Horoscope for 2019 for the Rooster
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Horoscope for 2019 for the Rooster

Horoscope for 2019 for the Rooster

In the year of Fire Petit all the Cocks, chickens and chickens screamed cheerful songs, and did not know the problems. But only the Roosters saw the Yellow Earthen Pig, they fell in panic from the fences – did the freebie end? Stars advise to calm down – Boar Lord is kind, honest and fair, and will not give offense to the charming winged creatures. However, sit on the stove will not succeed – the owner of 2019 will fill you with all sorts of things. All the classes that Boar prepared for Petushki will be creative, so clean up the necks, dress up in colorful feathers and go to meet glory and recognition.

When you get tired of shining at balls, you can think about your personal life. Opportunities in the year of Yellow Pig in Petushki will be many, and you just need to decide on your desires. Do you want a prince? Write a note to Cupid, he just had a few kings. Dreaming of a modest choice? Hurry to the library – halves like to spend time on books. But do not stay in the reading room, and then you will not have time to look back, as the year goes by, and you never got to the registry office. Ceremonies in 2019 should be chic – all important people will come to visit, and you should like storks, pigs-toastmasters, and pigs-registrars.

The financial sphere in the Yellow-earthen year will please Petushkov with stability – you will spend the same way as last year (even more). Watch out for the environment, so that the chicken-competitors and ferret-crooks do not get into the coop. It is advisable to keep money with you, and you only need to invest funds in trusted banks. A percentage of Roosters can lower for a cute excesses – spend the capital on an extension to the hen house and on the new spurs and fashionable ridges. And do not crow about income – they say that in 2019 the tax services are working in a strengthened mode, and everywhere scattered bugs, cameras and other technical traps.

Horoscope for 2019 for the Fire Cocks

Years of birth 1957 and 2017

Among the signs are rumors that the Yellow Pig is especially supportive of the Fire Creatures – that’s Petushki and will check whether this is true or fiction. Most likely, the owner of the year likes your coloring. But the character of Fire Petushki is explosive, and this can damage the common cause – the Kaban opened a business, and dreams that you will take the post of director (in general, do not peck at competitors, and do not pin business partners). And remember your many talents – in 2019 Roosters can succeed anywhere – even in construction, at least in writing, but at least in carp breeding.

On the love front, good luck with Fire Petushki is less – why did you break up the fans, are they really so bored with you? Now you sit surrounded by hundreds of boyfriends, and remember the names of the other admirers. Although, what to sit, it’s better to fly – to the resorts, or to rest in the countryside. Your Fire scallops are known everywhere, and in every city and town the Petukhs have fans. But by autumn, try to return to your native chicken coops – storks are already sitting on the perches with their grandchildren. For chickens-two-year-olds the horoscope is simple – tiptoe can already walk, and in 2019 they will learn to speak and even sing.

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By the way, about the songs – Petushki cork with joy, when they learn how many financial bonuses the good Pig has prepared. Then the debt of ten years ago will be returned with interest, then they will call from some organization to inform that Firebirds have become winners in the contest, or even altogether, begin to disassemble the rubble in the barn, and stumble upon a bag of valuable rare things. Where there is wealth, there is bragging – the Kabanchik advises you to fix the beaks with scotch tape, and modestly spend money somewhere on an uninhabited island (although there are no shops there, but these are trifles).

Horoscope for 2019 for the Water Cocks

Years of birth 1933 and 1993

Water Petushki will concentrate on the work, and correctly do it – Pig helps only those who are hardworking and persevering. But Petushki-loafers will not remain without gifts – do not clap your wings with indignation, but try to promote your hobby. A couple of promotions, and your crafts will begin to disassemble, like hot pies with cabbage (you can sell pies and not with meat). Envious envious people with a glance – not one unpleasant personality escapes from your Water Peepholes. And on vacation wag the wings to where foreign partners live – and things are done, and you do not get tired.

At the same time, it’s also possible for foreign fans to get – well, what, English winemakers, or French designers will quickly be fascinated by the Water Beauty, and they will offer both a loving heart and a well-groomed handle, and half a villa in addition. But you can solve housing problems in another way – in the year of the Yellow Cabana, storks are constantly waving over you, responsible for the offspring and for real estate (it’s time to think about the heir, and get support from the state). But Earthen Pig wants infants to appear in full families – fly to the registry office, and along the way, flock to the salon behind the wedding wings.

Financial successes of Water Petushki will impress even unflappable billionaires – is there really a money magnet hidden under the crests? In general, in the year of the Pig you are on strike – all deals are in your wings, and all contracts are at your feet. And stop making expensive presents to your competitors – they do not appreciate such gestures, and only become more nervous. Extra money you can spend on yourself – yes, you understand everything correctly, enough to walk in old spurs and shabby scallops. In the spring of 2019 important guests are coming in, and it’s embarrassing to receive visitors, hiding holes on their wings.

