45340 Horoscope for April 2018 Aries

Horoscope for April 2018 Virgo

Horoscope for April 2018 Virgo

Favorable days in April 2018 for Dev: 1, 4, 7, 9, 11, 13, 17, 18, 20, 22, 24, 28, 29.

Love horoscope for April 2018 Virgo

Spring is a beautiful time, able to give a good mood and inspire new achievements. Just what the Virgin does not have. You spent too long at a distance the best friend who is ready for you even to go to the feat. Why is everything so complicated and confusing? Or maybe it’s just from outside? Give the guy a chance, and he will turn the mountains. You just need a little initiative to meet.

Singles are advised not to dwell on their personal lives, visit an art gallery, sign up for barmen courses or attend several psychological trainings. No repairs, such serious operations should be entrusted to real professionals who will precisely cope with the level of responsibility.

Women-Virgos should not accept the offer of hands and hearts in April 2018, the marriage will be unsuccessful. It is better to wait, get to know each other and then everything will fall right into place. No date in April 16 in the new moon, you can be disappointed in men once and for all. Allow yourself to just live and breathe in full, mentally you are not ready yet to start a new relationship. The thoughts of the former lover are being pursued, in fact, like himself. You have already begun to feel that this man is always somewhere near. Go to the “fast dates”, where you can meet interesting representatives of the stronger sex, who do not mind the further communication.

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Virgo is a vulnerable and tender person who expects support and understanding from the partner and if they do not get it, they simply do not want to build further relationships, become self-absorbed and plunge into a state of apathy. Family couples behave extremely courteous and even to some extent carefully. Where is the romance gone? Did she just take it and in an instant evaporate? We need to do something about it urgently, spend the weekend together, without children. You can go to another city on an excursion, stay with an overnight stay at the hotel.

Horoscope of Finance for April 2018 Virgo

At work all month you will not encounter difficulties, all tasks will be solved as quickly as possible. Colleagues support you and do not try to insert a knife in the back, it pleases and motivates to continue to move on. However, the Virgin must be ready to outdo itself in this area of ​​activity. If you go, every day to work as a hard labor, then it is worthwhile looking for yourself the most suitable job on the Internet. Do not be afraid to drastically change your life, at any time you can throw everything and start with a clean slate. A new type of activity should be to your liking, do not contradict the moral principles. If you make a different decision, you will not be able to avoid the feeling that everything is passing you by. Native and friends go to work with pleasure, unlike you.

Therefore, boldly take the situation into your own hands, it’s never too late to change your specialty. Yellow Dog will help you self-fulfilling, it supports any undertakings and will certainly throw some stunning ideas. Who knows, maybe in a few months you will want to start your own business? And dismissal will be the main impetus, which so was not enough for many years. While the girl is happy with everything, she will not change anything, but the prospect of working all her life for a penny does not please.

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No business negotiations should be on April 30, the full moon day is unfavorable for making serious decisions. On weekends, you can sign up for courses, many reputable businessmen started earning a little, but they are stable every month. Just do what best works for you and reward you with dignity for your patience and determination.

Horoscope of health for April 2018 Virgo

Born under this sign of the zodiac, disparaging attitude to their health. Pestilential habits do not exert any special influence on them, but this does not mean that other factors also have a positive effect. Virgo is very lazy, on weekends this lady prefers to lie on the couch and enjoy her idleness. What kind of walk before going to bed can we talk about? It is better to eat a piece of a cake with a fragrant tea. No physical activity, continuous “mattress surfing”. And there’s nothing to be proud of, no matter how you try to console yourself. Sedentary work with this way of life aggravates every month your situation. The digestive system works on wear, the weakened motility of the organs does not allow you to quickly digest food.

As a result – diarrhea, constipation and bad breath. You urgently need to go to the doctor for a consultation, take all the necessary tests and begin active treatment. First of all it is necessary to take care of the organization of free time, make a diet and sleep. At night, it is harmful, and after 18.00 on the refrigerator it is necessary to hang the lock. In this situation, you will hardly be able to eat delicious. Insomnia will continue to torment you at night, with a full stomach badly falling asleep. Horrors often dream? This is also because of overeating at night.

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Active sports will help you bring your body back to normal. What about physical education? It is not necessary to immediately run to the gym and sign up for fitness, aerobics and pilates. Your physical preparation simply requires starting with the basics, warm-up in the mornings and 15 minutes of charging. The complex should include exercises that will help to engage the muscles of the peritoneum and the press. After a few weeks of training, you will see the result, and it will be simply stunning. And in a month or two your body will be transformed beyond recognition. Yes, hello, pumped-up Virgo.

In the evenings, do not forget to spend energy before going to sleep before going to bed. It’s never too late to start something new, remember this. At any age, in any mood and in any weather, you must motivate yourself to go confidently to the goal. Decisive beauties get everything at once. Men always stare at sports crumbs, who follow their figure and behave confidently. What prevents you from becoming one of them?

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