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Horoscope for 2019 Leo

Horoscope for 2019 Leo

Love forecast for pets of the Sun for 2019

Love is not only romantic walks under the moon, and gentle sighs on the bench – Lions need to understand their feelings, and finally make a choice.

Lions 1 decade (July 24-August 2). Hide the claws and do not growl – in the year of the Pig in the love sky will shine the sun, and all the rivals will hide in the corners. But do not look for adventures on your chic mane, and try to flirt with only bachelors – you see, and in your heart will fall the arrow of Cupid, and the yellow mistress of 2019 will witness at the wedding.

Lions 2 decades (August 3-August 13). Get the key from your heart – in the year of the Yellow Kabanchik you can not avoid meeting half. True, to start a lady, or a chevalier of the heart will have to choose – fans of a dime a dozen, and one more beautiful. But in the summer of 2019, the Lions will be able to resolve the situation – you just will not pass by the wedding palace, so look for the outfit for the figure.

Lions 3 decades (August 14-August 23). Lions and in front of the mirror guessed, and to the psychic psychics went, but the elect is not visible. In 2019, the situation will change dramatically, and the Pig will arrange a real casting. Listen to the intuition – next to half an inner voice will inevitably prohryuka wedding march. And, by the way, look for a loved one among the fire signs – so that there is no boredom in the family life.

Monetary horoscope for Leo for 2019

Do not be afraid of the tax service, do not be afraid of thieves – in the year of Pig your money is under reliable protection. Purses Lions burst from the strain – do business, let the bills work, but do not lie just like that.

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Lions 1 decade (July 24-August 2). In the year of the Earthy Yellow Pig you will heal on a wide paw – the percentages drip non-stop, and the competitors have shifted to the side of the winner (that is, to you). But the role of oligarchs will not be able to play all – the greedy and skuperdyayam Kabanchik will not help. So, postpone a few packs for charity, and raise the salaries of the maid and chauffeur.

Lions 2 decades (August 3-August 13). The salary grows, the familiar millionaires are delighted with your successes, and the Lions are sad and dejected. This is understandable, any will be lost when so much money falls on your head. Dress up in a yellow fur coat, and run to the bank – bills there are not moldy, and even interest will bring. Well, and a couple of million can be spent on the wardrobe – the status must be met.

Lions 3 decades (August 14-August 23). In the year of the Pig, discipline should be the first place. The stars understand that the Lions want to have a drink, and to have fun – you will be scattered with money in the fall of 2019, but in the meantime, be sure to follow the business like all self-respecting rich people. Between the case you can renew the palace – call the designer, he just finished work in the neighboring mansion on Rublyovka.

Family horoscope for fiery guys for 2019

In the house of the world, in harmony, and on the roof of the storks – Lions in the year Pigs are lucky. But family happiness will depend on your diplomatic talents – teach the rules of compromise.

Lions 1 decade (July 24-August 2). You and the getters, and the creators of coziness – Pig will do everything to make the Leva happy. Want to meet storks? Please, they’ve already settled on the roof, and they are cheerfully imagining names for your kids. Do you dream of a new family nest? There is nothing easier – yes, architects and builders lined up and are ready to build a nice three-story house for free.

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Lions 2 decades (August 3-August 13). Yellow Piglets will be interested in you as early as 2019 – Pigs will bring in love, and passion, and joint travel. A bonus to the lion’s cottage will be wheelchairs for children – wait for replenishment in the family, and do not forget to invite your grandmother to visit. The old woman already and covers for electronic rattles has connected, and has learned a fashionable lullaby.

Lions 3 decades (August 14-August 23). The pig jumped off the throne, and rushed to visit the fiery guys to admire the idyll. In the house there is order and cleanliness, and relatives of that and look change into shoe covers, and will walk on tiptoes so as not to disturb the tired Lvov. Tie with work, and go on a family trip – in 2019 you can afford it.

Horoscope of health for pets of the Sun for 2019

Lions are accustomed to live beautifully, and do not refuse anything – in the year of the Pig you should think about health, especially since the gym is already built for you, and diets are made up, and even useful products are purchased.

Lions 1 decade (July 24-August 2). Drink, Leva, milk, you will be healthy – in 2019 on your tables kefir, and yogurt, and curd cheese, and brynza will be flaunted. But the signs of fire can not be without meat – for health and the chicken with beef will do, but it’s better to forget about pork. And buy, finally, comfortable sneakers – enough to corn feet in fashionable shoes, especially in the stadium they are not listed.

Lions 2 decades (August 3-August 13). Stop, and look back – you’ve all passed, it’s time to think about rest. In the year of the Pig it is forbidden to overwork – do not wrinkle your noses, and do not inflate your cheeks with anger. It is better to sign up for a massage, and tidy the mane – any beauty procedures in 2019 will go on hurray, and there the nerve cells will be restored and life will become bright and wonderful.

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Lions 3 decades (August 14-August 23). After six to the table do not go, do not look at the refrigerator – this note Pig will give you at the beginning of the year. Diets are not as scary as it seems – most importantly, reduce servings, and increase the number of fruit and vegetable snacks. And take care of the necks, do not shout loudly, and do not drink cold water in the cold – for hardening, this method does not fit in any way.

Horoscope for the devilers Lion for 2019

Lions in a year Pigs will give heat – if the maned creatures of something wanted, it is useless to argue. So, parents – get your patience, and buy barrels of valerian.

Barmaleychiki Lvov 1 decade (July 24-August 2). In the year of the Pig, Lvov will grow out of fluffy panties. Books are read, toys are hidden, and students with scientific journals go to visit children. This will not affect the mischievous nature of the mischievous – Grandmother’s banks with pickles will move to the laboratory under the bed, where young inventors conduct experiments. Do not worry, use fire extinguisher Lviv know how.

Karpuziki Lions in 2 decades (August 3-August 13). If the Lions are smiling and innocently clapping their eyes, be alert – a neighbor will come running in a second, or the guys from the Emergency Situations Ministry will come running. To scold fiery little kids is useless – give them to a circle of young technicians, or at once define in institute. But hide household chemicals, though, your robbers and a finger open any lock – future detectives are working, no crime.

Shalunishki Lions for 3 decades (August 14-August 23). In the year of the Earth Pig, your restless children have knuckles on their knees, on the back of their head – the Lvov have played a little, and are lost in time and space. Do not bite the explorers, but go with them on a real journey. On the fees do not worry – the independent Lions and backpack collect, and the tent will be given, and even take care of the food.

Horoscope for 2019 Leo

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