Horoscope for 2019 for the Horse
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Horoscope for 2019 for the Horse

Horoscope for 2019 for the Horse

The horses rushed from the Dog’s Year, and did not immediately notice that the Yellow Earth Pig rules the world. But Pig will not take offense at you, because she knows that the Horses have a goal, and you aspire to it, not paying attention to the change of power, the weather and other trifles. But here it is necessary to look at business partners – in 2019, the Horses will become famous, and around you will turn around every fellow, including scammers. To beat the hoofs of competitors is not necessary, in the Yelotenkiy Kabanchik with them a short grunt – if they do not want to be friends, let them blame themselves. So, call your rivals in the team and build your business without fear.

And in the sphere of love relationships, there is not even the worst-ridden rival – everyone is crazy about the lovely and stunning Horses (sometimes you yourself fall, looking at yourself in the mirror). But do not trample on the fans – among them there are several halves to choose from. Moreover, the year of the Yellow Pig is rich in wedding ceremonies – plait flowers in the mane, and go under the crown. If foals are waiting at home, and the beloved one sits sadly by the window, run gallop to relatives – in 2019 the family atmosphere will be ideal. Storks also arrive – they have already looked at a few cozy heads, and just about will sow nests there.

By the way, about cabbage – you will have it in all senses. Cut the coupons and trust your intuition more often – the inner voice neighs with impatience, and tells the Horses where the right people live with good offers. And when you fill the cart up to the top, arrange charity events – you will not be poorer, but people are pleased (and homeless animals will be happy if the horses take care of them). From adventures Piggle advises to abstain – in the head at the horses it is unclear what, and even your billionaires fall from your ideas. Do not jump into an underground casino – there are many other entertainments in the world that are safer.

Horoscope for 2019 for Fire Horses

Year of birth 1966

Fire Horse in 2019 can flaunt talents in any field – success is assured. But there is a small problem – you are averse to flattery, and this is sure to take advantage of scammers. Do not climb the golden mountains – this is a mirage, invented by hypocrites and flatterers. Better download for deals with foreign partners – solid money bags have already got their hands off, and they dream of getting you into their friendly team. And finally, do creativity – keep the pen and brushes in the hoofs uncomfortable, but Fire guys will cope (you are geniuses, and talents need to be developed).

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It is also necessary to work on relationships – the Yellow Earthen Pig will save you from quarrels and disagreements, but you will have to add romance yourself. Your fiery hearts dream of beautiful and vivid impressions, but your chosen one, too, is waiting for some miracle. So, check on the reality – is there any benefit from family travel. Boot into the mountains, or fly to the sea – on any trip. Horses forget about life, and recognize the beloved on the new side. Maybe with the storks on the road you will meet, the grandchildren-foals are quietly kicking, and they are trying to get out of the bundles-laugh with happiness, no one will jinx it.

On your friendly neighing will certainly pay attention to money – they love the positive Fire Horses. The golden coach glitters at the entrance, but no one will harness you – for this purpose there will be horses from another element. Fashionable saddles just in case with their Fire backs do not take off – suddenly you have to drop in on a visit to the prime minister, or the president, they have long been invited to try fresh oats, and overseas hay without preservatives. And give the old trunk to elderly relatives – his grandmother will restore it so that he does not tear off his eye (that’s, incidentally, a part-time job for the soul).

Horoscope for 2019 for the Water Horses

Years of birth 1942 and 2002

Obstacles are destroyed, barriers are swept away – Water Horses race for their dreams, jumping over frightened competitors. But here loomed ahead of some Yellow speck – it’s Pig trying to stop you. The goal is reached, it’s time to rest – sit down in your armchair, tell the secretary to bring your favorite tea with jasmine, and sign a contract for cooperation with new business partners. And you thought – even incorrigible slang should sometimes relax. By the way, your partners are foreign, and your Water eyes will finally see the world.

A Water hearts knocking faster and faster – many horses will meet Cupid. Well, and then, everything is like in a fairy tale – the registry office, storks and vegetable garden for 20 sq.m. Those horses that have built a stable for a long time, planted apple-trees and raised foals, Piggery has enchanted a fun family life. Vnuchat adore you, great-grandchildren grow up, babies bring every day delicacies, and spoil you with stories. Yes, and your neighbors are just wonderful – they do not go for salt, do not use a drill, maybe they do not exist at all? Indeed, the Water Horses in 2019 will live outside the city in their own house.

House, and even his own – where, let me find out, take money for such a luxury? – Water Horse screams plaintively and manes scratch their manes. Pig has everything under control – the financial situation is not good, but excellent. The main thing is not to put money on the first place, this time the law will work: what are the costs, such and income. Water creatures can spend in their own fun, and not think about bankruptcy and some kind of mythical crisis (it is not, like neighbors). And in the fall your conscience will wake up to your debtors – the amount is large enough, and you will be able to build a shelter for homeless seals (as they dreamed).

