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Horoscope for August 2017 Scorpio

Horoscope for August 2017 Scorpio

Favorable days for Scorpios in August 2017: 3, 11, 15, 20, 25, 31 August.
Difficult days for Scorpios in August 2017: 7, 14, 22 August.

Horoscope for August 2017 Scorpio woman

Love horoscope

August 1 – August 10. Thanks to Venus, you may have occasions for anxiety and jealousy. You somehow immediately feel that the partner is paying too much attention to other girls. But most of all you will be concerned with the fact that he has ceased to be so malleable and clearly wants an equal relationship.

August 11 – August 20. You will have a reason to be proud of yourself. Most likely, you are waiting for recognition and success in the professional sphere, but someone from colleagues or superiors can show you and personal interest. Then you will feel that your man does not care, he can begin to worry and frankly jealous.

August 21 – August 31. Modesty and attractiveness of a partner will make you very confident. You will show yourself as an experienced seductress, start to think out all the new ways to kindle the fire of passion in the chosen one. True, sometimes you will take what you want for reality and prefer not to pay attention to the fact that the loved one is just walking beside you.

Romantic date. You will most enjoy a status surprise or a gift from a loved one. You could hear from your rich friends about resting in a chic hotel or visiting an expensive restaurant. Now you will want to receive from your companion an invitation to an institution that you obviously can not afford.

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Family horoscope

The next of kin will strive to manage your affairs, plans and intentions. They can interfere with your family life, relationships with your husband, and this no Scorpio will not tolerate. Therefore, you should not only protect your family life from the invasion of your parents, but also try not to quarrel with them completely. In the depths of your soul you will be sure that the reproaches against your partner are not far from the truth. But you just can not imagine life without it.

The secret of happiness. This month you can be overly touchy, you will be angry with your relatives over trifles. More patience and understanding.

Horoscope of rest

If the place chosen for the trip does not meet your high criteria and standards, you will prefer to rest at home or do not want to leave at all. By the way, this may be the right decision, because this month you have the opportunity to make a career breakthrough.

Place of power. You will enjoy visiting places that are somehow connected with power and money. In whatever city you come, you will want to visit various palaces, town halls and mayors.

Horoscope of work and money

In the first half of the period, you will be able to get a well-deserved recognition and establish the necessary business connections. In early August, you can be charged with a very responsible matter, after which you will have all the chances to go on raising.

Buying a month. The most significant acquisition will be something necessary for your profession. For example, a new laptop or computer program that will help you work more efficiently and get around competitors.

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Horoscope health

This is a difficult period for your health, as chronic diseases can become aggravated. There is a possibility of problems with bones and joints. You already have experience in fighting these diseases, so by the end of the period, there is probably a marked improvement and even a complete recovery.

Horoscope for August 2017 for Scorpio men


Your favorite Scorpio will be an ideal lover in the first half of the month. His temperament will surpass all your wildest dreams. But apart from that, perhaps, it is not necessary to expect anything from him. In August, your chosen one can understand that you are interesting to other men. As soon as he has at least a shadow of suspicion about you, you will immediately find yourself under total surveillance.


In the first half of the month your Scorpio will consider yourself irresistible. But at the end of the month he will feel insecure, his rivals will start to appear, any physically attractive man will cause him to go to the gym.


In finance, your loved one should be careful. If he is not paid the premium, then only himself will have to blame, because by incontinence he said a bunch of superfluous to the boss. The income will begin to grow after August 10. Then, raising and luck in money are likely.


Scorpio will like hobbies associated with a challenge or extreme. He will be happy to watch various brutal competitions.

Horoscope for August 2017 Scorpio child

0-6 years. Your baby Scorpio will be even more restrained and touchy than usual. Now do not torment him with noisy communication and games, he will be frightened by the sharp words of his peers or strict remarks of the elders.

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7-12 years. Little Scorpios will feel uncomfortable in a large children’s collective. Now an unfortunate period for sending a child to the camp – there he can be in the role of a victim of child persecution. Ideal vacation for him – with his beloved grandmother in the country.

13-17 years old. Teenagers-Scorpios will take very seriously everything that happens to them. Avoid criticizing the child, talking to him on topics that can upset him. August is very suitable for choosing a future profession, reading a lot, learning more about an interest in a specialty.

Category: Monthly Horoscope

Horoscope for August 2017 Scorpio

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