Horoscope for 2019 for the Monkey
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Horoscope for 2019 for the Monkey

Horoscope for 2019 for the Monkey

Risky and reckless Monkeys will immediately like Pig – Yellow-earth mistress of 2019 is delighted with your cliches. But try not to grimace and do not be naughty when dealing with business partners – companions in the year of the Cabana are serious, and hope for your responsibility. Monkeys who are engaged in the field of creativity, success will accompany the whole year – you can start your own business, and get both financial benefits and public recognition. But the rest of the Monkeys will not stand aside – foreign influential guys have already appreciated your mobility and creativity, and are about to bring a couple of profitable contracts.

And on the love horizon Monkeys will notice the clouds – it’s jealous fans from the past decided to test you for strength. Scenes will be many, so get ready – hide your tails, mask your ears, and pretend that you are consumed by eating bananas. But strongly do not worry – in the summer of 2019 Yellow Pig will take up the device of your personal life, and Monkeys can jump into the registry office, and put an intricate signature. With storks, too, problems will not be, but Monkeys should be remembered – the birds give out bundles to those who are ripe, and ready to refuse climbing on palms (washing diapers on a tree is not very convenient).

The Year of the Earth Boar is incredibly successful in terms of money – the notes themselves float in the paws of the Monkeys (sometimes even fly). The main thing is not to get confused by the abundance of profitable trades, and not become a spender – avarice Monkeys do not suffer, but you will have to learn the savings. But do not stoop over the chests of jewelry, but let them into the business – a couple of millions to purchase equipment, three million to rent a room with a subsequent purchase, well, and a few thousand for pocket expenses (do not yelp in a sad grin, because it’s about bucks) . And the most important advice from the Pig – throw out the old tracksuit, because the oligarchs even at home should look the best.

Horoscope for 2019 for Fire Monkeys

Years of birth 1956 and 2016

Do not bother looking for a new activity – Pig did everything for you, it remains to sign a magical contract (you do not have to squeeze blood out of your fingers, because there is a miracle ink). But when you leave with a bored job, arrange a Fiery show – with your talents it’s not difficult. If only the boss does not scorch, and colleagues do not burn – these guys Fiery Monkeys will come in handy. And deal with foreign partners – or you to them, or they to you, which every month to dash back and forth, and use a personal aircraft for other purposes (it’s better to go to the resort once more).

Time for personal life in Fire creatures will be small, and fans will arrange a riot – wait for the flower storm and chocolate hurricane. Monkeys will immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the bouquet period, and they will look younger for twenty years (of course, from love). This prediction does not apply to the three-year-old Monkeys – the Young Fire Turpents will be engaged in Yellow Piglets, and will help in the search for new friends. By the way, Adult Fire Monkeys are waiting in the registry office – who will give out the children to the children, and who will arrange for the family life for the grandchildren. Well, and there and before meeting with storks paw to submit – the birds dream to make a nest in your villa.

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Where does the villa come from? – you ask, and pinched the Fiery shoulders puzzled. Yes, from where, money, solid connections and expensive suits. In general, the Yellow Pig will be generous, and will help improve the financial sphere – someone walks along the red carpet, and Fire Monkeys will jump on the golden palm trees, and rock on the silver lianas. But to begin with, your fiery thoughts should become positive – quickly imagine that you are already oligarchs. Just do not confuse relatives with servants, otherwise the chosen one will instantly bring you back to earth, and make the carrots rub for borscht.

Horoscope for 2019 for the Water Monkeys

Years of birth 1932 and 1992

Funny gas has already spread through the office of Water Monkeys – problems are solved playfully, competitors roll up under the tables, and twirl their feet, trying to stop the fit of laughter, and business partners dance in the smoking room and sing to you praises. All will be so, if the water creatures forget about their complexes, and begin to dig their talents (you have a whole bunch of them). But surprises on this do not end, because Yellow Earth Pig knows what to please Water Monkeys – buy an elegant outfit, and run to the ball of businessmen (look at May 2019, do not go wrong).

In the love sphere of the Water Monkeys there is a dramatized performance – Cupid has many masks, and he will distribute them to the fans. Will you and the princes on the Mercedes, and the kings on the Jeeps. And if you want Raya in a modest shalashik, look for a half among friends, or among fans from the past. Storks prefer to nest on the roofs of discreet huts, and fashion shingles fly by side – choose the babies, in the year of the Pig they are all like picking (clever, beautiful, healthy). Monkeys, mired in domestic trouble, breathe freely – well-trained servants are already running to the casting.

Search for money for the chefs, gardeners and chauffeurs do not have to – check the contents of the card, the Pig promised to replenish the account of all Water creatures. If the miracle does not happen, run to the nearest kiosk for a lottery ticket – billionaires are not born, the stars already know. If you still do not believe your Watery eyes, call friends and relatives to pinch – so you will be so protected with joy that you will have to completely change the wardrobe to hide the tracks. At the same time, you will find out in which stores the rich are dressed, and what is fashionable among the oligarchs in 2019.

