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Horoscope for August 2017 Aquarius

Horoscope for August 2017 Aquarius

Favorable days for Aquarius in August 2017: 4, 9, 18, 23, 28, 31 August.
Difficult days for Aquarius in August 2017: 7, 14, 22 August.

Horoscope for August 2017 Aquarius Woman

Love horoscope

August 1 – August 10. Your dear beloved, and you do not want to lose it. Because of this, feeling his impunity, he can completely disengage and behave inadmissible. He will command you, make you do stupid things, he will behave short-sightedly. And when you try to call him to order, he can be mortally offended.

August 11 – August 20. Under the influence of Mercury the situation will improve. The affairs of a loved one, at least financial ones, will go up the hill, he will begin to deal not with the analysis of flights in your relations, but with real problems.

August 21 – August 31. A stellium of planets will make you think more about your partner. You may feel that he is always displeased with you and how you behave with him in public. In general, your relationship during this period will be too often brought to the public debate – for some reason, everyone has a case before you looked at each other and what they said. Aquarius – not very capable actresses, and it will be difficult for you to depict a good face with a bad game.

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Romantic date. In the life of love there comes a period when you should forget about your desires and for a while completely submit to your partner. Let him choose a place for a date. Even if it seems unsuitable for you, it is worth keeping silent, otherwise your rendezvous may simply not take place.

Family horoscope

You will have clear plans related to the purchase or sale of real estate, hereditary matters, relocation. Later, when Venus changes to Leo, you will realize that your close relatives have been influenced by another part of the family that does not support your plans. You can take offense at your loved ones for their weak character, but you can not do anything about it. You have to look for common ground, compromise.

The secret of happiness. Problems in the family are possible if you begin to put pressure on your family, demanding obedience to your will. Try not to command, but to persuade, persuade, even if you are a thousand times right.

Horoscope of rest

This month, the ideal for you will be a short (2-3 days) trip in order to see the sights of neighboring cities. Now you do not want to leave your own team for a long time.

Place of power. You will be attracted to cities where famous romantic stories developed, melodramatic stories. It is worth to visit St. Petersburg, take a walk along the routes of the heroes of the Silver Age, who lived in love and sang of it.

Horoscope of work and money

In early August, the situation will be harmonious, and you have every chance to move up the career ladder. You will be given more authority, made a department head or appointed acting head. But in August, relations with the leadership are likely to spoil because of your stubbornness and unwillingness to compromise.

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Purchase a month. You will prefer to shop for others. First of all, give those people whom you are morally indebted to. And after that you can safely pamper yourself with some trinket – your conscience will be clean.

Horoscope health

You will feel that you are very prone to someone else’s influence. Therefore, it is so important for you to surround yourself with positive, loving people. From a rude word or an unkind look, you can immediately feel worse and weaker than usual. It is necessary to avoid the accumulation of people and communicate only with those who do not wish you harm.

Horoscope for August 2017 for Aquarius men


A good period for Aquarius, who want to admit to love. You can subtly hint to the beloved that it’s time to take a step, which he can not decide in any way. It’s better not to think of time – your chosen one will suddenly notice in you unseen advantages. The main thing is that you support his confidence – organize a couple of calls from fans, pay attention to appearance, hint that at work you are very appreciated.


Favorite Aquarius will want to quickly catch up for years sitting on the couch. If he is by nature unsporting, try to keep him from radical steps, otherwise he will stop eating altogether and begin to exhaust himself with training. This can undermine his health.


The difficulty of this month is that your Aquarius can be in the next financial hole and will ask for money from you. Your task is to ensure that these funds do not immediately evaporate.

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You will now play a very important role in the life of your partner, he will devote you a lot of time and spiritual strength. Take advantage of this in order to broaden the circle of your common interests – travel together, go together for self-improvement training.

Horoscope for August 2017 Aquarius child

0-6 years. Your baby Aquarius will certainly want to make friends with children who did not notice him before. And he will achieve his. He will need your help – try to make friends with the mothers of the children whom your child has chosen as friends.

7-12 years. To your young Aquarius can come first, yet childish, but still love. Around the child, the real passions will begin to boil, as it turns out that they too have serious views and somebody got carried away by it. Try for your part to moderate these emotions and suffering.

13-17 years old. A teenager-Aquarius is able to commit many reckless acts because of his environment. There is a danger of getting under the influence of people who can just use it. Therefore, better think of some useful activity that will keep him at home.

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Horoscope for August 2017 Aquarius

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