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Horoscope for 2019 Gemini

Horoscope for 2019 Gemini

Love project for Mercury’s wards for 2019

Be afraid of Cupid – the prankster will take you seriously. Pink glasses will have to be thrown away – there are a lot of fans, and half of them have one, the main thing is not to make a mistake in the choice.

Gemini 1 decade (May 21-May 30). So Mendelssohn’s march died down, and fans wiped tears, hoping to glance at the windows – the suitors do not believe that charming air signs were tied up with hangouts, and decided to lead a boring family life. Piggy and herself in doubts – amorous Twins find it difficult to part with flirting, but you try (next person who will make you happy).

Twins are two decades old (May 31-June 10). In the year of Pig, Gemini will want to seek help from a plastic surgeon – well, there is no rest from the fans. However, from the storks new appearance will not save – they are already close, so, say goodbye to a cheerful life. And do not wink the toastmaster at the wedding – half of you will get jealous, still leave the leader without hair, you will have to pay extra.

Gemini for 3 decades (June 11-June 21). A miracle has come true – you are bored with frivolous novels. Really gulnem at the wedding? Nothing of the sort – cautious twins pass by the registry offices side, and prefer a civil marriage. There is a problem – an open relationship can be dragged into a family bog, and you’ll like to obey your partner, so it’s better to buy a ring at once, so you do not spend it later.

Business horoscope for Gemini for 2019

Check the change without moving away from the cash register – caution in the year of the Pig in the first place. The twins will lure scammers like a magnet – yes, because you are almost billionaires.

Gemini 1 decade (May 21-May 30). Sponsorship from the Pig has already been received, and the Gemini needs to wisely manage the capital. Include imagination and intuition – money like a non-standard approach. And buy, finally, a nice and roomy wallet – it is unreasonable to push a thick pack in your pocket, especially since jeans and sports suits in the oligarchs’ community have long been out of fashion.

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Twins are two decades old (May 31-June 10). In 2019, you can drink champagne and without risky deals, just do not overdo it – there will be a lot of business methods, and everywhere they are poured. Part of the capital can be spent on charity – Pig respects kind children, and will definitely encourage you. And so that fame does not turn your head, be an underground millionaire – it’s very fun.

Gemini for 3 decades (June 11-June 21). Money, as you know, does not happen much, but in the year of the Earth Pig this is not about you – air signs have one concern: where to spend extra bills. Do not torment the problem, but buy a couple of offices and a dozen apartments – no one has gone out with real estate yet. And do not believe the sweet speeches of new oligarch friends – better help the development of your old friends’ business.

Family horoscope for air signs for 2019

Relations with the family will strengthen, and the Twins will feel happy. In the family barrel of honey, tar will also be found – envious neighbors are activated, and it is better to hide personal secrets behind seven locks.

Gemini 1 decade (May 21-May 30). The pig likes to splash in a dirty pool, but here in the stable it is an ideal order – the household also dreams of a clean and spacious dwelling. It will be necessary to fork out for a new hut, so as not to stumble on the sneakers of a loved one, and grandmother’s felt boots. Conclusion – buy a country house, but the rooms should be more than members of the family – storks already have a nest.

Twins are two decades old (May 31-June 10). For you, the Year of Pig will become saturated in terms of travel and travel. Do not forget that elderly households hate public transport (they do not need a travel ticket, it’s too painful to feel retired). A family car will save you from quarrels, but do not let Grandma do it – let him knit swimsuits in the backseat, while you are bringing your relatives to the sea.

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Gemini for 3 decades (June 11-June 21). It’s time to establish relations with relatives – in the year of the Pig you and your mother-in-law (mother-in-law) make friends, and you will find a common language with the sister-in-law and brother-in-law. To family members do not sit on your neck, it is sometimes useful to insist on your own – practice doing a stern face in front of the mirror. And hide, finally, the remote – a joint walk is better than the discussion of the hundredth series of melodrama.

Health Horoscope for Gemini for 2019

The mistress of the year gives Gemini advice: eat porridge, and life will be more beautiful. On one of the oat-flakes you will not go far, so start a vegetable garden with vegetables. Landing, weeding – and charging is not necessary, and vitamins at your side.

Gemini 1 decade (May 21-May 30). He will not have any health problems with Gemini, but this does not mean that in the year of the Pig you need to forget about charging and proper nutrition – control yourself, and do not succumb to temptations and laziness. Also, stress everywhere, whether they are bad – then a friend with a cake will appear, then a neighbor with a bottle of liqueur and expensive cigars. Run away from temptations to the stadium – at the same time and podkachaete legs.

Twins are two decades old (May 31-June 10). The pig rests on protecting your peace of mind, and the rest of the signs of the air should be taken care of yourself. Harmful bacteria are already rushing – wash the handles before eating, and do not communicate with coughing people. But watch your health without fanaticism – hiding in a sterile room is not necessary, and boring behind the glass, no germs, no viruses.

Gemini for 3 decades (June 11-June 21). The computer is good, but the street is even better – Ground hostess, the Board Twins forget about hacking, as the park to run around much more interesting than to wander through the mysterious maze of the Internet. At the same time, and save your eyes from the strain, and even treat your neck – Pig apologizes for banality, but recalls that the movement is our life.

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Horoscope for Little Gemini for 2019

The pranks of Gemini will have an awl in one place – this is the main problem in the year of the Pig, because the airy imps will become uncontrollable, and will be ready to run around the clock.

Kapuzuki Twins 1 decade (May 21-May 30). In the year of the Pig next to the Gemini you will not get bored – the pigs will not miss a single puddle, and they will find dirt even on a winter day. But the kids have a good appetite, so long as they do not dive without the knowledge of their parents in the fridge. Hobbies Gemini Sea – today they are masters paper boats, and tomorrow regurgitate War and Peace (Do not you know that your genius can read?).

Small robbers Gemini 2 decades (May 31-June 10). Do not be scared when you see the kids in the little arms with a flag with a skull and bones – they play pirates, so, surrender. Grandmothers and grandfathers must be warned in advance – cunning birds Twins will demand a ransom, and you can not get off the chocolates here. Do not scold entrepreneurship, but be proud of children, because in the year of the Pig, the financier’s talent does not wake up at all.

Capricorns Gemini 3 decades (June 11-June 21). Sorbents have global plans for the year of the Pig. Yesterday they dreamed of becoming cosmonauts, today they save the world from newcomers, and tomorrow they will invent a cure for boredom. Do not ignore the pranksters, otherwise they will find support from their peers – a crowd of young devils will surely drive you crazy. Give babies a notebook with a lock, let them compose fairy tales – your writers will soon become famous, Pig promises.

Horoscope for 2019 Gemini

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