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Horoscope for 2019 for Wooden Horses

Years of birth 1954 and 2014

Independent Wooden Horses in the Year of the Yellow Pig will need the support of others – do not worry, nothing special, you will simply get bored, and want to stretch out the claw of friendship to all people. The dream will come true in the spring of 2019 – you will get fame, and your Wooden backs will recognize on the streets. But get the protection of Aibolit Cabana, so as not to accidentally catch a star fever. By the way, about the stars – you are already shining, why not help unknown talents? Wooden Horses can become producers – try it, it’s fun.

Falling in love is also fun, but the Wooden Horses do not see the measures – if it’s a novel, then dizzying, if the relationship, then strong. Your halves do not know what to think – the fans are completely insolent, and quietly go on a visit, dragging that pie with a cherry, the salt, supposedly taken a year ago. Well, stamp it with Wooden hoofs, and let it menacingly – let them know that you can not be broken, because the family is in the first place. In Wooden Foals, five-year plans are much easier – in the kindergarten you adore, and every day you will play weddings, plaiting the mane in the mane, torn in the office of the teacher.

In the financial sphere, the situation is not entirely fabulous, but the magic still exists. Wooden horses will win the lottery, they will find a purse tight, then some other small but pleasant miracle will happen. Do not analyze, but enjoy shopping, and from unnecessary waste Yellow Earth Pig will hold you back. But sometimes Wooden filly and stallions can afford excesses – a third coach, a fifth saddle from a fashion designer, a hundredth gold-plated horseshoe from a famous jeweler. Do not worry, no one will accuse you of squandering – all well-off horses behave this way.

Horoscope for 2019 for Earthy Horses

Year of birth 1978

Horses seem calm and balanced, but this is the appearance – Earth Mumps knows you as yourself. The landlady of the year noticed how Earth horses with an unabashed kind of leap over the heads of competitors – you, of course, well done, but be lenient. In 2019, you do not have a single opponent left, and you have long stood at the height of glory, and proudly beat your hoofs. It’s time to think about the team, because it is difficult to work alone, and simultaneously conduct negotiations, sign contracts, and conclude deals. And your competitors are very nice, and friends of them will be wonderful.

A good relative of the Earthen Boar worries about Earthen Horses, and advises more often to go out into the light, and attend cultural events – Cupid tired of hinting, and decided to move on to active activities. It’s time, they fell in love – it’s about you, dear Horse. If you do not want a magnificent wedding, sign on an uninhabited island, storks and fly there, most importantly, want to. If the wedding has died down many years ago, and you are already nursing your grandchildren, you can think about moving – you deserve an evening with brandy by the fireplace, and a morning with coffee in the gazebo (in the house you saw on the Christmas card).

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Finance suddenly stopped singing sad romances, and Earthly Horses felt an incomprehensible excitement – it always happens before enrichment. So, remember, or write: buy a new purse, harness and horseshoe. Cut your manes, and decorate them with silver or gold hairpins – the chief treasurer of 2019 is waiting for you in his office (do not get lost, this is the Yellow building with the muzzle of the Earth Boar on the door). And then, at your discretion, you can continue plowing like a Horse, but you can invest profitably, and enjoy life, a fender dripping interest.

Horoscope for 2019 for Metal Horses

Years of birth 1930 and 1990

Metal Horses in the year of Pig live sweetly – all right, no mistakes and typos. You will gain strength for future career jumps, and you will be able to outrun brazen competitors – let them admire your charming tails. Many horses will feel the urge to learn something new – it’s your talents woke up, and require advertising. It’s easy to become famous, but it’s not easy to stay on Olympus – you have to get along with influential guys, and like solid patrons. But the matter will be to your liking – The pig has found out about Metal dreams, and will certainly help.

In the sphere of love, there is no place to wait – it will be necessary to solve the problems independently, and drive away the bored admirers who, like a magnet, are attracted to the Metal backs. And then again, the receptionist got used to going to visit – do not scold her aunt, she works for Cupid, and performs the task: make happy at any cost. And the Boar is perplexed: who suggested to you that family life is something like a horror film? Together with a half and soup to cheer more, and the show is more interesting to watch. And with the arrival of storks in general, the idyll will come – the endless neighing of little foals will definitely not bore you.

From the tramping of the Metal hooves, the diamond dust flies – the Yellow Boar has specially remodeled the tongue twister for you. But to swim under the financial rain Metal Horses, alas, will not succeed – all the bills need to be dragged to the bank at once, so that they do not hang out without work, and work for your speedy enrichment. And when the first million appears in your Metal Wallets, call classmates who pulled at the mane and called you foals-treat them with wine from your own cellar, and offer a cigar that you brought to your friend the Cuban oligarch.

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