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Horoscope for 2019 for Wooden Roosters

Years of birth 1945 and 2005

If the work is on the first place, it means that we are talking about Wooden Roosters – you are incredible hard workers, maybe you can stop worrying about deals, forgetting to peck the seeds for lunch? Urgently change the schedule, and learn to relax – during the signing of the contract you can stretch your neck and wings, and on a business trip, it’s good to enroll in a swimming pool or tennis. And the main advice from the Yellow Pig: do not get angry over trifles. Even the partners are shaking when the Wooden Petya are shaking their wings, what to say about competitors who faint, lose memory, and begin to stutter.

And your fans do not care at all – you can crow, scolding boyfriends for senseless surprises, or stomping with paws, and throwing seeds-hearts. Just do not be surprised that one fine morning all the admirers will scatter – unhappy lovers take offense at the Wooden Cocks, and secretly dream to sign with you. If Petushkov has an allergy to a stamp in his passport, you can circumvent the family law and live in a civil marriage (this Pork recommendation applies only to adult Roosters, and the pupil pupils can twist the school romance, or flirt with the contact).

Wooden Cocks stand firmly on the ground, and always know what they want – your goals are real, and desires are adequate. In the year of the Pig, you can fly away from the rules, and fool around – money will immediately stick, because finance adores frivolous birds. But Earthen Boar hurries to remind: next to the rich are a lot of bad guys, and you need to be alert. When you are tired of accepting congratulations and compliments, hurry to a family dinner – yes, oligarchs also have parties where all the households gather, and eat oatmeal from golden plates, and drink milk from crystal glasses.

Horoscope for 2019 for Earthen Cocks

Year of birth 1969

In the dugout Euro repair, Earth wings are well-groomed, and in Earth heads come brilliant ideas – still, because the world is ruled by your aunt Earth Pig. From Petushki only one thing is required: to decide on the type of activity. Minor problems associated with pest-competitors will be settled in the spring of 2019, and Roosters can clap their wings, and sing their own praises. But it is better to write down the songs of praise to the recorder, and listen to them before important deals – the stars are still puzzled: why Petushkov has such a low self-esteem, because you are the coolest, smartest and most beautiful creatures.

The wonderful birds can not have a few fans – in the year of the Pig, the boyfriends will appear from the air. And this is not Cupid’s tricks, but a happy and iridescent reality. Earthy Roosters do not even need to go anywhere – the most arrogant admirers have settled on the balcony, while at the door you watch Cupids with catalogs of princes and princesses. Family Roosters can gather in a way – the chosen ones will arrange a honeymoon in 2019, and they will want to please you with new impressions. But, changing the picture, do not lose sight of the storks – they are already near, and charming glimpses-grandchildren look out of the bundles.

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For all Earthy Petushki Yellow Boar priched a chic financial gift – his fiftieth anniversary Petit will celebrate on a grand scale. Will you and a meter cake, and author’s toast, and a walk on the gig. You can also look in the trunk – there is no promise of diamond grains of the Earth Pig, but you will find important and valuable pieces of paper. The most fruitful month of September will be September 2019 – write down your feelings, they will be useful to you when you compose a story: How to rest the oligarchs. But do not mention the names – scammers sometimes read literature, and they can come to visit.

Horoscope for 2019 for Metal Roosters

Years of Birth 1921 and 1981

Metal Cockerels per year Pigs can not fuss, and do not worry – do your job, and Yellow Earth Pig will take care of your career growth. The main thing is not to quarrel with competitors – they will be useful to you in the summer, when you open your business, and you will look for employees. Useful and valuable foreign links – you in fact knowingly made friends on vacation with foreigners, and amused their stories and stories from their busy lives. But learn to keep the tongues behind the Metal beaks – all the ingenious Rooster plans and ideas for the time being should be kept behind seven locks.

And in his personal life Petushki has no secrets – the wings are wide open, the scallops are all in sight. You are more careful, and then the fans will jump out, jump out, and drag them off to the registry office. – Metal guys will be taken without a queue, after all Cupid and his regent’s friend have been looking at you for a long time. If everything is clear with idle Petushkas, then the family birds are tortured – then feed the guests to the dump, then bring up the children, then the chosen one, no personal space. There is a way out, or rather an entrance – the gates to the dacha are open, and nobody except you is torn. Roll in the hammock, and rhyme the rhymes.

Where does the mood come from if the cat was crying for money? – Ask the Petushki, and shake a trifle. Calmly, the Pig decided everything, and in 2019 the chickens do not peck. Do not rush to become rich, because they have so many problems – and count the money, and make a contribution, and sign the papers. Even the apartments will have to be handed to relatives, by the way, Grandma dreams of a two-room hut, and grandfather wants to escape from the chic mansion and settle near the river in a tent with all the amenities. In general, decide for yourself – Kabaniy contract is already ready, and the diploma of the oligarch waits for you at the post office.

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