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Horoscope for August 2017 Capricorn

Horoscope for August 2017 Capricorn

Favorable days for Capricorns in August 2017: 2, 6, 15, 20, 25, 29 August.
Difficult days for Capricorns in August 2017: 2, 14, 22 August.

Horoscope for August 2017 Capricorn woman

Love horoscope

August 1 – August 10. Under the influence of Saturn, you can then be jealous of yourself, then fall under suspicion from your man. You have to justify yourself all the time or, on the contrary, harass your loved one with your tough demands. At some point, you even want to pause and temporarily stop the relationship.

August 11 – August 20. The atmosphere in personal matters will become more friendly. You will stop isolating yourself from the elect with a wall of icy silence, and he will find other ways to attract your attention, except how to get you out of yourself. Now the loved one will be more concerned with how to get the most serious and deep feelings from you – he is not satisfied with the degree of trust between you.

August 21 – August 31. You should show more initiative and respond more actively to the suggestions of a loved one. He will express his sympathy sufficiently to you, since Mars in Cancer is intensively manifested precisely from a sexual point of view. You can not keep up with the ideas and fantasies of your partner, so just relax and do what he asks of you.

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Romantic date. The right moment has come to do what you have not dared to do for so long. You can meet anywhere, even public, but if a spark of passion runs between you and your partner, it will be difficult for you to control yourself.

Family horoscope

In the first half of the month you are waiting for a very emotional relationship with relatives. They can be called even friendly. You will feel that you and your loved ones have a common view of the basic family values. The situation may change at the end of the month and financial problems will arise. There is a possibility that you will be asked to urgently remove a large amount from the family budget and spend it on something that you can not approve. For example, to help an unlucky relative.

The secret of happiness. Avoid talking about money with your family members. Perhaps you are not happy with how your relatives manage their funds. But this is their money, and if you do not want to quarrel with your family, try not to criticize them.

Horoscope of rest

Before you leave, you may get aggravated by various phobias. For example, you will try to avoid flights. Therefore, for recreation, choose a quiet and quiet place, where you can reach by train.

Place of power. High-rise buildings, mountains, fast rivers and difficult roads – any places connected with risk, will cause you awe.

Horoscope of work and money

If your work is connected with material responsibility, you will experience the whole month because of possible shortage, damage or loss. However, you can give very sensible advice to your leadership on how to avoid the threatening problems. You will have a sharp flair for all the risky and negative, capable of doing harm.

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Buying a month. Wait for a gift from family or friends. You will now be wasting money, and big enough. If this confuses you, it is better to immediately agree on how you will compensate for all this and in what terms you can repay the debt.
Horoscope health

In August, the focus of your attention will be the nervous system. Try to shower more often, do massages, wraps, do not neglect bathing in open water. Then by the end of the month you will feel that you have become much calmer and more harmonious and have little to lose you.

Horoscope for August 2017 for Capricorn men


Your Capricorn will show the qualities of a conservative. He can grumble at you for outspoken outfits, talk about how you behave yourself too freely with men. In fact, the cause of his mood will be internal insecurity. In his heart of hearts, he probably understands that he loses to other, more vivid opponents. Therefore, your task is to explain to him that you first of all appreciate his devotion, loyalty, the ability to be a good friend, to put your shoulder in a difficult moment.


At the beginning of the month, he can show great interest in sports with a group of friends. Perhaps, he will be called into a football team, they will offer to take part in amateur competitions.

Your partner has a serious drawback – everyone wants to ask him for a loan. Here and this time, it will be extremely difficult for Capricorn to refuse a friend, especially since he has this money. And to understand that he and you need to live for something else, he will not be able to.

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Your favorite Capricorn quarrels with his friends and will sit gloomily at home, buried in the computer. More often pull him out of the house – to the cinema, theater, to exhibitions, and by the end of the period everything will be fine.

Horoscope for August 2017 Capricorn child

0-6 years. Babe-Capricorn will feel quite comfortable in the children’s team. However, in the beginning of August there is a probability of problems – the child can be frightened or offended, and he refuses to walk in the former company.

7-12 years. Little Capricorn will feel like an informal leader among peers. Your child can show the natural qualities of an excellent diplomat and skilled manipulator – everyone respects and appreciates him, but he did not do anything special at that.

13-17 years old. Teenagers-Capricorns will take an active part in the life of their friends, at least at the beginning of the month. In August, quarrels and resentments are possible: someone will let him down and not do what he promised. Therefore, your Capricorn will decisively erase the chatterbox from your friends list. Support it in this.

Category: Monthly Horoscope

Horoscope for August 2017 Capricorn

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