72678 Horoscope for 2019 Virgo

Horoscope for 2019 Virgo

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Horoscope for 2019 Virgo

Love horoscope for Mercury’s wards for 2019

Being decent is boring, being vulgar is not interesting – look for the golden mean, and in the year of Pig, fans will start running after the Virgins herds.

The Virgin 1 decade (24 August-2 September). In the year of the Pig, the vacancy of the teacher at Picapa’s school will open for you. All without exception, Virgo can lock any person in a few minutes. But be careful – Cupid will tolerate, and will release in you a couple of poisoned love arrows. And there and walks will begin all sorts of romantic, and you yourself will not notice how you will end up in the registry office.

The Virgin 2 decades (September 3-September 13). You guys are notable, and you have a dime a dozen fans of the Yellow Mumps year. Look sometimes around, or else, after all, suitors are a nosy people, and the duel arranges for a divorce. A few fans sleep and see when you dress up in the suit of the groom or the bride, and the rest of the admirers are working out a cunning plan to exterminate the rivals.

Virgin three decades (September 14-September 23). Take care of soundproofing – it’s simply impossible to sleep because of night serenades. And it is better to arrange with neighbors – let them learn to wink, suddenly fans choose someone from the tenants. By the way, in the year of Pigs, strange birds fly past the windows, and in their beaks they have pretty bundles – storks do not rush to the rain, and you can prepare a nursery.

Business Forecast for Virgins for 2019

Reread the fairy tale about the goldfish – in the year of the Pig you need to restrain the desires. Fortune loves children with moderate appetites, and certainly will throw money, for bread with caviar just enough.

The Virgin 1 decade (24 August-2 September). Happiness is not in money, but in their quantity – in the year of the Pig it will take a lot of time to count the bills. But do not turn into a cat that withers over gold, but make the capital work. To begin with, take the savings to the bank – and while the interest is dripping, you will open your business and find reliable partners, and buy new ones at wholesale prices.

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The Virgin 2 decades (September 3-September 13). In the year of the Kabanchik, no one suspects that the heart of the oligarch hides under the modest costume of Dev. Try not to spread about your income – find out about underground millionaires from friends, how they are entertained, and where they store money. And do not be greedy – older relatives want to move, so buy them a modest mansion in the village.

Virgin three decades (September 14-September 23). In the spring of 2019, the cute Devas will have to turn to climbers for help – windows in your multi-storey office are dusted, and business partners like to gaze at the city during important negotiations. And sew secret pockets to the suit – you will have many office trips, and hide millions under the mattress on the shelf in the compartment is somehow untenable.

Family horoscope for earth children for 2019

In a large family you do not need to yawn – this saying applies to Virgo. To you endlessly, relatives will come, and the storks already smeared the wings, and are about to drag the heirs.

The Virgin 1 decade (24 August-2 September). The weather in the house is excellent, the mood is positive, and all the relatives admire your talents. Alas, there is nowhere to put a pedestal in the apartment, so call the familiar builders, you did not buy a piece of land in vain. There will be enough places for a house, a bathhouse, and a garden with a garden. And do not forget to plant cabbage – in the year of the Pig you need to look for the kids there.

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The Virgin 2 decades (September 3-September 13). Focus on solving family issues – households have no time to deal with everyday problems. Older relatives in the year Pigs engaged in farming, children write essays for classmates, and half opened a beauty salon, and trains on himself. And repair the ladder – at the end of the year you need to slazit on the roof, and check the nests of storks.

Virgin three decades (September 14-September 23). In the year of the Pig, the family will become ideal. It will not be boring – then the grandmother from the village will come up with a tincture, and it is necessary to celebrate the birthday of the second cousin, then the grandfather from abroad will appear, and hand the donative to a three-story house. And make friends with your neighbors – they will help with the repairs, and with your nephews will understand if you are urgently summoned by the boss for the award ceremony.

Horoscope of health for Mercury pets for 2019

Virgo per year Pigs can remove shoe covers – there are legends about your cleanliness, and microbes and viruses fled in fear.

The Virgin 1 decade (24 August-2 September). Bacteria in 2019 are friendly, and Virgo can relax – immunity is in order, health is normal. But take care of the figure – you, of course, are ideal, but to tighten the legs, and pumping muscles will not hurt. Spend money on the gym do not have to – Pig already and a footpath for running, and the track for winter walks paved.

The Virgin 2 decades (September 3-September 13). Do not scold yourself for bad habits – in the year of Pig with them you can say goodbye. But not immediately, but gradually – today the Virgo quit smoking, a week later they refuse to eat fatty foods, and a month later they buy a rope. And take care of your eyes – do not look at the welding work, and break away from the computer. Better take a walk, and stare at the starry sky.

Virgin three decades (September 14-September 23). Snacks on the go save time, but for some reason the stomach is dissatisfied – in the year of the Pig the Virgo must comply with the regime. If you can not fall asleep at the same time, then at least about the food you’ll have to worry about – no pies from the kiosk, and a soda in general you need to declare war. And forget about the elevator – it’s nice to climb the stairs, the main thing is to start (only not by fire department).

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Horoscope for Babies Virgus for 2019

Discipline Virgo in the year The pigs will begin to show the character – this is not a transitional age, the children of the earth have secrets, and Mercury’s wards are not in a hurry to share secrets with adults.

Virgins Virgins 1 decade (24 August-2 September). Your children in the year Pigs will begin to save money for something important. Parents should not pay for washed dishes, or washed-up socks – future economists and without these trifles will find the right amount. They have already given up ice cream, and are about to sell all the toys and old clothes – it’s all simple, the earth’s guys have matured, and they want to give you a car.

The Virgin’s Shooting for two decades (September 3-September 13). Adults do not admire Dev – in the year of Pig, the little bandits grew wiser, and became silk. Do not flatter yourself, but look into the secret corner in the children’s room – there is already a backpack with condensed milk and stew, and warm pants with socks. Future travelers are preparing to escape – you will have to take a vacation, buy a tent, and arrange a small family adventure.

Neposeda Virgo 3 decades (September 14-September 23). Young inventors in the year of Pig will surpass themselves – do not faint, if a cat grows its wings, and a turtle crawls out of the aquarium, and its armor reveals a built-in motor. But there are pluses – babies of the Virgin and the computer will be repaired, and the TV will be repaired. Although now open a repair shop – kiddies for a year earn a separate home.