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Horoscope for 2019 for Wooden Monkeys

Years of birth 1944 and 2004

Get down from the palms – your wooden backs are not in danger. On the contrary, in 2019 everyone just does that they shower you with compliments. If only they did not start to rock – the business partners are strong, but they will suddenly drop (and the fall of the Wooden Monkeys is not included in the plans of the Yellow Pig). The hostess of the year sparred out the competitors, and agreed with her companions, and now your move is to choose an activity to your liking, but do not go cheap. And do not compare yourself with famous personalities – by September you will overtake all successful guys, and portraits of Wooden Monkeys will show off in fashion magazines.

Running around Olympus is fun, but remember that Cupid often peeks into the hill of Success – he has been watching the Wooden Monkeys for a long time. From the fans you will not escape – Monkeys now and then will stumble on the roses, scattered at the door, and stun from the endless serenades. Also, you’ll have to lose weight – suitors are ready to carry chocolate and marmalade hearts every day. Maybe, well, her, this bachelor life – Earth Boar prefers a serious relationship. The owner of the year 2019 and denezhek podkinet, and toastmaster will work – if you do not want to ring themselves, run to the wedding for relatives.

Any festive events require serious expenses, but the Wooden Monkeys in 2019 have a real nose for money. You will not find a hundred rubles, and do not stumble over a suitcase, accidentally abandoned by a rich razveva – all much steeper. Favorable investments, promising contracts, fabulous offers from influential partners. Success will turn your Wooden heads, and the Monkeys will completely forget about the rest. Tie up the laces tightly, and run to the travel agency – Yellow Boar has already prepared everything, it remains to put a signature, and tell the joyful news to the household.

Horoscope for 2019 for Earthy Monkeys

Year of birth 1968

Lovely Monkeys, is not it time you refresh yourself? It is with such a question and will refer to you a relative, and part-time girlfriend Earth Pig. Indeed, something you are tired of the usual and monotonous work, and missed a thousand chances. In 2019, the situation will change, and Earth Monkeys will taste both bananas of success, and coconuts of fortune. And the evil and harmful competitors will roam into the dense jungle – they just will not get you. When tired of playing the role of Earth businessmen, go to business negotiations – in the Yellow Caban’s office everything is beautiful and beautiful, but without you it’s a longing.

And on the love front, anguish does not smell – it smells of spring and tenderness. Your new novel in 2019 is just such a fragrance. If the Earth Monkeys do not look around, and do not wander to the left, you are waiting for an update of feelings – the chosen one works wonders. Just do not be enamored much, so as not to miss the arrival of storks – babies-grandchildren will require attention, but the Yellow Boar is sure that Monkeys will perfectly cope with the role of Earth-bound grandmothers and grandfathers. Do not overdo it with the educational process – the children are born krepenki, but they are too early to carry them to weed control.

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And with the garden and the garden Monkeys will help friends, at the least, you can hire workers too. Outside the fence there are already lined up those who want to dip a potato, and to squeeze a carrot. Do not be greedy when paying – there will be enough money, and a new plot of land will remain. Where an extra site, there are unnecessary worries – do not leave the business without attention, so as not to fall into the list of known bankrupt 2019. At least once a week, show Earth spouts in the service, and praise the secretary for a delicious coffee (a lie, of course, but it’s nice). And buy a shockproof phone – will be than to beat coconuts at leisure.

Horoscope for 2019 for the Metal Monkeys

Years of birth 1920 and 1980

All Metal Monkeys are favorite customers of banks – this is not the poems of the Yellow Earth Pig, but the reality of 2019. Well, and that – work pryot, career uphill, it remains only to invest money and dream about business development. By the way, about business – you are still on-the-go, and you can start from scratch, and with a clean contract. New business, useful links, especially, and your rear is strong and reliable – colleagues from the past work for the Metal Monkeys stand a mountain. Yes, and the current colleagues are fascinated by you – that, and look, the boss is dethroned, and they will put you in a solid swivel chair with golden armrests.

Time for a personal life of the Metal Monkeys is not at all – to get to the house, but crash into the crib. Eh, no, we did not agree on that, the Yellow Pig says angrily, and threatens with the Earth’s hoof. Fans are dismantled quickly, and Metal Monkeys can not stay at the broken troughs – they quickly dressed up and went hunting. Cupid found a couple of decent options – and for novels, and for the family fit. And when the honeymoon is over, it’s possible to escape to the children’s world – the storks have settled among toys and strollers, and they are waiting for the right moment to hand the package.

Work at Monkeys is excellent, personal life is fabulous – according to Piggy logic and the financial sphere should be wonderful. So it is – your metal pens are a magnet for bills. But sometimes shake the money from the paws, and do not advertise the incomes – scammers in 2019 look very respectable, and are able to enter into trust. In general, rake out thick packs from under the mattresses, empty the nightstands, and buy the fifth (or already the sixth?) House outside the city. The family replenishes, and each relative dreams to live separately (well, there is such a whim for all the rich, what can we do).

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