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Horoscope for December 2018 Aquarius

Horoscope for December 2018 Aquarius

Favorable days in December 2018 for Aquarius: 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 24, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31.

Love Horoscope for December 2018 Aquarius

Lonely beauties are tuned, to do everything possible, if only not to go on dates with representatives of the stronger sex. Who would have thought that the Aquarius woman would be such an unassailable fortress. Around there are many boyfriends, but none of them could melt the heart of this person. You can continue to play, try on new images and masks, but it is unlikely that at this life stage something will radically change. You are simply not ready for a serious relationship, for flirting – yes. Nobody forbade shooting with eyes, so you can consider pretty young people.

December 7 is better not to go on dates, the day of the new moon is not at all favorable for friendly gatherings.

Enamored couples are on the verge of a nervous breakdown and why does Aquarius irritate everything? You go nervous and do not mind biting anyone who comes closer to you than by one meter. It’s time to pull yourself together, how much can you limp? You draw to yourself some negative emotions, there are few steps left, and you will fall into a state of depression.

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Family representatives of this zodiac sign will face some problems in the relationship that will need to be resolved in the near future. Endless wrangling and disagreement can bring you even to a divorce, if you do not talk in good time on time. It is necessary to discuss everything, it is better to visit a psychologist who will help to understand all that is happening. You can not let things go by themselves, otherwise Aquarius risks losing any desire to continue working on relationships. It does not matter how many years you are already together, you need to learn how to express your point of view and never keep these numerous emotions in yourself.

Horoscope of Finance for December 2018 Aquarius

Born under this sign of the zodiac people, have already ponaprjumyvali themselves an increase and a premium at the end of the month. And what have you done to make the secret dream come true? One more step of career growth can be overcome only if you apply a huge amount of effort. Difficulties can break you, make you lose your hands, but you must not give up – it’s time to be patient and bravely into battle, confidently and unshakably to comprehend new horizons.

In terms of finance, you can safely rely on a decent reward and luck, which you really need. December can not be called a successful month in a professional career and all because you are tuning for holidays and rest, think through all the details and trifles in advance. Return with new forces can and should be in January, you will have a “second wind” to finally get a raise. The boss should see your zeal, and he will appreciate the amount of diligence that you have attached. Just do not try to jump above your head. Do not press on the leader or vice versa, crumble in compliments. Of course, it is very pleasant to hear warm words in your address, but they must be sincere and warm, and, in no way hypocritical.

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On December 22, it is better not to arrange business negotiations, especially with unverified partners. It is better to make inquiries about them, suddenly become scammers?

Thanks to paranoia, Aquarians often avoid problems with money, you even manage to save them in some magical way. It is not clear what the secret of success lies in, but you are exactly on a horse. Do not skimp on gifts for loved ones, they will appreciate your gust of care and tenderness.

Horoscope of health for December 2018 Aquarius

The state of apathy can cover quite unexpectedly, to break you completely. You feel tired in every cell of your body and do not know what to do with it? Just do not need depressions and tears in the pillow. If there is a black band in life, you should go through it with dignity, not paying attention to the difficulties. She will not chase you forever! Try to find the pros, which are many. You can stay alone, read a book and think about life as such. Toning drinks, relaxing and acupressure massage will help to return to active life. Do not forget about physical exertion, even in December you should visit the gym and daily sharpen your body. By the middle of the month you will feel much better.

An effective medicine is constantly thinking about something, and a hobby will help. Surely you have hidden talents, about the existence of which you even did not know? Start with a psychological test, and then you can already move to a more serious level to develop in the chosen direction. Write poetry, or draw pictures? Much will depend on inspiration, because you can create only in a state of incredible emotional uplift, which allows you to learn a lot of interesting and new about the world around you. Do not limit yourself to any framework, otherwise you will not be able to achieve anything.

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Confident in themselves, Aquarians feel the energy to rise early in the morning and color the new day with unusual colors. It is necessary to support oneself in tonus every day – physical, spiritual and psychological. Yoga and meditation open up new opportunities for a person, you will learn how to manage your energy. It is necessary to visit at least one trial lesson to get acquainted with the world of new knowledge.

Category: Monthly Horoscope

Horoscope for December 2018 Aquarius

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