Horoscope for 2019 for the Pig (Cabana)
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Horoscope for 2019 for the Pig (Cabana)

Horoscope for 2019 for the Pig (Cabana)

Charming Pigs and Hogs and in the year of the Dog lived in pripevayuchi, and with the advent of the Yellow Pig turned into real lucky ones – your kind and caring cousin will do everything possible (and impossible) so that you do not need anything. Competitors think that the Pig needs only money, a beautiful suit and a cozy armchair – that’s where the rivals and miscalculated. After all, in 2019 you, first of all, get useful connections, organize smart advertising campaigns, and then you will think about financial success and other delights. Think, but not for long – the vacancies of businessmen are dismantled quickly.

In the year of the Yellow Pig you will succeed in your career, and personal life will be adjusted – with such love for the order you are the first candidates for the role of happy spouses. The main thing is not to reject the proposals of the fans – the family yoke is valuable and useful, but there is nowhere to hurry. Flirt, look around, and only then get acquainted with the lovely aunt in the registry office – you will be photographed at any convenient time. And storks will fly in the autumn – you and the house will have time to build, and plant a apple-tree so that the heirs can eat fresh fruit purees. If you are married for a long time and are firmly married, the situation is generally fabulous – the mistress of the year and neighbors will calm down, and the servant will squeeze.

What are these means of hiring a servant? – Grumble indignantly, and they will be right. But at the Yellow Princess of the Year everything is calculated – the economy has remained in the distant past, and Piglets can boast of a solid account, influential acquaintances, and even a new typewriter of the latest model (the one you saw in a dream). But when you get rich, do not hide the gold bars under the mattress in the old fashioned way – and sleep tight, and thieves can come on. And do not drop your favorite job – to live on interest is wonderful, but laziness will not bring you good, even such cuties as Pigs and Wild boars.

Horoscope for 2019 for Fire Pigs-Boars

Years of birth 1947 and 2007

The magic waiter has already brought the menu, choose – soup for businessmen, ragout for oligarchs, or a cake for creative personalities. Fire Wolves-Boars can also order all three dishes – in 2019 you will become extraordinarily gifted children, and you will succeed in any field. The main thing, remember the method of visualization – more often imagine yourself in the right role, and by the summer all dreams will come true. And if some desires remain unrealized, it does not matter – it will be what to do at the resort, because it’s boring to warm Fire backs in the sun, and aimlessly sip a cocktail from a golden glass.

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Repeat, as everyone knows, the mother of training – Fire Pigs in this will be convinced by their own experience. All the same rakes, all the same fans, and even rivals do not change at all. Maybe it’s time to sort out yourself and change the environment! Your fiery hearts are waiting for a miracle – it is very close, you need sometimes look around, listen to the inner grunting, and trust the Cupid. And where love is, there is also the creation of a strong family, well, and with the storks, agree on yourself – in 2019 they will rush on the first call, and they will give Fireballs charming babies.

Do not pretend that you did not dream to become rich – Fire Pigs were born for a luxurious life. This is the way the hostess thinks in 2019, and it’s completely pointless to argue with the Yellow Pig. In addition, you will have to be public people – did you really hope to swim in the money lake alone? Yes, friends will be much more than rubles – help than you can, but do not try to make happy the whole of mankind. When you get tired of losing money, run to the office for the sale of the islands – for you looked out for a nice little island (there it’s boring, but this is the cost of production).

Horoscope for 2019 for the Water Pigs-Boars

Years of Birth 1923 and 1983

The vial was already filled with a magical potion, and the Water Pigs left to take a decoction to turn into the rich. And you can choose the field of activity yourself – someone will submit to fashionable writers, someone will want to conquer the show business, and some Water creatures will want to become great artists. If with the fantasy of the Water Boar taut, seek help from the Yellow Princess of the Year – Pig and the office rents, and competitors outwit, and partners will find suitable. But remember, if they were called entrepreneurs, then get into a business suit to match.

In family affairs with the Water Pig-Kabanchikov in 2019, all type-top – relatives are healthy, the chosen ones are in love, and the kids are obedient and beautiful, like angels. I would like to understand with the fans – and where only you take them ?! Free Water guys do not worry, and new friends are making fun without commitment – beware, you are interested in Cupid’s team, and just about you will be face to face with the employees of the registry office. A registrar has long tamed the storks, and waits for you to mature for the role of parents. Do not forget to exchange the pigsty for a spacious mansion.

With money for a surcharge, there will be no problems, for the Yellow Pig hastens to inform the Water Hogs of the pleasant news. In 2019, remake the song of your friend Water, and the words will be: I’m Water, and money is found with me. But you take care of finances, and do not waste them on all sorts of nonsense, such as a gold chain thick with a fist, and a ringlet costing a car. Better to dig a pool in the fence – all the billionaires have long splashed in their personal lakes, and you are no worse. And there you will slowly separate the fish – that’s the fishing business, even from the shore, you do not have to leave.

