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Horoscope for August 2017 Taurus

Horoscope for August 2017 Taurus

Favorable days for Taurus in August 2017: 3, 7, 11, 15, 23, 31 August.
Difficult days for Taurus in August 2017: 1, 14, 26 August.

Horoscope for August 2017 Taurus woman

Love horoscope

August 1 – August 10. Now you will begin to doubt your beloved, in yourself and generally want to take a timeout in the relationship. But at the end of the decade another problem will appear – the partner will begin to show perseverance, jealousy, even aggression. He will try to command you and to all your objections will say that you yourself wanted from him active action.

August 11 – August 20. The tense aspects between the planets indicate serious contradictions in the relationship. Your beloved will begin to show real cruelty towards you – both moral, and perhaps even physical. Therefore, for this period, it is best for you to step back from it as much as possible and take more care of yourself. You will have unexpected opportunities in love – probably, you are waiting for a new relationship.

July 21 – August 31. In the first half of the period, you will be in perfect relations with the partner, he is set to dialogue. But then personal life can disappoint you, because you are waiting for your favorite initiative, and he is still hesitating.

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Romantic date. In the first half of the month of Leo, the best options for romantic dates will be for you to meet in nature, to communicate with your loved one in the village or in a nearby city. But at the end of August you better meet with him on your territory.

Family horoscope

In August, the Taurus will devote much time to children. You will have the opportunity to eradicate bad habits from your son or daughter and instill good manners, to engage in their education. Then you will be more interested in adult members of the family, in particular the spouse. The husband, perhaps, will change quite sharply in relation to you, he can begin to show rigidity, demand complete and unconditional submission.

The secret of happiness. If in the first half of the period you will be allowed to show reasonable coquetry and flirt with strangers, then in August you will have to become a real modest and silent. This is the main secret of your family happiness.

Horoscope of rest

You will like the rest in a family hotel with children, and not hangouts in nightclubs. In August, your vacation will be even more subordinate to family interests.

Place of power. You will be lucky with places related to rest and education of children, developing children’s camps, possibly located abroad. In August, you will get a boost of energy in places related to the history of your personal relationships – in a hotel where you met your husband, in a park where he confessed his love to you.

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Horoscope of work and money

At work, you will start a fairly fruitful period. In August, you will be able to make good money using your charm and ability to communicate. At the end of August, the circumstances will change dramatically, and you will not have to work hard – it may be related to household chores.

Purchase a month. It is worth buying books, tickets, pay for training, trips to a sanatorium.

Horoscope health

For the Taurus, the entire period will be divided into two halves. At first you will want to devote more time not so much to health as to appearance, and then you may face real health problems. But the timely help of competent specialists will help you to cope with this.

Horoscope for August 2017 for Taurus Men


Your favorite, most likely, does not know what he wants. Under the influence of Venus, he doubts every step he takes. In early August, he can flirt with you and provoke an activity. But at the end of August you will have to take it to the ground. His behavior will start to irritate you. But in general, your love life will be bearable if you like to dominate.


The life of your Taurus in the first half of the period will be subordinated to things that men usually do not pay attention to. Then it seems to him that he is getting old, and he will start using your creams, then suddenly he decides to lose weight. In August, the loved one will be more concerned with domestic problems, and all the forces he will throw at their decision.

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First, the financial affairs of your chosen one will go quite successfully. But later the situation may change, and it will really need your support.


Male Taurus waiting for a period when he will be unduly concerned about his own appearance. He will often update his wardrobe, buy cosmetics for men, sit on a hard diet or go in for sports.

Horoscope for August 2017 Taurus child

0-6 years. Little Taurus is determined to achieve success in its own circle. He will be very sociable in the first half of the period, but then he will be replaced. Find out for sure if anyone has frightened him.

7-12 years. In relationships with peers your Taurus will be the soul of the company. However, only in the end of July. In August, the child may have a real ill-wishers, who will start to suppress and terrorize him. Perhaps your “calf” will need the help of the parents.

13-17 years old. In the first half of the period, your Taurus teenager can be in a romantic mood and even fall in love. But then his dreams will face a harsh reality. The oil will pour into the fire and the fact that you will not approve of his choice. After all, only you understand that this person does not suit your child at all.

Category: Monthly Horoscope

Horoscope for August 2017 Taurus

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