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Horoscope for 2019 Libra

Horoscope for 2019 Libra

Love forecast for aerial signs for 2019

Cupid permeates arrows not only with a love potion, but also with a jealous broth – write down the fans in the library, let them read the play about Othello, and stop suspecting you.

Scales 1 decade (September 24-October 3). Take the initiative in your strong hands, and the relationship with the fans will play with new colors. Do not believe me? And you ask the Yellow Earthen Pig what it has been saving for you for 2019. Dating will be daily, and one another is more romantic. In the registry office it is better to go in the fall – and the landscape is beautiful, and in the wedding attire to the pets of Venus will be not hot.

Scales 2 decades (October 4-October 13). Half wanders around, and Libra has to buy binoculars, and it’s possible to have a theatrical one – meeting in a cultural place, what could be more romantic ?! For a serious relationship suits the summer months, and in the spring of 2019 you can enjoy a bachelor life, with stag or hen parties. If the birth of children is not included in your plans, do not walk around the cabbage beds.

Libra 3 decades (October 14-October 23). The pig is tired of grunting warningly, but Libra as they attacked the familiar rake, and continue to advance. Calm down, and take care of the device of personal life – the fans even go to the registry office if they find out that you are in love. Half can meet anywhere, but Cupid prefers a cozy atmosphere – go more often in a cafe, and there you will find happiness.

Business-horoscope for Libra for 2019

Look around, because in the year of the Pig for Libra, any door will open. Where a bold approach, there are cash rewards – a millionaire costume is almost ready.

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Scales 1 decade (September 24-October 3). There are a lot of steps at the service ladder, and somebody climbs up all his life, and can not overtake colleagues – it’s not about you, in the year of Pig Libra will get a position for money, and even for liking. Take care in advance about the place for the storage of capital. The purse is yesterday, the mattress is ancient, but a solid account, or an advantageous investment, is a direct path to the oligarchs.

Scales 2 decades (October 4-October 13). Money rain – which of you did not dream to get under it? And so, it happened – for the year of the Yellow Boar, the star weather forecasters enchanted daily showers from bills, and a monthly hail of gold coins. True, financial precipitation will not be everywhere, so Libra should think about relocating – settle for business trips, and do not be afraid of new places.

Libra 3 decades (October 14-October 23). Enough to tighten his belt – it’s time for entertainment and bingeing. However, it is better not to tip – give “extra” money to the poor and homeless, and porters and waiters in expensive hotels and restaurants will not become poor. And remember that money luck needs feeding – buy lottery tickets more often, let fortune know that you trust it.

Family horoscope for the wards of Venus for 2019

While the other signs of the zodiac wink and flirt, Libra will have time to arrange a personal life – Pig approvingly grunts, and wears cute twigs for a family nest.

Scales 1 decade (September 24-October 3). In the year of the Pig Libra will become a genius of repair. The mansion in the countryside is almost completed, it remains to attach the antenna – the grandmother will not agree to move without a TV. Yes, and do not forget about Internet storks bring babies along with phones, and heirs will want to register on social networks before you come up with their names.

Scales 2 decades (October 4-October 13). In 2019, your relatives will grow requests. Older families dream of heated floors, the chosen one can not live without romance, and children want to travel. In general – ask Pig for a new card, and spend money on your favorite family. And buy fishing rods – friends have long been relaxing with the help of fishing, it’s time and you to relax from worries.

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Libra 3 decades (October 14-October 23). The tests for strength were left behind, and in the year of the Kabanchik Libra will feel the happiest signs of the zodiac. But harmony in the family is not a reason to forget about distant relatives – send out invitations, let them throw vegetable gardens and go to visit you. There are enough rooms for everyone, for good reason the Pig hired a brigade of piglets, with crusts of designers, architects and builders.

Health Horoscope for Libra for 2019

The pig dried herbs and frosted berries – everything for Libra, if only you were healthy and smiling. Well, and sports exercises on your conscience – drive laziness, in 2019 idleness is not in vogue.

Scales 1 decade (September 24-October 3). Every morning you do exercises, then you pour cold water and prepare a healthy breakfast – and where is the cheerfulness ?! In the year of the Pig, everything is not so simple – you still need to take care of your nerves. Stop responding to the weather and unpleasant people – the philosophy is banal, but effective. And of course, vitamins – get cabbage from the cellar, until it is not leavened at all.

Scales 2 decades (October 4-October 13). Self-treatment let the doctor from the Internet, and you in the year of the Earth’s Pig run to a medical examination. Buns, cookies, cakes and sweets give to Pig – Yellow mistress of the year likes to eat sweets. Buy a blender, and on the table at Libra will appear and banana puree, and apple juice, and yogurt from strawberries and raspberries – tasty, healthy, and economical.

Libra 3 decades (October 14-October 23). Pig headed the group of psychological training – sign up, unloading in 2019, pets of Venus will not hurt. And the fact that, in fact – neighbors besyat, colleagues are nervous, the boss gets. In the spring you will become quiet, quiet, calm, calm – but just in case, buy unbreakable utensils in order to be thrown into especially harmful individuals.

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Horoscope for Kids Libra for 2019

Small pets of Venus on their wave – scoffers-Libra will arrange a year of disobedience, and parents and educators will only obey the inevitable.

Sorbents Libra 1 decade (September 24-October 3). The circus left, and the small clowns of Libra remained. Parents will forget about a quiet life – today, air shooters learn to juggle with cups, and tomorrow they will convene neighbor children to boast of a talking cat. Adults in panic – the cat does say, he also sings, and even dances (you do not trample against your scoundrels, that’s your pet and surrendered without a fight).

Neposedy Balances 2 decades (October 4-October 13). In the year of the Earth Pig, the parents of the babies of Libra are not attacked by shampoos and shower gels – the air guys suddenly decide that they are waterfowl creatures. To save water, write down your swans and ducks in the pool – and the family budget is good, and health is not good. And there will be medals in the house – persistent and persistent children will certainly become champions.

Libra Scammers 3 decades (October 14-October 23). Do not be stingy in praise – in 2019, your robbers are fooled only because of harm and out of a desire to attract attention. And the merit of the little Libra is a lot – then the dishes themselves after the dolls will be washed, then in the garage the order will be put and they will place their dump trucks and fire trucks in their places. By the way, about toys – it’s time to visit the store, and to pamper the young pets of Venus with new trinkets.

Horoscope for 2019 Libra

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