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Horoscope for 2019 Taurus

Horoscope for 2019 Taurus

Love horoscope for 2019 for pets Venus

Easy flirting is not for Taurus – Yellow Pig for a serious relationship, and will not tolerate frivolity and disorder, so that everyone explains in love and flees to the registry office!

Taurus 1 decade (April 21-April 30). Buy dark glasses – your eyes shine so much from love that others take you for a walking traffic light. But the offer of the hand and heart is better to do in the autumn months, but for now talk with Pig – Yellow Beauty has a great experience in heart matters. Well, and search for a date apartment – in 2019, at the mansion and the palace discounts.

Taurus 2 decades (May 1-May 10). Put the car in a new garage, and are going to get acquainted with future relatives – in 2019 everything is serious, and your favorite half is already exhausted from civil relations. And sometimes look to the sky – behind the clouds the storks lurk, and these unpredictable birds can throw off the squeaking pack at any moment.

Taurus 3 decades (May 11-May 20). Take turns in the wedding palace – all Taurus rushed in there, and in the year of the Yellow Pig at the registry offices they could not get through. A wedding is better to play away from home, otherwise the fans will come running and arrange disassembly. To test a loved one for strength in 2019, the stars are not advised – your sweetheart is jealous of everything that moves (put the matches into your eyes, so as not to accidentally wink at the left suitor).

Business horoscope for pets of Venus for 2019

Eh, mani, mani, mani, settled in the Taurus in your pocket – and where do you just find out about the workings? In the year of the Pig, there is a chance to become millionaires – learn to grunt with pleasure.

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Taurus 1 decade (April 21-April 30). Throw out purses – still there is no cash. But a new piggy-pig can buy, and you will not be harmed by a safe. If only you did not put a pig, or competitors are insolent competitors, and can take advantage of your honesty and responsibility. If you are too lazy to work, live on interest – in 2019 this is quite real.

Taurus 2 decades (May 1-May 10). Take the rope, money and sprinkle – in the year of the Yellow Earth Pig you will expect continuous miracles and surprises. But buy an umbrella with a dense coating – suddenly instead of bills on you gold coins will fall? And sometimes go to work – the office writes, things are going, but even your business requires a closer look.

Taurus 3 decades (May 11-May 20). Luck is already in the ambush, and you have to go to the magic door – happiness and luck will pop out like a jump, and fly money straight to your purse. But before that you have to work hard – The pig likes to hang around, but lazy people can not stand it. Competitors in 2019 are silk, and you can do with them whatever you want – they agree to everything, just to be near you.

Family horoscope for earth signs for 2019

Smaller holidays are better every other day than gorgeous celebrations once a month – this is the motto of Taurus for the Year of the Yellow Pig, and the family, by the way, supports this slogan.

Taurus 1 decade (April 21-April 30). At least occasionally run off work early, or your family will be taken hostage by the boss, and will demand a ransom. No, you do not need money for your relatives, they dream to see you (although you will need money for shopping, you must somehow compensate for your inattention). In general, the whole year will have to go shopping, and coax the loved ones with gifts.

Taurus 2 decades (May 1-May 10). The ceilings are stretchy, the windows are plastic, the floors are liquid, and the household is not happy. And who will like to enjoy European-style renovation, if there is not a close relative close to you, that is, you ?! The pig grunts discontentedly, and advises you to switch to work at home – you are smart, and think of something. Just do not demand that relatives bring coffee to your office – in the family budget there will be money and for the servants.

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Taurus 3 decades (May 11-May 20). Yellow Pig has already prepared vouchers for several people – should be enough for all households, because in 2019 the best vacation will be a family trip. And, by the way, in the year of the Pig, not only the storks fly, but also other birds – those that bring fluffy pets to the house (the cat or hamster will quickly become family members).

Horoscope of health for the animals of Venus for 2019

Pig breaks everything, but it does not spoil it – The yellow mistress of the year should be smooth and well-fed. But the Taurus should think about the diet – not for the sake of the figure, but only for health.

Taurus 1 decade (April 21-April 30). Earth Pig loves vegetables and fruits, and she does not refuse from cereals either – take an example from it, and wash down all these goodies with kefir and yogurt. And after six evenings the refrigerator is locked, and the mouth on the scotch (you can leave a small hole for the tube to drink juice). And beware of the common cold – Piggy already and a scarf yellow for you tied up.

Taurus 2 decades (May 1-May 10). Hryu-hryu-hru – this is not the voice of Pig, it’s her cough, and it’s all because of your cigarettes. Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to this harmful habit! Earth Queen has reserves of oatmeal – try it, it tastes good and helps. And in the evenings, rush to the stadium – why spend money on fitness, if you can burn calories on the treadmill.

Taurus 3 decades (May 11-May 20). Active rest is not just a word combination, it is practically the style of your life. Rollers, bicycles, tennis, basketball – Pig will happily join you in sports sections. And do not forget about the elements of 2019 – there are many useful things in the Earth. Getting worms is not necessary, but the harvest of fresh vegetables you need – prepare a salad, and the stomach is nice, and the figure in joy.

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Horoscope for Taurus small toddlers for 2019

Tails of the Taurus in the year of the Yellow Earth Pig will become important and respectable – we are not surprised if the geeks demand costumes for a thousand bucks, and gold-rimmed spectacles.

Shaluna Taurus 1 decade (April 21-April 30). Babies Taurus in 2019 will decide that they are allowed everything – today they are commanders of the spaceship, and tomorrow the lords of the world. Only now they refuse normal food, and require food for the mind. Also, all the pictures were painted – you do not need to scold Taurus, because the walls depict formulas and theorems, call the familiar mathematicians, suddenly the little geniuses will be taken to the institute straight from the kindergarten.

Babies Taurus 2 decades (May 1-May 10). Your karapuziki in the year of Pig prefer to communicate with adults – peers, in the opinion of Taurus, are too naive. About lisping should be forgotten – Taurus will not tolerate this, and will read such a lecture that parents will be ashamed. Earth devils in 2019 dream of a pet – parents are better to buy a small animal by themselves, not trusting the opinion of the kids, otherwise the crocodile will settle in the bathroom, and a monkey will enter the mezzanine.

Children Taurus 3 decades (May 11-May 20). Criticizing Taurus in 2019 is pointless, because they are right in all – educators caulk their ears to not listen to intelligent speeches of small geniuses, and parents sit out at work while the breakers dismantle the TV, or try to understand the structure of a modern plate. It’s no wonder that the neighbors are delighted with the babies – Taurus has already spent the Internet in the whole house, and registered grandmothers in classmates.

Horoscope for 2019 Taurus

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