – why do you need the fifth factory for the production of chocolates, and the seventh tire fitting shop (in your city and cars, so much does not travel).

Horoscope for 2019 for the Fire Dragon

Year of birth 1976

Have done business, fly boldly – Fiery guys can go on a well-deserved rest, and warm bones on the islands. Only the bad luck – before retirement you still fly and fly, and you do not like to mess around. In general, the plan is – it’s time to wave the wings of the good uncle, to whom you worked, and start your own business. Yellow Pig collected funds for a good start, it remains to pick a team and choose activities to your liking. Fire Dragon Souls stretch upwards – well, become parachute trainers, or learn to fly (among oligarchs, these are very fashionable professions).

In the year of the Yellow Pig you swim in compliments and confessions, fans will even release discs with love songs. You do not have to spend money – it’s completely free. In general, listen, and enjoy. And sometimes take off your headphones to go out on the balcony and disperse the retarded suitors, the old fashioned serenading serenade. Infinite adoration and daily romantic surprises will drive mad and bachelors and family Dragons – spare your family members, and at least sometimes take relatives out into the wilderness to sit in a tight circle, and discuss household problems.

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Although, where did the Dragons have problems – so silly problems, solved in five minutes. Moreover, you have a lot of money, and you can afford yourself a personal locksmith, a chauffeur, and a cook. And Earthen Pig will gladly become your sponsor, most importantly, do not abuse the trust of the Yellow Queen. The main enemy in 2019 is haste. Do not rush to part with your billions, and remember that the most economical people are oligarchs. And part, at last, with your old shabby purse – if it’s a pity to throw it, give it to Granny to store receipts, the old lady will be delighted.

Horoscope for 2019 for the Water Dragons

Years of birth 1952 and 2012

Do not fret and do not frown – in 2019 with a sad mine will go only your competitors and rivals. And Water Dragons can spread their wings, and go in search of a better share – Pig gives a hint: trust intuition, and you will not lose. By the middle of the year Water guys will disperse in earnest – then the costumes will begin to change five times a day, then with business partners you will quarrel over every nonsense. And then you’ll think of working remotely – it’s great, but it’s much more interesting to communicate with business friends than to talk with a computer.

About the personal life of the stars there is no clear advice – it all depends on the Water Dragons. Want to turn novels, and not think about tomorrow – just whistle, and Cupid will drive a hundred to the ears of lovers. Dream of a quiet family life – rather buy rings, and fall on your knee, in the registry offices now a stir, and take the turn you need in advance. But the good storks will fly to everyone – the adult Water Dragons will take grandsons on the pens, and the Water Dragons will get acquainted with their brothers, sisters or nephews (being aunts and uncles at such a young age is cool).

In the realm of finance, the Water Dragon has a real Money Paradise. Suffer until the spring – in April you will learn where the rich are dining, and understand why it is better to invest money, and not to keep under the mattress. By the way, about mattresses – how do you like the new bed from the most expensive tree, and do not rumble whether silk sheets, bought on occasion in a fashion store ?! And Earthen Pig begs you not to be greedy – they do not like money when they are counted without end, and they shake at every penny. While the competitors are stupid withering over gold, the Water Dragons will be glorified as generous and kind benefactors.

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Horoscope for 2019 for Wooden Dragons

Year of birth 1964

Lovely Wooden Dragons can gather for the ball – the carriage is served, and in place of the coachman proudly sits the Yellow Earth Boar. And do not forget to change your clothes – your relative Wooden fairy visited a fashionable sentence, and brought a bunch of clothes. In all this idyll there are also downsides – competitors in 2019 may be hiding under the masks of business partners. Temptations are expected a lot, and the Wooden Dragons should not turn off their intuition. And you have enough talent, most importantly, do not wait for them to wake up, and set the alarm in advance – you will soon be famous.

