Horoscope for 2019 for the Snake
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Horoscope for 2019 for the Snake

Horoscope for 2019 for the Snake

The beautiful and delightful Snakes in 2019 will have every chance to crawl out of the holes, and to tell the world about their talents. Although among astrologers, and there is a perception that does not like the Pig Snake, this time it will be different – Yellow Ground Piggy enthusiastically watching your movements, and gently stroking shiny snake skin. But the stars advise to focus on intellectual activity – your wise thoughts will finally be announced, and brilliant ideas are implemented. Many Snakes will prove themselves in science, and some of you will be able to crawl into the ranks of businessmen.

It would seem, live and be happy – with the Snakes this number will not work, you are always missing something. In the year of the Kabanchik the Snakes will learn to fly – well, of course, from love. The cavaliers have a dime for you, it remains to hide the sting, and learn how to accept compliments – in 2019 all the confessions will be sincere. Cupid generally does not depart from the Serpent, and will begin to experience on your fans a new romantic potion. In the registry offices Snakes are known in person, but not because you are frequent guests of wedding palaces – your photos are hung on the streets with inscriptions: they are searched by Love. And in the autumn, and storks arrive in time – the magic family nests are already retinue, and the heirs cozily curled up in them.

Debts, loans, crises – these words in 2019 will cause a snicker in Snakes, reminding of the financial turmoil of the past. The situation will radically change – the cash flow along the way, and the Serpent is about to flood with dollar rain. Buy a solid umbrella – the rich did not have to go in suits, stained with greenish rustling bills. And do not hiss at the household – in the family of the oligarchs there is a commotion, and relatives for days on end make lists of purchases. When the Chaos Nest begins to chaos, you need to urgently move to the nearest islands – there are already caves five-roomed cut down, and mink with all amenities dug.

Horoscope for 2019 for the Fire Serpents

Year of birth 1977

Insidious competitors in a panic are hiding under the tables, swindlers urgently tear off the masks and become good business partners – many people have heard about the nature of the Fire Serpent, and arguing with you is more expensive. And the serpent career took off, and you do not even notice what is happening around your Fire skins – be careful and do not miss a lucrative contract and prospective deal (perhaps it will happen in the summer of 2019). Well, autumn is rich in offers from foreign partners – you can steer business from anywhere in the world (at the Yellow Earth Pig everything is seized).

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But in the sphere of love relationships with the Fire Serpents, the situation is tense – old and forgotten admirers began to creep out of their holes. Much harm they bring in, but your nervous halves – examined a minute bored with suitors, and engage the device of their personal lives (invite friends, flirt let). Incidentally, in March or April, you will find a surprise from the Yellow Pigs – one of the snakes, finally, get a pen and heart, and some Fire create in the next (or first) time become parents or grandparents. There are a lot of babies in storks, so enough for everyone.

And money is also enough – lucky Fire guys do not worry about finances at all. It seems that in the year of the Earth Boar your purses have become bottomless, because the notes are not transferred. Maybe you stopped spending? But no, snakes are regulars of shops and restaurants – you can write poems about your transthorcy. Be quieter, and put a couple of million on a so-called black day (suddenly in a week you want to relax at the resort, or a friend-oligarch will offer to buy from him the latest model BMW). And do not give up creative activity – it is not good to hide talents.

Horoscope for 2019 for the Water Serpent

Years of birth 1953 and 2013

Do not cut competitors under one comb – in 2019 among your rivals there will be a couple of decent and reliable guys. Quickly entice them to yourself, and appoint your deputies and secretaries – Yellow Earth Pig knows what grunts. The majority of Water Snakes will have new abilities – you will turn into clairvoyants. The main thing is not to guess at the talks, and not to run around with the tambourine at the office at the time of signing the contract, frightening business partners. There is a way out – open the witch salon at home, and work through the Internet. Water predictors – it sounds!

Extra-sensory talents will also be useful in solving love problems. Adults and young Snakes only do that count the fans, and try to understand their feelings – hurry, suitors in 2019 are dismantled quickly. Water pensioners will enjoy the family idyll – the partner in marriage and the family decided to take you seriously, and every day they prepare healthy breakfasts and expel you for a walk. A snake creeping into the kindergarten, and dreaming of school, will meet a faithful friend – how to know, maybe in fifteen to twenty years, a good relationship will grow into love.

In the financial sphere, it’s quiet and smooth, but it’s not desirable for the water creatures to relax, it’s not summer yet, and in June you will be faced with chic financial surprises. You can become a hunter for diamonds – in the jewelry business there are many vacancies. And do not forget to put in your pocket a magic pebble from the Yellow Pigs – choose: emerald or pearls (to which stone the handle will be pulled, one should take it). And finally put out a guard – from journalists no rest, look, again dressed in homeless people, and they think they outwitted the Water Snakes (you know that beggars do not go with video cameras).