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Horoscope for 2019 for Wooden Pig-Boars

Years of birth 1935 and 1995

Straighten your wooden backs and sit proudly in the new armchairs – in the year of the Yellow Pig you and the cards in hand, and the money in your pockets. But a solid position will require knowledge and skills – Wooden Boars need to register urgently for courses in professional development, and knowledge of foreign languages ​​will not hurt, suddenly you will have to grunt at negotiations with the Germans or the British. Without a good company in the business sector, there is nothing to do – in 2019 you will have many influential and reliable partners. And there things will go, and excitement will appear, and a diploma will come in handy, in vain did they learn?

Where business partners, there are restaurants, and of course, fans – so with these guys in the Yellow-Earthen year there will be no problems. But Wooden Hogs should not rush into all serious, and forget about their main goal – to get married (marry). You guys though to where – and beautiful, and golovashye, and rukastye. But if you want to take a walk, Pig does not mind – she will acquaint you with admirers, and she will buy champagne for visits. If that, the house for the family life is ready – spacious, yes wooden, in general, everything, as you love. And do not waste time – 2019 is ideal for meeting with storks.

Wooden Pig-Kabanchiki know how to earn and spend, however, in the year of the Yellow Pig there is a chance to turn into a spender. Well, how can one refrain from entertainment if money literally falls from the sky. Collect notes in your chest, but sometimes look at job search sites – in 2019, a dozen pond sub-jobs, and one another is more tempting and promising. And one more little advice from the hostess of the year – do not get involved in dubious adventures, and cut off all unnecessary contacts so that dishonest and dirty money does not stick to your Wooden handles.

Horoscope for 2019 for Earthy Pigs-Boars

Years of birth 1959 and 2019

The Yellow Earthen Pig waited a long time for the coming of its year – after all, it had packed so many surprises that your head would spin. Someone from Earthy Pigs is already retired, some are working, and some are just born – the hostess of 2019 will help all her relatives, and no one will be left without a present. Adult Earth creatures will find a miracle-workmanship, and little piglets will be born in a friendly family without housing and financial problems. In general, go to a restaurant – a table for your name has already been ordered, and the doormen dream to look into your Earthy eyes.

The yellow queen of the year will not allow a bad person to approach his Earthly brethren. Fans will come across you exclusively beautiful and clever, even if you do not give more than thirty (thirty-two maximum). The Chosen One is not jealous of you, storks are dreaming of visiting your cozy apartment once again – your grandchildren have been packed for a long time, so you can choose wheelchairs. By the way, in 2019 it is easy to establish relations with neighbors – in a new house and no sound is heard, and rarely comes for salt. Invite everyone to the barbecue (not from pork, you can fire sausages for a change).

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So that in the Earthen Pockets all year long they tinkle with gold coins, get engaged in money privse. Magic works in 2019, and you will easily replenish stocks. Earthy Hogs-Pigs are not afraid of risk and mistakes, for that you are fortune-loving. But remember the proverb about greed, which ruined some Fraer – “unnecessary” money, without any questions, give to the poor and disadvantaged. But it is not advisable to give a debt – you will lose your friends, and you will not get the finances back. It’s better to help with advice-there are so many brilliant thoughts in the Earth’s heads that even lazy people turn to work-oligarchs next to you.

Horoscope for 2019 for Metal Pig-Boars

Year of birth 1971

Metal Pigs and Hogs in the prime of life. You have outgrown your post for a long time, it’s time to change the close suits for spacious mail. Pig to you in your year is supportive, but if you sit on the stove, and warm your Metal backs, then luck will also slow down. In general, break from the place (as you know how), and try yourself in a new creative activity. Can at least pads in the form of small animals to sew – but the demand will be such that the team will have to hire seamstresses. And find a good lawyer right away – the tax service has long been watching your Metal Movements.

But the tax inspection is one thing, and attentive fans are quite different – in the year of the Pig, the admirers will be more than the fish in the ocean. So take a ticket to the islands, at the same time and count both the boyfriends and fish. There you can play a wedding – a deserted place, but the receptionist has already lurked under the palm tree. If you half waiting for you at the window, hurry home – in 2019, you should cherish family relationships, and more often tell the elect about their love. And do not be greedy on gifts – there is a ringlet, there’s a heart, you see, and your Metal life will play with new colors.

If things go uphill, and money pulls away pockets, then Metal Pigs won a lucky ticket. But do not be economical and dull billionaires – have fun, waste, and throw out bills on the streets. If this behavior is not for you, then hide your Metal pens in the pockets of new expensive trousers, and call the secretary – let it help orphanages, or open a shelter for stray dogs. The yellow princess of 2019 respects the generous rich. And fulfill your dream – swim in champagne. On your huge bath you only need boxes of twenty.

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