Fame awaits the Wooden guys not only in the professional sphere – it feels like fans are bitten by Cupid, and they decided to pursue the Dragonfish until you answer with the consent. Ai-ay-ay – the Yellow Pig grunts, and reproaches with a penny, but what about the oaths of loyalty, but what about the promises given to the household? Flirt in secluded lanes, and do not advertise novels – a jealous man can be very upset. It is best to arrange a second (or third) honeymoon – relatives have already found an inexpensive resort and dream of a family trip.

The question arises: why the resort suddenly became inexpensive? Wooden Dragons can afford to rest in a chic hotel with five or even ten stars – nothing worked for nothing. In addition, on vacation you are waiting for meetings with interesting people – getting acquainted with a famous oligarch, having dinner with your favorite singer, and finally receiving a reception in the office of Yellow Earth Pig. And there you will be told how to behave in order not to attract the attention of cunning tax inspectors, and to scare brazen swindlers who dream of a free financial piece (your money will remain with you).

Horoscope for 2019 for Earth Dragons

Years of birth 1928 and 1988

And the old and young Dragons in chocolate – Earthly relative reads thoughts and fulfills desires. Dragons retired will want to see the world – Pig courier is already carrying permits at a discount. And on trips you are waiting for useful acquaintances, it is possible that new friends will offer remote work-outs (an increase to a pension will not hurt). Well, and Dragons, who are over thirty, will turn into respectable businessmen – there are forces, connections are there, it remains to include imagination, and find a deal to your liking. Stars are advised to pay attention to the creative sphere – be more persistent, and in May 2019 everyone will know about your talents.

On the love front of Earth Dragons, endless ups and downs in the romantic clouds await. Novels, it’s good, but it’s time to take a ride in a family boat. After all, the harem is not fashionable for long – throw a coin, and it will tell you what your half looks like. But it is better to believe your own eyes – next to the future chosen modestly sit storks, and screaming yelling and squeaking convolutions. Children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who appeared in 2019, will live a long and happy life – the Yellow Pig will do everything to please the children born during her reign.

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And what about the money sphere? – Dragons ask excitedly, and clap their Earth wings. Tranquility – the Cabana has both winning tickets and profitable trades. Do not be ashamed and do not blush when television comes to you: people wonder how one can become a millionaire without having rich relatives and powerful acquaintances ?! Do not give out all the secrets, hide the rare cars in the underground garage, and disperse the servants on leave – the modest oligarchs are now in fashion. You can transfer a couple of thousand bucks to some fund of astrologers – let them continue to predict financial luck.

Horoscope for 2019 for Metal Dragons

Years of birth 1940 and 2000

As soon as you hear a quiet grunt, immediately open the door – the Boar came not with empty hoofs. But do not rush to put a signature on the Treaty of Svinsk – even the Yellow Master of the Year may be mistaken. The stars are sure that the Metal guys will not rush – you are well-known reinsurers, always reread important papers a thousand times. And as a souvenir from Earthen Pig, a souvenir is a tie with a metallic tint, you can tie it to all business negotiations, and luck will not turn away from you. And do not leave competitors without attention – there they are, pushing in the doorway, and dreaming to find out your creative plans.

The fan is also pushing, but not in the door, but under the balcony – and how they just do not get tired of daily on duty? Pity the admirers, and the deafened neighbors, and finally make the choice – take a look, there is a very modest and handsome suitor standing on the sidelines, because the chosen one should be like that. If the Metal Dragons have not yet crashed, Cupid has a couple of surprises – yes, you guessed it correctly, storks rush in all pairs, and dream of introducing you to the pretty babies. And the Yellow Earth Pig will happily become the goddaughter of your children or grandchildren.

Replenishment in the family will require replenishment in the purse – Metal Dragons will flit from the transaction to the transaction. But you will not be tired – sit yourself, but shift the packs. And if you get bored of accounting activities, fly to your friends friends-financiers – yes, in 2019 friends will be called that way. But do not pick up a full suitcase of gifts, like last time, otherwise you will drink all the champagne on the train, and distribute half the money for tea to the conductors. Learn to save, you still buy a status car, and build a house – well, beyond the city, where you recently caught a goldfish.

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