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Horoscope for 2019 for Wooden Serpents

Year of birth 1965

The Yellow Pig came to power not with empty hands – she brought a seedling that planted next to the house of Wooden Snakes. The tree will grow not simple, but magic, and Snakes can creep in any direction. Do you want to become politicians, want, do creativity, and want, open a business for the production of wooden soldiers. But here’s the problem – Wooden creatures dream of pozzadelnichat. In 2019 you and kartoshki in hand, and a drum on the neck. Rest quietly, because rivals hid in the underground – they will have to carry them jars of pickles, so they do not grow sick.

When you feed the competitors, get involved in magic – in 2019, Snakes can charm anyone. But enchanted fans can be dangerous – they serenade soulful composer, then the poem passionate will be sprinkled, still inadvertently fall in love.

For free Wooden guys, a green light is burning – crawl to the registry office, the main thing is to warn relatives to nape pelmushek and release the room for the newlyweds. A family Snake can warm skins, lying around with the family in the sun, and sipping a lump made of apple-peel (the harvest is now good).

2019 will be productive not only for apples – money trees also bear fruit. Take out the wooden chests, and put up the papers – where there is a bill, there’s a bundle, and where the bundle, there’s a percentage of nehily. Here it is, the chance that the Wooden Serpents have been waiting for for many years – Yellow Earth Pig will help win the lottery, and you will finally become a real rich man. But first buy a ticket – take the fifth on the right, do not go wrong (do not believe the stars, consult with intuition). And move to the dacha already – oligarchs need fresh air, because the life of millionaires is not easy.

Horoscope for 2019 for Earthly Serpents

Years of birth 1929 and 1989

Throughout the year, the Snakes will bawl the song about the Earth in the porthole – and what else should be done in the seventh heaven of happiness? On the top step of the career ladder you crawled, the boss was overthrown, his colleagues subordinated – issue edicts, and shout at the competitors. But, basking in the rays of glory, do not forget about the work of your life – put the alarm, wake up talents, and embody the childhood dream. Many Earth Snakes will become famous as poets and prose writers – please sign a book for the Yellow Earthen Piglet, and do not forget to set the date: November 2019.

Where fame, there are fans who quickly turn into fans – hide, the army of admirers get to your balcony. That boyfriend with a rose in his teeth, then a gentleman under the handle with a registrar from the registry office, and even Cupid himself with a bottle filled with a poisonous love potion. Earthy snakes will not go anywhere – they will fall in love, and as they say, get married (or get married). A birdies, which are called storks, in the year Pigs fly in resorts – there the air is cleaner, and the atmosphere is right. Rest does not hurt either free or family Snakes – your Earth skins need massages, and therapeutic baths.

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To have enough money for both the wedding and the trip, Snakes must learn the magic phrase. The Yellow Pig sent a custom-made letter with a magical plot of wealth – the earthly creatures will all be envious. By the way, about the envious – these worms and curl, and dream to find out the secret of success. Snakes need to keep a sting for their teeth – shh, money needs silence. But the household from a quiet life is already climbing on the wall – enough to save on the family, it’s time and shikanut, as it should. The Yellow Boar knows all the hot spots, but you do not crawl there – arrange a ball at home, at the same time, and house-warming note.

Horoscope for 2019 for the Metal Snake

Years of birth 1941 and 2001

People for metal, maybe, perish, but it does not apply to Metallic Snakes – now you are geniuses in any business, and you can succeed, even working as educators in a kindergarten. Well, what – a private garden brings a good income, and for advertising include word of mouth (friends of Metal creatures missing). If you are afraid of responsibility, engage in a modest business – paint on porcelain, burn on wooden sticks. Competitors have long understood that you can only communicate in a fair way – write the rules, and the Pig will send his couriers to the offices of rivals. Metal Snakes rule – and nothing else.

And to manage a family ship is not so simple – a household storm, a jealous storm, then neighbor’s reefs. Without panic – Yellow Pig settled down to work on the lighthouse, and your Metal skins are not threatened. Unless in the registry office can inadvertently record – do not worry, swimming in the seas of Love and the oceans of Romantics is not so scary. Yes, and there are no pirates, and instead of gulls in the sky fluttering storks – 2019 is rich in heirs, and Metal Snakes will be the best clients in maternity hospitals. There will be you and children, and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren – kids who appeared in the year of the Earth Kabanchik, will live a long and happy life.

Little babies, big expenses – that’s always been so, and in the year of the Pig nothing will change. But do you worry, dear Metallic rich? A million for a nanny, a thousand bucks for a stroller – is this a waste. That’s when friends and distant relatives will come to a housewarming party, then we’ll have to fork out. You just make sure that visitors do not bring with them a fresh boar for shish kebab. – The yellow mistress of the year will not forgive you for this. Won, let them wash the vegetables for vinaigrette, and cut the onion to snack – all Metal oligarchs have long been on a diet, and adhere to a healthy diet.

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